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See the pictures here first!


09/04/01 For a brief time around 1.00pm the Eden Full sign appeared.  Eden bus, driven by a smiling and friendly driver, free rides to and from the car parks to the Gateway building.


09/04/01 Eden view, note the tent on the Arena.  12.55pm view from the East gate, but don't be put off from coming, there's still plenty of room inside.  


09/04/01 Lots of visitors to Eden today.  What looks like a extra car parking being created 


03/04/01 Dark clouds but sunshine on the biome.  The Green Team taking advantage of the sun


03/04/01  Start of the apple sculpture.     Cornish Ice Cream available from in the biome link.


03/04/01 You have to take a good smell here!  Bee gets a body, how about some wings!


03/04/01 2.00pm in the Humid Biome.        Green Team hard at work planting.     


            03/04/01 Pom pom trees arrive.           Vivied colours in the Humid Tropics Biome


03/04/01 Arena's new dome! for Easter.  Can you guess what these are for?


29/03/01 Dr Jo Readman explaining that it takes 60 hand picked coffee berries  for every cup of coffee.  We learnt a lot that evening. Gill Hodgson was Jo's  helper for the evening.


29/03/01 Dr Jo Readman tries on a Cornish reed hat. Dr Jo Readman and Tim after the talk


29/03/01 Friends were treated to a glass of wine and then took their seats for an stimulating talk


29/03/01 Sunshine over Eden on the night of a talk by Dr Jo Readman 


21/03/01 Planting outside the warm biome. Visitors walking down to the biomes


21/03/01 A Citrus view in the Warm Biome.  View of  the water store lake and road to it.


21/03/01 Fresh pasta in Indigo Red.             Indigo food bar some tasty Cornish food


21/03/01 Eden view looking from visitor centre.  Land-train in the distance, picking up visitors


21/03/01 Apple cafe in the departure lounge.  Small Q out side the departure lounge. 


21/03/01 Eden Team making sure the golden path is dust free.  They work them hard here!


      21/03/01 Now that's a pump.                     Visitors around the Spice Boat in Humid


21/03/01 Green Team planting Hosta's.  Finishing the steps leading down from gateway building


17/03/01 The walk down to the biomes was all pleasant, but it's easier to take the train back uphill.

Please go to Opening day pictures, to see more in and around Eden, Day 1


17/03/01 The first day Open at Eden.  10.00am Q at Eden.  The gateway to Eden


16/03/01 The bee's Knees and legs.  Flags flying and almost all ready for tomorrow!


16/03/01 Building an exhibit in humid. Tim being interviewed, Paul making sure all runs smoothly


16/03/01 Crib (Cornish word for lunch) taken in style on the floor of the new restaurant. 


16/03/01 Last minute planting all around the Warm Biome, to get things ready for tomorrow


16/03/01 Intense media interest as Tim Smit and Mike O'Conner Director of the Millennium Commission say a few words about Eden in the Warn Temperate Biome.


16/03/01 Waitress service restaurant,  Morocco Red is in 11th hour state of construction. 


16/03/01 Planting by the lake. Frantic action to get Indigo self-service cafe ready for tomorrow


16/03/01 Giant bee arrives at Eden. The bee's new home and the maker Robert Bradford


16/03/01 Press preview day last minute action to get trees in and flags flying. 


16/03/01  Pictures inside Humid during media preview.


13/03/01 Wind generator arrives at the East gate, to give some light for the gate person.

There is also much action all around Eden in preparation for Saturdays opening.


10/03/01 New Building at the service entrance, not sure what will be stored in there.


10/03/01  This is as close as I can get because the pathway is closed. Everywhere is deserted 

on this wind swept rainy Saturday morning.  


02/02/01 The Arena and the Wild Cornwall spot near the roofless biome.


02/02/01 Lake looks fine from a high view point.   Roof edging being fitted to Temptation


02/02/01 One of Temptation's stairs ways wood feels so good.  The lake still under construction 


02/02/01 Just the place to build a bamboo shack. Temptation's design is so pleasing to the eye.

There will be two restaurants -  Indigo and Saffron,  Indigo will be self-service, and Saffron waitress service with the atmosphere of exotic a market.  I can't wait to eat there!


02/02/01 Greenery, hot and very moist in the Humid.  While the 'Warm' has a dry summery feel 


02/02/01 Warm biome planting going ahead.  Mist surrounds the trees in Humid Tropics biome


27/01/01 Views over Eden 12.00 am Saturday 


27/01/01 Temptation building, entrance to two restaurants and the biomes 

27/01/01 Wild Cornwall plot is looking good. Humid biome stands shining in the sunshine.


27/01/01 The Arena is taking shape. Matting is being laid over sand to make a firm base.

Due to foot and mouth restrictions, this East gate footpath is now closed until restrictions are lifted.


19/01/01 Lake is still under construction.        The Arena area is coming along nicely.


19/01/01 Final work on Temptation, path ways and planting laid out.


19/01/01 It's a bit misty this morning, but still a fine dry day  lots of outside work can be done.


19/01/01 All action down at Eden, work on the roofless biome area, path ways, and planting.


07/01/01 The last time we will see the friends desk, the workmen move in tomorrow 08/01/01


07/01/01  Temptation stands ready for the catering team to move in. Humid in the sunshine


07/01/01 Last train to leave on the last day of phase one.  Many visitors queuing to get a ride.


07/01/01 Last day, Tim in the kitchen.  A visitor looking out from the Gallery.


07/01/01 WTB,  warm and steamed up inside.  More trees planted along the bank.


07/01/01 Last day of phase one opening, visitors take their last look until March.


05/01/01 Humid biome is almost planted up, the heat is on and most of the construction finished

05/01/01 Just two days of public opening left as more plants arrive into the car park.


05/01/01 Matting being laid on to the bank to aid planting and stop erosion. 


30/12/00Eden with a dusting of snow, It might be cold out but, it's nice and warm in the biome.


30/12/00 No snow on the humid biome as heat levels are too high inside at approx. 24C, Some heat still gets to the outside skin of the biome.  Snow on warm biome melting more slowly. 


30/12/00 The warm biome looking like three igloos in the Antarctic 10.45 am


29/12/00 Over at the Gas boiler house two chimneys were a smoking. Lots of heat needed.


29/12/00 Winter bites even here in Cornwall. Eden has it's very own glacier! 


27/12/00 Cold job as car park attendant    .  Tallest tree in the world availble in tubes. 


27/12/00 Flower shop still well stocked with many new varieties.


27/12/00 Cafe and shop still very busy as the public take their last look at Phase one of Eden


27/12/00 Gateway building with heavy shadows. Large water storage lake well pumped out. 


27/12/00 Humid stands quietly in the winter sunshine, as does the warm biome.


27/12/00 Cold, bright day, no work going on down near the biomes today.


21/12/00  Tarmac pathways being laid.  Lake work is also going on at speed.


21/12/00  Shortest day, lowest sun,  pathways being laid for biome access. 


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