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30/04/08 Christian Lamb, gave a fascinating illustrated talk to friends of Eden in the Foundation Building, on how she joined the Wrens and what she got up to before and during the war.


24/04/08 The washing is hung out between the Biomes.  This rather large peg 'Megapeg' by Cornish artist 'Ranger'  The timber used was salvaged from the fire of The Queens Wharf Falmouth in 2003


24/04/08 There's still lots of narcissi in bloom and the tulips are really beautiful.


24/04/08 Red Tulips surround the Arena.  Yellow 'Golden Apeidoorn' to be found near the Core.


17/04/08 Tulips border the entrance pathways and fragrant narcissi line The Grand Steps as you enter into Eden's wonderland.


17/04/08 Gill, colour matching with the tulips as she tends her vegetable plot.


17/04/08 'Persian Lily' in the Med Biome, the tulips are still putting on a splendid show.


17/04/08 The colours have not been exaggerated in any way, this is how vibrant the colours really are.


17/04/08 Get your camera ready as there are lots of photo opportunities at Eden.


17/04/08 Wow, don't you just love the spring.


17/04/08 All the vivid colours of the rainbow, brighten your day and visit Eden.


17/04/08 Last day of the Easter Fete in the marquee, Punch and Judy's last show too.

Professor Goodvibes is the unseen face and voice of all the puppets.


17/04/08 Vivid green white tulips  'Spring Green' and 'Narcissus Chiffon'.


10/04/08 Bob Flowerdew, gave a talk to friends of Eden in the Gallery on 'The Gourmet Gardener' the title of his new book.


09/04/08 An air of excitement came over the Press and PR persons, as the Royal helicopter passes close by the Biomes to land in a nearby field.


09/04/08 HRH The Princess Anne, visits Eden, accompanied by her husband, Vice Admiral Tim Laurence, there was a great atmosphere and smiles all the way, taking in the sights of the Rainforest Biome before visiting the Med Biome.


09/04/08 Here seen in the Med Biome talking to Jim Hosking, a Cornish bulb grower.


09/04/08 Sharing a joke with Tim, and finally visiting the Core to see the Granite Seed.


09/04/08 Timothy Laurence, with Gaynor and Jo with Princess Anne in the Core.


30/03/08 Tulips now welcome you to Eden with hyacinths along the street entrance.


30/03/08 Tulips outside and in the Med Biome where the massed blooms have been protected from the weather and are putting on a perfect show.


30/03/08 The Queen of tulips holds a huge pot of blooms.


30/03/08 Give your cameras pixels a treat, it's colour as you have never seen it before.


30/03/08 Tulipa 'Mona Lisa'  and Tulipa 'Marilyn'


30/03/08 Now is the time to see the display, it's at it's best.


21/03/08 The Eden Entrance pathway is lined with spring flowers. What's on this Easter at Eden and the really tasty new Gallery Tapas menu, I tried the blackened salmon and it was delicious and reasonably priced too. (click to enlarge)


21/03/08 The spring fragrance of the hyacinths wafts around in the chilly north wind, but what a sight as even outside tulips raise their heads into Eden's Spring sunshine.


21/03/08 The ever popular ice rink has had a Spring make over and the story telling princess has her picture taken.


21/03/08 In a marquee Punch and Judy show entertains young and old alike.  Some serious cooking goes ahead in another department.


21/03/08 From cooking to recycling, a very attractive leaf plate and ideas to reuse most everything.


21/03/08 Eggstre! and even the icing on the Cake Eden has it all this Easter.


21/03/08 Real cooking in the Med Kitchen and Tulip delights in the Med Biome.


21/03/08 Don't miss this amazing display of tulips in the Med Biome. Tulipa 'Aba Hassan'


21/03/08 Tulipa 'New Design'  and the massed tulips in display.


21/03/08 Tulipa 'Moonshine'                                      Tulips on display           


21/03/08 The mad scientist is a little scary and does some really dangerous experiments involving electricity, steam, and nuclear explosions, small ones!    Video clip  (part1)    (part2)



21/03/08 Dave the Spice man with a pot of worms.  The two Dave's Finishing the day with a sea shanty, come on every one join in.   Video Clip here.


21/03/08 Tulipa 'Gavota'                                 Tulipa 'Flaming Parrot'


16/03/08 A fine day for a Sports Relief run around Eden.


16/03/08 Claps and cheers as the runners reached the finishing line.  On the Ice Rink the last of the skaters were finishing their five miles.


16/03/08 It's all over except for some last minute photographs for the newspaper.


09/03/08 The St Piran's celebrations continue as a Cornish Flag is displayed on the bridge and a pipe band leads the dancing.


09/03/08 Story telling in the Med Biome by the two Dave's. The big ugly one eyed ghost (not for the squeamish) and Old Tom Trevorrow the miner, with a chorus for everyone to join in. Video Clip


07/03/08 The Street has tulips in bloom as well as daffodils.


07/03/08 Daffodils form neat borders for miles on end around Eden.


07/03/08 Thousands of Tulips are starting to bloom in the Med Biome.


07/03/08 A view from way up in wild Cornwall, you'll find St Piran's Day tent up here too.


02/03/08 Mothers day 2008 at Eden, all Mums had free entry and a bunch of Cornish daffodils to take home.


01/03/08 March the 1st and spring has come to Eden.


01/03/08 Hyacinths are blooming early this year.


01/03/08  Colourful displays of daffodils are now showing.


01/03/08 The first of the tulips in the Med Biome 'Madame Lefeber'


01/03/08 Potions and herbs to help keep you young and beautiful are on display in the link building.


01/03/08 In the mists of the Rainforest Biome the Titan Arum has produced a seed pod.


01/03/08 In the Core Building almost everyone was clutching a teddy bear as it was Teddy Bears Show Time. Magic Shows, Junior balloon maker extraordinaire and Circus Workshop were all free and being promoted by Smokefree Homes.  'Vision On' exhibition of 600 acrylic paintings on board by Mike Hoggett.


01/03/08 Sign up to make your home smoke free and get a free goody bag.


28/02/08 Fairtrade Divine Heavenly Chocolate, held a presentation in the Cocoa plantation at Eden there was a chance to taste and buy and find out how it is made. www.divinechocolate.com


18/02/08 The main crop of daffodils are budding up nicely and already there is a good display all around Eden.


18/02/08 The miniature Daffodils under the pine trees on the zigzag pathway are now blooming.


18/02/08 There are plenty more flowering alongside the walkways. Inside the Med. Biome a colourful display of spring blooms is a delight to the eye.


18/02/08 Colours are very varied, from the delicate shades of  Camilla 'Duchess of Cornwall'  to the bright yellow of Matador.


18/02/08 There's a stand where you can order bulbs if you like what you see.  In the background the large plot of growing tulips are being carefully attended to.


18/02/08 Peach blossom and wild tulips in the Med Biome.


18/02/08 Meanwhile up in the 'Wild Cornwall'  a certain young lady keeps watch over the flowering crocus.  She is still under construction so if you visit Eden walk up and see how she's progressing.


09/02/08 It's getting near Bulb Mania time again as the first of the main crop start to flower. 


09/02/08 The first crocus are flowing by the grand steps 


09/02/08 Wheel chairs on ice again, such fun for all.


02/02/08 The bulbs are all queued for an early display this year.


02/02/08 Work continues in the Banrock Garden.  Colourful 'Red Lion' in the Med Biome.


02/02/08 'Aloe arborescens' in the Med Biome.  A splash of ice this time from the Core's roof.


25/08/01 Spring arrives early to Eden.  Supporting the RNLI day.


25/01/08 Couldn't resist these two shots of Dublin working on the Eden Banrock Garden.


25/01/08 Martin working here on the pathways around the Banrock Garden.  Camellias in full bloom it's early even for Eden.


 19/01/08 World record set at Eden today for the most wheel chairs on ice.

 Leanne's Chair Workout DVD


16/01/08 Spring is on it's way to Eden.


16/01/08 The warmer then normal weather is encouraging early growth.


07/01/08 Cape Farewell exhibition is now on at Eden


 07/01/08 The main crop bulbs are cued and ready for their display.  Heather are in fine colour near the main entrance.


20/12/07 It may be hard to believe but these outside shots were taken today. This is one of the earliest of the Daffodil varieties 'Narcissus Rijinveld's Early Sensation'


20/12/07 A vision of Spring at Christmas, is there anything more beautiful?


20/12/07 Ice sculpture in suspension is all part of the 'Cape Farewell', a unique project bringing together artists, scientists and educators to communicate on climate change. www.capefairwall.com   Video Clip of the melt  Video Clip of Story Telling


20/12/07 Blossom by artist Clare Twomey. This vast and delicate work comprises of thousands of fragile unfired china clay flowers that weave in and out of the central pathway at the Eden Project site interacting with the horticultural displays. The flowers deteriorate by the hour and day responding to the conditions of the weather, exposed and vulnerable.


20/12/07 An amazing floral display in the Med Biome which appears to be a million miles away from the Ice Fields.


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