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07/05/16 Eden's street looks fantastic with colourful  tulips blooming.


07/05/16 It's street Velodrome weekend at Eden with displays, visitors can take part too.


07/05/16 Professionally run it's amazing to watch the pros. take the corners at high speed.


07/05/16 Outside there are BMX ramps with expert displays at set times during the day.


07/05/16 In the Med Biome on the cut flower display, Corn lily and Orange star flower.


07/05/16 Green Team parsley planting with a smile. Botanical painting in the Med Biome.


03/05/16 Nathan among the giant Titan Arums


03/05/16 The fragrance from this is something else.  Tulips in the Med Biome


16/04/16 A Spring day at Eden this is also Yoga weekend bring your mat and join in.


16/04/16 Tulip Alibi and Blue Spectacle in the Med Biome.


The slope opposite the Core is now planted after a mass attack by the Eden team, now left to grow and give a blaze of colour this Summer.


16/04/16 Enjoying Spring at Eden


12/04/16 Eden Members & Friends were invited to a behind the scenes Rainforest science tour with Katie and the Science Team.


12/04/16 Mark, in charge of 100 million ants in the Biome. Fern, told as about longevity of seeds.


 12/04/16 Rachel told us about Panama disease, the one in bananas not offshore money investments. It was very hot in the Rainforest Biome today so a glass of Baobab went down very well.


 12/04/16 What an interesting afternoon thank you all at Eden.


11/04/16 Landscapes of the Life Course sculpture near the bridge, best viewed from different angles


11/04/16 In the Eden Gardens, De Caens and narcissi in flower.


11/04/16 In the Med Biome Diana  with her seed bag fabrics patch work quilts. The history of printed seed bags is very interesting, ask Diana about them if you see her there.


11/04/16 In the Med Biome and the Rainforest Biome.


11/04/16 In the Rainforest Biome there are 3 Titan Arums in 3 stages of their life and even one in seed.


06/04/16 Matt James, was at Eden for a talk to Members / Friends on garden design.  A book signing followed in the Film room of the Core.  


06/04/16 Work has started on a complete make over of the slope opposite the Core building.

This is going to look amazing in the summer.


06/04/16 Chinese Windmill Palms which will form a focal point have now been planted.


06/04/16 The Wellcome Image Awards exhibition in the Core has attracted lots of visitors.  Some brave girls here on the Giant Swing.


Easter 2016 is as colourful as ever at Eden, lots to see and do as always.


Collect a card and get it stamped at each of the things to do.


25/03/16 Crazy Egg Golf and Splat-a-Pult will send your eggs flying.


25/03/16 Early in the day the Splat-a-pults themselves were suffering from bungee fatigue, but the show went on with spoons to do the splattering.


25/03/16 Hook a duck and then on to the Giant Obseggcle Course.


25/03/16 Egg hopping, tyre jumping fun.


25/03/16 The battle of the egg nest and the longest inflatable tunnel you have ever  seen.


25/03/16 When you have collected all the stamps on your card you can exchange it for Chocolate eggs at the Egg exchange.


25/03/16 Catch up on a story and then watch the Scrambled Egg Guide.


25/03/16 A delivery man arrives and needs children to look after and keep Eggs warm.


25/03/16 Making sure the eggs go into the right nest because 'nest is best'.  One of the eggs hatches a little live chick appears.


25/03/16 Eden at Easter


21/03/16 A blue tractor on a Blue Biome day.  Cola can and cigarette stub out for a walk round Eden. (thank you to Carol for these two pictures)


19/03/16 Young Enterprise Schools competition held on a cool Eden Street today, where there were some really good ideas.  (right) Lotte, Travis with key_companion

Stop your keys scratching your smart phone.


19/03/16 Archie & Liam with 'Where B2' a Cornish place names card game. I was impressed that I bought a pack.  Mays, Lucy & Esmee from Truro School were offering Mug Love.  Mug heat protectors made from recycled and off cuts from wet suites.


17/03/16 The Wellcome Image Awards Exhibition 2016 Preview Event in the Core at Eden

All happening on Eden15th Birthday.

Stunning Images, the one on the right is inside of the human eye.


17/03/16 (Left) Jo Gale, Meghan Lambert from the Wellcome Trust  (right) Sue Hill, Gordon Seabright and Carol Heathcote


17/03/16 The exhibition is on now in the Core please come and vote as to which one you like the most.


14/03/16 The entrance road to Eden where coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) will be planted. The first one planted this morning. Can grow to 30 feet in diameter and more than 250 feet tall.


12/03/16 Disabled access day at Eden in the sunshine.


12/03/16 Lots of information signs around to help disabled visitors make the most of their day at Eden.


12/03/16 Feel and smell, hairy leaves and fragrant plants.


12/03/16 Watch out for the hands, ears and noses as you walk round Eden.


12/03/16 A feast for the eyes in the Med Biome.  Carla was there recording where all the tulips are planted this year and which ones are in flower.


12/03/16 In the Med Biome among the tulips a Botanical art class was taking place.


12/03/16 A blue Biome day.


12/03/16 The sweet smell of hyacinths floats over Eden Spring is here.


12/03/16 Blue Biomes reflecting the sky.  Building work going on next to the Sky wire base.


12/03/16 Dome tent going up on an extended platform next to the sky wire.

Flying without wings, could it be levitation? 


12/03/16 It's the Drop, going going gone, with a loud yell.


12/03/16 Hanglose (sky wire) Launch tower.


05/03/16 Head Judge David Meneer.  Hundreds of pasties entered in the World Pasty Championships.


05/03/16 Works of art in pasty form were on show whilst a dedicated pasty tasting team did the judging.


05/03/16 A walk round the Med Biome in the morning a wonderful colourful display of flowing tulips. This made a good backdrop for a wedding in the afternoon.


05/03/16 What a St Pirans day treat in the Med Biome.


05/03/16 Live entertainment on the stage area from 10.15am to 5.30 pm Various artists performed including Kernow King, Seth Lakeman & The Fisherman's Friends.


05/03/16 Trelawny chorus was sung loud and clear by hundreds of visitors helped by The Fishermen's Friends with much flag waving.


05/03/16 There must have been approximately a thousand visitors watching them perform.


05/03/16 Views of a stage, where as well as the entertainment the Crafty Pasty Zone, Cornish Pasty Association and Charities were represented.




05/03/16 From the Cornish Pasty Association Display.


05/03/16  David Rowe, Head of Media Relations introduced individual sponsors of each section.  Winner of the Open Savoury, Rhys Heath


05/03/16 Winner of the Cornish Pasty Junior, Jack Fuller.  Winner of the Open Savoury Company Warrens Bakery.


05/03/16 Winner Cornish Pasty Company, The Chough Bakery. Winner Cornish Pasty Professional Julie Heard.


05/03/16 Winner of the Open Savoury Professional, Louise Slee.


05/03/16 Winner of the Cornish Pasty Amateur Roger Richards. Winner of the Open Savoury Amateur, Don McKeever


05/03/16 Pasty Ambassador prize was awarded to Matt Grant who travailed 3000 miles from Canada to take part.


05/03/16 Thank you to all who took part and to Eden for hosting the event


02/03/16 Gabi (Gabriella Gilkes) & Celine Holman offer tea & coffee before an evening meeting for Eden Members (friends) to find out more about The Invisible you exhibit in the Core.


02/03/16 Rebecca D. Harris gave the inside story of the French Knot exhibit and the reason why it's not behind glass. It really is a hands on item.


02/03/16 Gabi here with Rebecca.  Carol talking to the curators Celine Holman and Gabriella Gilkes next to the permanent 'Invisible You' exhibition in the Core.


02/03/16 Come and learn how to be in harmony with our microbes.

Pop your head through a hole in the board and become a microbe!

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