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17/02/11 Eden's Cafe in St Austell opened today.  It occupies a corner spot with super views to the South.  It has a comfortable, light open plan feel and there was lots of trade to try out the food.


17/02/11 There's lots of local and good for you food with smiling staff as well, what more could you ask.  There's also a book swap counter with a growing selection of books.


17/02/11 Books flying over head reminded me of an early Harry Potter film, but they behaved and didn't swoop down and pinch my lunch.


17/02/11 It was so good to see local produce on sale too, it's early days, but form the trade today I think it's going to do well. Next time your in St Austell eat local, eat well, eat at the Eden Cafe.


12/02/11 Spring is on its way at Eden.


12/02/11 Little bursts of sunshine are springing up everywhere and soon Eden will be a blaze of colour.


12/02/11 Blooms in the Med Biome. One little girl remembers planting the crocus maze in the Arena last year and yes they are starting to bloom again.




12/02/11 As Eden is just coming up to it's 10th Birthday 17th March, here's how it looked 10years ago today.


05/02/11 Rather cloudy Saturday, but it is mild if windy 11C


05/02/11 A sudden influx of visitors around 11am took ticketing by surprise.


05/02/11 One group of strange looking fellows had come to see the Comic Art in the Core.


05/02/11 This was a 24 hour comic art creation time to produce a 24-section comic inspired by the local area.  I arrived 1 hour before the finish.


Here's some examples of the talented work.








05/02/11 Many were so good I think a book should be put together of the best?


05/02/11 Food is available in the Med Biome as well as in Jo's cafe.


05/02/11 The Ice Rink was being enjoyed by young and the not so young.  The bulb display is waiting in the wings and will soon be doing their thing.


18/01/11 Not Eden but very much in the Rainforest in the Dominican Republic. Watch Video


20/01/11 Daffodils on a sunny afternoon, Dave showing how Peter Rabbit grows his own cress.


20/01/11 Orange crop in the Citrus Grove and a display in the Eden Shop.


03/01/11 Suns out and the first blossoms of spring are showing. The Ice Rink was fully booked.


03/01/11 Lots of visitors came today as it was a public holiday.




22/12/10 Eden is defiantly cool in many ways this time of year.


22/12/10 It a cool day too for a spot of Biome abseiling, Think there a slight seep on a rubber seal.


22/12/10 It's an optical allusion how the bubbles appear concave from certain views.


22/12/10 Choirs sing in the Med Biome.


22/12/10 An Experimental Art collection is on show in the Core from Garry Lucas, Michael Cole, Justin Pearce, Paul McGowan, Samuel Webster, Mark Lascelles, Thornton, & Chris Stocker.


17/12/10 Evening and Eden comes to light, not a huge crowd as it was very cold and you can see the footprints in the snow.


17/12/10 The link was open for the first time since the flood and looking very festive.


17/12/10 In the Med Biome the full cast of a puppet show / story telling.


17/12/10 Diana, the story teller.  Outside the lanterns are being lit.


17/12/10 Grab a lantern ready for the Procession at 8.45pm Video link here


17/12/10 Just a dusting of snow at 1.00pm around Eden.  The fairy at the top of the Christmas tree look real cool, in the Northerly winds.


17/12/10 The Ice Rink is up and running again after the flood. Snow shower clouds loom on the horizon.


17/12/10 Christmas Decorations go up in the link, which will shortly be open again.


13/12/10 It's the day of The Eden Team's Christmas Lunch and I was lucky enough to be invited.

On the way in some expert pavement edging was taking place.


13/12/10 It's a really nice touch, as top management run around serving all that work and help at Eden.  Gaynor (Managing Director) and Tim needs no introduction, seen doing a great job.


11/12/10 Eden aglow for Christmas


11/12/10 The Ice Rink is nearly back to normal and reopens on the 17th Dec


03/12/10 The Eden Street on the first evening of 'Time of Gifts'


03/12/10 The bridge is decked with lights


03/12/10 Time of Gifts launch menu and the Cornish Radjel band.


03/12/10 The truly magical 'The Heart of Darkness' in the Rainforest Biome.


03/12/10 Freshly cooked food in the Med Biome.


03/12/10 The Lantern Procession at 8.45 from the Core to the Arena.

03/12/10 Lantern Procession


03/12/10 Dancing Fire Sculptures and an Choir at the finale.


See some of the amazing paper sculptures in the procession.


03/12/10 An explosion of fireworks to finish a great evening come and see it yourself each Friday and Saturday up to Christmas.


27/11/10 New floor laid in the Gallery and the restaurant is open for business.


27/11/10 Lantern making in the Core. One of the main ingredient is stripped boiled willow.


27/11/10 The Hive of Activity is open again in the Core. Extra catering in the Med Biome.


27/11/10 Dave story telling in the Med Biome.


27/11/10 The floor of the Ice Rink looks level again, I understand and it will soon be back in service.


27/11/10 High pressure jet washing of all the bit and prices that make up the Zubb Zubb cafe and the Med Cafe which will also soon be back to normal.


17/11/10 Eden Floods and closes until the 24/11/10 Now the street is clean and dry and open for business. 


24/11/10 The Biomes are open and fine and entry to Eden is half price at the moment.


24/11/10 The first blooms of spring are out and all looks well.


24/11/10 In the Med Biome the sun shines and the cotton harvest is almost ready.


24/11/10 Med Biome has a paella cooking for lunch.  The 'Grown Zone' has moved to the Core.


24/11/10 The Hive of Activity will open in the Core Saturday.  Not everything is honky dory quite yet and some visitors are still unsure if it's save to come down!


24/11/10 There are some clues in the well stocked Jo's Cafe, where Eden staff are wearing big muddy boots in their break from cleaning.  Zubb Zubb cafe and the Med cafe are closed and drying out. 


24/11/10 Power washing rubber mats probably from the Ice rink, The high flood mark on the ice rink wall tells the story. That's at least a foot higher then the ice and ice floats on water so....


24/11/10 The Rink is all boarded up and imposable to see except trough a key hole. Sadly the damage is very bad and the whole thing will have to be rebuild. I am told they have the technology and I have never seen such determination from the staff, I'm sure it will be done in the shortest possible time. The Gallery in the second picture has lost it's wooden floor this too will be like new shortly?


Autumn Colour at Eden and a time bomb in the Core? Thank you to Carol, for the pictures.


11/11/10 The Eden View, showing the Dome tent surrounded by generators, wagons and vans with satellite dishes from the cbbc's  Live 'n' Deadly ready for a broadcast live from Eden on Saturday morning.


11/11/10 It's a gusty day, but the sun comes out and the link is a hive of activity.


11/11/10 I love the flower pot shops and Dave looks as if his been fishing again.


31/10/10 All Eden aglow tonight for the second night of the Little Monsters Balls. Um!


31/10/10 Caldrons steaming with eyes of frogs and children in their smart togs.


31/10/10 Scary, what amazing customs and a brilliant disco.


31/10/10 The wizard had many spells to cast with the gift of gold coins to most everyone.




31/10/10 Just flying off on my broomstick for another year...Now on to 'The Time of Gifts'


29/10/10 It's night, it's dark, it's  Scream & Skate with almost no light coming from the Rainforest Biome where scary things are happening.


29/10/10 First the Skate and then the SCREAM even the trees look spooky.


29/10/10 The ghostly washer woman, 'washing in the dead of night, washing for the dead at night'.........Scary or what.    Video


29/10/10 Diana, lovely by day, but scary by night. Then meet the spirit of the Rainforest in near total darkness, be attacked by monkeys, locked in a shed by spirits, rained on by a huge beast that stood 9 feet tall with hairy legs, don't think it was Tim. and when you thought you were safe 3 men in white coats came at you with chainsaws at full throttle,  Absolutely brilliantly scary.


29/10/10 Five witches who loved to be scared


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