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The Arena and the Banrock garden.


Colour in Eden's flower gardens


21/06/08 One of the many stalls exhibiting fresh produce around Eden.


21/06/08 Right then, sleeves rolled up and lets get milking! Daisy looks happy udderly delighted.


21/06/08 Pasty and what goes into it, in the Med Biome. Smoothie making in the Core.


21/06/08 Exhibits in the Core and Pasty crimping in there too.


21/06/08 A super fruit Smoothie in Jo's cafe and even sausages when you get to the Eden Shop.


15/06/08 As the runners and supporters gathered for the start of 'The Race for Life', a Mexican wave was practiced.


15/06/08 A very good turnout of about 1500 runners and walkers plus many supporters.


15/06/08 Dazzling pink in the evening sun and they are off in a frenzy of excitement and enthusiasm.


15/06/08 It took a few minutes for everyone to pass through the start line, you can just see a block of colour in the distance as the first runners are seen in the front.


15/06/08 As the leaders enter Eden's zigzag pathway and then by the Arena's colourful flags set for this years Sessions, and on to the hard steady clime up the other side.


15/06/08 The final bend and into the home straight.


15/06/08 Nearly there and then through the finishing line for a medal and a Tesco goodie bag.


15/06/08 Exhausted but happy after a 5 km Run well done and nearly £90,000 raised.


09/06/08 The Eden street has large barrels of lilies in flower to greet the crowds.


090608 The Session stage is being built, ready for the first Session, The Verve on the 27th June.


09/06/08 The ice rink enclosure is such a versatile space from Ice rink to a Sexy Green Car Show, and now a huge stage, which would do more then justice to biggest bands around.


09/06/08 The Banrock Garden at Eden is coming into it's own now.


09/06/08 The first of the sweet peas are in bloom.


09/06/08 Stocks in the Med Biome are giving off an amazing fragrance.


09/06/08 Ripe Nectarines in the Med Biome and 'Say it with Flowers' exhibit.


09/06/08 Dave with Grow your own vegetables, all part of the Summer Garden Party at Eden.


01/06/08 Summer flowers begin to show their colours, foxgloves in white and all shades of pink.


01/06/08 Foxgloves and Bottle brush


01/06/08 In the Med Biome most plants are growing away, whilst other are taking it easy!


01/06/08 Lot to see in the Med Biome.  Take home a carnivorous plant for the shop.


24/05/08 Say it with flowers exhibit in the Med Biome and what I think is a fruit detector, which checks up if you have eaten enough fruit?


24/05/08 A part of the Eden's gardens that is often missed by visitors is to be found behind the Core Building and well worth a look.




24/05/08 Have a ride on a Segway, it's easy once you get used to it.


22/05/08 The launch of the 'Sexy Green Car Show' it's bigger and better then ever. 

Classic British manufacturer Morganís futuristic LIFECar. The concept was the brainchild of Morgan and Hugo Spowers of RiverSimple, a specialist company investigating new ideas in environmentally sound transport. Morgan and Spowers say it has an energy consumption equivalent to 150 miles per gallon on petrol.

22/05/08 A quick pit stop and look for a very clean and green sexy car shot......


22/05/08 The racing team from the 'Racing Green' circuit in the tent next door. 

22/05/08 Lot of fun and burns off calories at the same time, come and have a go.


22/05/08 Tiff Needell, presenter of Channel 5ís Fifth Gear and former Le Mans and Formula 1 racing driver, formally opens the 'Sexy Green Car Show 2008 at Eden'


Lotus  Exige 270E Tri-Fuel for its UK debut. This car of the future is proof that motors can be both green and sexy. It has a top speed of 158 mph and does 0-60 mph in 3.88 seconds, yet runs on petrol, bio ethanol or methanol.


22/05/08 Sexy Green Car Show, squirrel (Kate I'm told)  and the Green Stig, one of a pair. (Thank you to Carol for theses two pictures)


22/05/08 It's a very green car show as many of the cars lurk in the foliage.


 One of the cars at the show was actually buried in leaves. A slow strip tease revealed the Axon.  British company Axon Automotive are showcasing their yet-to-be-named eco-friendly hatchback in the shadow of Edenís world-famous Biomes. Axon Automotive, based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, aims to be the most sustainable car manufacturer in Europe. They claim their new eco-friendly hatchback will be capable of delivering 100 miles per gallon.

22/05/08 The frame is carbon fibre with a life of 20 plus years and the seats are recycled jeans and and other clothing.


22/05/08 Some Eden celebrities, Jo and Dave, on the left. On the right Gaynor, Ian Williams and Tjarko Wieringa.


This is the car that Dave would like to take home, his Prefect is still in very good condition, he may go for something a bit more sporty.


Ford's best-selling Focus has it's UK launch at the show. With a 1.6-litre diesel engine, the Focus ECOnetic  boasts fuel economy of almost 66 miles per gallon.


22/05/08 Lots of Green Cars and lots to see the show is on until the 31st May


21/05/08 The Sexy Green Car Show starts tomorrow and this year it looks as if some exhibits will be outside in the Arena.


21/05/08 There's loads of setting up going on and lighting rigs being assembled.


21/05/08 There will be a much expanded on last year pedal power racing in a specially erected tent. An exhausting exhibit is going up in the Med Biome.


  21/05/08 Easy does it, and finally it in place.


21/05/08 What a display of poppies in the Med Biome and as an ex strawberry grower, I couldn't resist a shot of strawberries in full blossom and strawed down in the traditional way.


13/05/08 As the bulb season comes to an end, the summer flowers start to bloom.  In the Med Biome new displays are being assembled.


13/05/08 The rink is quickly transformed for the 'Sexy Green Car Show' which starts on the 22nd May. The first real heat of the summer is too much for one of the gardeners.


13/05/08 A forest of Californian foothill annuals in the Med Biome.


13/05/08 There is no shortage of early summer colour in the Eden gardens.


08/05/08 Nathan, here Making sycamore whistles in the Med Biome. Short Video Clip


08/05/08 A new exhibition of Photograms of plants called 'Shape Shifters' by Angela Easterling, can be seen in the Core building until the 4th September.


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