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See the pictures here first -  (click to enlarge framed pictures)



17/11/06 Red spotted biomes for Children in need appeal 2006.  Pudsey on ice.  


17/11/06 As the seconds tick away towards the live TV link, Tim, Bex and Bryher look on in anticipation.


17/11/06 Children in Need live from the Eden Project. BBC Spotlight presenters, Justin Leight and Victoria Graham among the many fund raisers and the Eden Choir.


11/11/06 Late opening for the 'Time of Gifts' The parade leaders by the fire pit.


 11/11/06 Spinning yarns with the Eden Pollinator Team 5.30pm   The Eden Choir 6.30pm

Video Clip of Dave


11/11/06 Tonight's guest choir were from St Germans and their harmonious recital commenced at 7.00


09/11/06 .After talking to Friends of Eden about their experiences in Yunnan, China, Sue Minster and Penny Hammond are pictured deep in thought following a complex question from the floor.  


09/11/06 Among the flora were countless rhodendrons, arisaemas, sinister podophyllums and mandrakes. Alpine bulbs, fritillaries, calochoryus and lilium.


04/11/06 Friends and invited guests attended a dress rehearsal for the 'Time of Gifts'. On 10th November this will be open to the general public alongside The Festive Market and Eden's well stocked shop.


04/11/06 The festive market is situated on the visitor centre's new balcony.


04/11/06 The huge ice rink is always a great attraction.  This year it is even more alluring with amazing lighting effects and a snow machine to add to the atmosphere.


04/11/06 Snow machine in full snow mode.


04/11/06 Story telling and music in the Warm Temperate Biome.


04/11/06 This year the theme of 'Time of Gifts' is all about Cornwall and the Cornish people and is called 'Light in the Darkness'.  At the centre of the Arena is a huge granite fire which forms part of the finale of the evening.


04/11/06 The sound of a choir made up mostly of Eden staff filled the air with Cornish good will and heart moving words before the fire finale.


04/11/06 Some words of wisdom.


04/11/06 We were treated to a pretty impressive firework display.


04/11/06 A super night and this years 'Time of Gifts' is a must do.


01/11/06 It's November but the sun still shines on the many colourful blooms still to be seen at the Eden Project.


01/11/06 These guys are getting ready to scale the heights to fix the heating and install a snow machine above The Ice Rink. Flakes of snow will then flutter down amongst the skaters to create a truly festive feel.


01/11/06 The photovoltaic array on the Core buildings roof, still providing up to 15kW in the November sun.  Part of the Granite fire pit in the Arena which will be lit for the finale of the  'Time of Gifts' evenings.


28/10/06 Bob Flowerdew being warmly thanked by Gaynor after talking to a packed Gallery of friends of Eden.


28/10/06 After the talk Bob signed his book 'No Work Gardening' demand was so great that supplies ran out, however further stocks are expected to arrive very shortly.


27/10/06 Some of Eden's abundant harvest from the vegetable garden.


24/10/06 Skaters enjoying the Ice Rink during half term week. Step into the WTB and view unusual designs, created with oranges.


24/10/06 Humid tropics and the summer Mediterranean can all be experienced in the English autumn sun at the Eden Project.


24/10/06 In the WTB flowers bloom.


24/10/06 Once again 'The Time of Gifts will commence in November, these huge rocks will form the basis of the Winter Fire  Dublin  seen here installing the holder for the Eden Christmas Tree. (shot is slightly blurry as Dublin rarely stands still for very long.)


21/10/06 The Ice rink is open for business during half term week, 21st - 29th October.


13/10/06 Autumn sunshine on the Biomes.  It's freeze down time as the floor of the Ice rink turns a frosty white.


13/10/06 Final checks are carried out to make sure there are no leaks of coolant fluid before the water is poured on to form the 15cm or so of skating ice.


13/10/06 In the vegetable garden cabbage plants in neat rows are being planted out.

In the WTB colourful Autumn displays are are being set up by the Eden Team.


13/10/06 It's a delicate job and needs a steady hand.


13/10/06 Clematis and Dahlias are still flowering well in the outside flower garden.


13/10/06 You will shortly be able to 'Ride with Elvis' for a 1 in a London Taxi! This is part of the 'Arcade of Ideas' which will open shortly.


07/10/06  Bulb planting for next years Spring Festival is well underway. The 2006/2007 seasons Ice Rink construction will soon be completed, the pipes for the coolant fluid are being laid out prior to connecting up.


07/10/06 The Ice rink looks to be even bigger  this year with more room for spectators to view the action. 


07/10/06 Squash   Cucurbita maxima  'Crown Prince' harvested from the garden.


07/10/07 The vegetable garden at Eden.  Vines in bloom as you enter the HTB.


07/10/06 Wrapped bunches of bananas quietly move over your head on the conveyer as you walk past the banana production exhibit in the HTB.


01/10/06 The covered walkway leading from the park and ride drop off point is now completed, access to the Visitor Centre can now be gained without exposure to the elements.


01/10/06 The Ice rink is quickly taking shape and should be ready for half term


01/10/06 Dahlias giving a good display next to the Warm Temperate biome.


20/09/06 The pathways running through the children's area (situated close to The Core) are constructed using vibrant coloured materials.


17/09/06 A larger, more powerful wind turbine has been installed at The Energy Centre.


15/09/06 Very good surf and weather for the friends lunch at Fifteen Cornwall.  Jamie Oliver restaurant at Water Gate Bay, a perfect place to enjoy the company of friends and an excellent menu.


14/09/06 It's bulb planting time again, your chance to fill a pot with spring flowers and make a wish at the same time.


14/09/06 Major works on the stage area are in preparation for the construction of this years Ice Rink. Hard core lumps are being backfilled into the old lake to make a more solid supporting base for the decking. 


14/09/06 It wouldn't be Eden without Dublin somewhere around.


14/09/06 Some very tall and healthy tobacco plants.  Many different ways of growing tomatoes are shown in the WTB, these ones are called 'Santa' and are of the plum variety.


14/09/06 The Willow Tunnel and some Pokeweed, the berries of the Pokeweed are used for dying purposes and are highly toxic, they have therefore been planted out of the reach of inquisitive little fingers!


14/09/06 Which way to Dublin's chair?  This is also to be found in the children's garden.


01/09/06 Biome view from the higher pathway.  Prairie next to the WTB.


01/09/06 Bees at work on the Prairie flowers.        Views from the top pathway.


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