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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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23/02/12 Just neat to the Med Biome Tom Hoblyns, garden from last years Chelsea Show is being rebuilt, cant wait to see it finished!


23/02/12 The Eden Team on the job, can't help thinking Dublin, would have loved to have his shovel in this.  I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't lurking behind the hedge somewhere.


11/02/11 It's half term and time to get down to Eden for a Chocolate adventure.


11/02/12 Start in the Rainforest Biome, pick up your Coco beans and play the trading game as you walk round the jungle. Exchange the beans for other produce, but don't get trapped in the cage.


11/02/12 Barter and hear stories of the adventures of sea traders.


11/02/12 Pass tropical flowers and exchange goods you have collected for money.


11/02/12 Fair Trade farmers - how it works to help everyone concerned.


11/02/12 Orchid Blooming in the Rainforest and buckets of chocolate waiting for you at Eden. 


11/02/12 'Synchronicity'  Warming up for their performance on Eden's ice.


11/02/12 In their bright red customs performing to music 'Fireworks' high speed crossovers and swirling wheels amazing.  Three performances took place today.  Video


26/01/12 Entrance to Wild Chile in Pineapple car park.


26/01/12 Spring is showing all around Eden.


26/01/12 Even the ice skating penguins are felling the heat.


26/01/12 Early daffodils are in flower. Narciccus Martinette


26/01/12 Take home a bit of Eden.


26/01/12 The Lilly pond with new veranda.    Tulip Bulbs just cant wait to grow in the Med Biome.


26/01/12 Masses of tulips being planted.  Tasty lunch treats in the Bakery.


26/01/12 The Salmon dish was very nice and the mushroom one all 3.50 each.


17/01/12 The evening when the all the lights went out and we nearly saw stars.

Professor Brian Cox in puppet form explains the planets. 'Star Gazing Live at Eden'.

Craig Johnson the puppeteer


17/01/12  The Immersive Vision Theatre in the Med Biomes and many other attractions some 2000 plus visitors turned up and many were turned away at the gate.


17/01/12 It was a dry fine night but sadly with cloud cover.


17/01/12 It was a chance for would be star gazers to see telescopes and talk to the

astronomers From the   Roseland Observatory


07/01/12 Spring is showing it's hand after a mild winter this year, so far!


07/01/12 Visitors coming into Eden.  The Ice Rink is in full swing on this Saturday morning.


07/01/12 The Penguins all with names, are put through their paces by the little ones.


07/01/12 Dave, story telling at the Citrus Grove in the Med Biome.


07/01/12 Signs of spring?


07/01/12 I just love to see new signs of life.


07/01/12 The irresistible Pasties fresh from the oven.


07/01/12 Bright shiny halves of sunshine waiting to be roasted.


07/01/12 Cakes,  crumble and hot soup fill hungry tummies.


07/01/12 Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in on in the Core until 15th Jan.


07/01/12 St Austell Camera Club, held a workshop in the Core for Friends of Eden and offered hints and tips on getting the best picture.


01/12/11 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Lots of goodies on offer - all at reduced prices for invited guests !  All happening at the Friends of Eden shopping evening. (Photos from Carol)


01/12/11 Music to put you in the Christmas mood during the evening. Restormel Concert Band entertained the shoppers with festive music that was much appreciated by everyone.


24/11/11 The Eden Street, trees decorated by local schools and the land train tunnel..


24/11/11 Chris Hastings, Eden's Site Safety Manager and David Moore, Maintenance Manager took a small group of Eden Friends behind the scenes to see some really sexy pipe work.


24/11/11 David, here holding a sample of unfiltered recycled water. Rain water is stored and is used to water the Rainforest Biome. Then water is then reused around the site.


24/11/11 Part of the massive water filtering system, David about to lift the lid on the mysteries that are under your feet at Eden.


24/11/11 Now who wants to go down first, sadly we couldn't as it would be far too dangerous.


24/11/11 It was late in the afternoon The Green Team were hard at work.


24/11/11 Chris show us the storage lake, this is where (most of the time ) it can hold surplus water as a buffer until it can be discharged away.  This lake is full of wild life. Thank you to Robyn and all the organisers of the tour.


18/11/11 The day of 'Children in need' live from Eden.  The cavalcade of BBC vans are in place.


18/11/11 The stage is set outside and in the Med Biome's Citrus grove.


18/11/11 The everything Pudsey arrives for the big night.


18/11/11 The Med Biome all aglow with hundreds of smiling children rehearsing.


18/11/11 Pudsey is on the ice with most everyone else.


18/11/11 Magicians doing tricks and with TV monitors everywhere no one was missing a thing.


18/11/11 There was a happy atmosphere all around Eden.


18/11/11 One of the main events of the evening was the link up with choirs of children all around the Country all singing at the same time and the same song, this happened around 8.30pm


18/11/11 Everyone was poised and ready just waiting for the cue.


18/11/11 Then were off all singing perfectly and on cue. I could only get a back view as it was so busy in the Biome, but I think it's interesting to see the marvellous hand gestures of the prompters and the Choir leader.  I have a short video that I will publish later. Live broadcast Video


18/11/11 It was an exciting night, the procession followed at around 8.50pm


18/11/11 The illumined  floats and lanterns.


18/11/11 The Eden Choir sung an end of the year song and the children danced.


18/11/11 Fireworks in the air and the band played.


18/11/11 It was a good fun night and lots of money was raised.


10/11/11 Eden with its Autumn tints. Time to give rubber gaskets a service on the Biome pads.


10/11/11 Some of the rubber gaskets need repair and I believe that is what is going one here. The Green Team survey the work needing to be done.


10/11/11 It's that time of year again.


10/11/11 Preparations of decorations. Sweet singing fills the Med Biome coming from Dave.


10/11/11 The Med Biome is good place to have a hot lunch and enjoy the flora.


10/11/11 The pond is having a pier and shelter built. In the Eden shop  just the right Christmas present is waiting for you.


28/10/11 First night of 'The Little Monsters Ball' gets under way.


28/10/11 Little Monsters and Pumpkins everywhere.


28/10/11  Monster Ice Rink and Monster food in the Bakery


28/10/11 A Monster Disco with a very scary, Martin DJ and his friend 'Boris' more of him later.




28/10/11 It's the best Monster Disco Eden has had and there's surprises too.


28/10/11 Just when your not looking down comes 'Boris' eeecccckkkk


28/10/11 Taunting Boris while he wriggles and then explodes, very scary!  Video Clip


22/10/11 Ice Rink opens today, fun for all.


22/10/11 Halleweden in full swing in the Dome tent, complete with Face painting.


22/10/11 Pumpkin carving and potion mixing and chat.


22/10/11 Lynda potion mixing for happiness & Prosperity. The sorcerers Apprentice.  


22/10/11 Lucky charm threading and face painting.


12/10/11 The Ice Rink is in the final stages of construction, it's different each year and this year will be no exception. Floor is being laid in the Dome tent in preparation for Halleweden.


12/10/11 Eden blooms in the Autumn sunshine.


12/10/11 The Pearl Of Africa Children's Choir entrained in the Med Biome.


12/10/11 The Pearl Of Africa Children's Choir.  Watch short video clip


12/10/11 Such enthusiasm from the Choir, watching then you couldn't help your heart being lifted.


09/10/11 Eden's Half and full marathon took place today. Oliver 2nd, Dave 3rd and Duncan 4th


06/10/11 James Wong, visits Eden for a booking signing and to give an evening talk on 'Incredible Edibles' in the Gallery.  (photo from Carol)  It's Pudsey time again at Eden.


06/10/11 James as always full of interesting new things to try to grow, eat, cook, and drink.

 Video clip to get the feel of the evening.


06/10/11 Book signing after the talk, His new book 'A year with James Wong' has over a 100 great new remedies. James Wong


04/10/11 Dublin Retires at the age of 73 and will be missed by everyone that knew him.


01/10/11 Lot of things happening, during the day for The Harvest Festival at Eden.


01/10/11 The Ice Rink is in the final stages of contraction ready for half term. It looks even more exciting this year and can't wait to see the finished result.


01/10/11 Dave is in his new home at the grow zone.  He is also pretty cool on the wash board, see him and the rest of the 'Butter Thieves', perform at 1.30 on the link stage.


01/10/11 Dave with his favourite tea pot and on percussion with the Butter Thieves Video.


01/10/11 The fine spell of weather is good for getting the harvest in. Hemp here for the fibre and hops for the beer. In the Link there is :-


01/10/11 Corn dolly making also painting with natural dyes.


01/10/11 There's a good selection of Ales to try.


01/10/11 Cookery demonstrations happen here during the day.  How about a spot of honey spinning and tasty samples too.


01/10/11 Seeds and all sorts.  Honey comb


01/10/11 Got to have some strawberries in the harvest and not forgetting the bread in the Bakery.


01/10/11 Happenings on the Bakery stage.  Grape Treading Looks very quiet at the moment.


01/10/11 The shoes are off and step straight on the grapes.


01/10/11 I don't think, Honor was very pleased with me, but I needed a picture in the tub.


01/10/11 Eden does have this eye opening effect, especially when there a free wine tasting, today from 'Knightor' a local Cornish Vineyard at Trethurgy, not a stones through from Eden.


01/10/11 Tambourine bashing is hard work for the youngest member of 'The Butter Thieves'


01/10/11 All the right notes, not necessarily in the right order.


01/10/11 In truth they make a wonder sound and not to be missed 1.30pm each day.


01/10/11 So stomp along to Eden's Harvest Festival, on till the 9th October.


27/09/11 There seem to bee a lot of activity around the hives today!


27/09/22 The Ice Rink is very nearly ready for half term.  A sunny day and an ice cream goes down very well.


27/09/11 It's apple crushing time again.  The Eden Team are producing apple juice again everyday at 2.30pm.


27/09/11 Friends of Eden gathered for an afternoon tea in the Bakery complete with a

demonstration of bread making.


27/09/11 Master Baker Philip Harrison, talking to Eden's Teresa before the start. The Bakery can be a bit of a noisy area so friends needed to gather close to hear Philip's commentary.


27/09/11 Some tasty looking cakes for us to try later. Philip explains to a volunteer friend the right way to knead bread rolls.



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