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Last Day of Phase One Opening - The Big Build

Thank you to Tim and the Eden Team for nearly 8 months of the Big Build public opening from 15th May 2000 to the 7th January 2001   There was never a day in all of that time when the enthusiasm of the Eden Team did not shine through to the visiting public.  Even if it was often under difficult conditions, like raining all day from opening to closing.  Gale force winds and even very hot days (there were some) when the tractor drivers needed large hats to stay cool. 


There was never one of my 150 or so visits,  when I wasn't greeted with a smile and a friendly wave.

Now we all must wait until the 17th of March 2001 to see a whole new show unveiled.

Most of the old (or not so old) Eden Team will still be there to greet us, and will have swelled by a hundred or so new team members. 


A special thank you to the Team you don't see,  the ones in the office too many to mention all by name, but Paul Trevers (pictured here) is one who has been well busy behind the scenes with the media.  I shell never forget Paul live on Radio Cornwall handling some very difficult phone in calls.  All carried out calmly and professionally.


Some one else who appeared all too briefly on Children in need, is Carol Bell (pictured right) one of the management team, who has spent most of her time flying round the biomes and on the site keeping all the building  running smoothly and getting all the different building firms working in the right place at the right time, a bit like spinning plates in a circus. 




Just under 500,000 visitors have visited the big build since the 15th May 2000.  I  bet there will be many more visit over the next year to enjoy Tim's Dream.   The Garden of Eden.


Kind regards to all


Keith Martin.


P. S. Eden is closed as the gate tells you, But you can still park outside the gates and walk around the path way and  get some good views of the work going on.  Report to the gate keeper and he will advise you.


Become a member of Eden now Contact-  Tel: 01726 811912


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