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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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05/09/14 Tyrannosaurus is still on the loose until Sunday when she goes back to her natural home, so there's still chance to see her before then.


05/09/14 Don't miss the Dig Deeper Fossil Exhibition top floor of the core.


05/09/14 Dinosaur Poo  and teeth.


05/09/14 Dinosaur skin    Eden's flower garden.


05/09/14 Starting tomorrow Harvest at 2.30 Allegra McEvedy, Jack Monroe

some very shiny seats too.


06/08/14 This Tyrannosaurus Rex is wild and will chase you, keep your distance!


06/08/14 There are lots of warning signs around.


06/08/14 It sure is dinosaurs country, once you cross the bridge watch out.


06/08/14 Quietly roasting your popcorn over base camp fire. Here comes the Dinosaur she can smell cooking a mile off.


06/08/14 Here seen attacking one of her keepers. Once she has her eye on a child there's no stopping her. (no children were eaten today, but please keep your distance)


06/08/14 When she is calm it is possible to stroke her very gently.


06/08/14 Putting your fingers up her nose is not recommended as it could induce a nasty sneeze

very messy indeed. 


06/08/14 At base camp you can see the timings when the dinosaur was seen yesterday.


06/08/14 Sky Wire flying is in full swing, professionally operated with bogie braking at the end of the run, as it's the longest, fastest zip wire in England.


06/08/14 Opening shortly next to the zip wire, the largest, tallest swing I have ever seen.


14/07/14 Elbow on both night were really good and right up there with the best of the Sessions ever to take place at Eden.  The Sessions get better and better can't wait till next year.

14/07/14 Nadine Shah supporting Elbow on the 14th


15/07/14 Jimi Goodwin and band supporting Elbow on the 15th


15/07/14 Elbow getting the audience going, not that they needed much encouragement.


15/07/14 A rebounding Mexican wave across the Arena was encouraged by Elbow.


15/07/14 Wow the atmosphere was electric. Vid's lots from the crowd


15/07/14 Elbow and the wonderful sounding violins


15/07/14 Girl in the audience and Green fingers.


15/07/14 Even had a run away dinosaur on stage and the marvellous Elbow.


09/07/14 Tricot a Japanese girl rock band - something a bit different.


09/07/14 The girls put a lot of energy into the performance and a good bit of volume too.


09/07/14 The Pixies with their screaming, thumping, continuous heavy rock pleased their many fans. Sadly I was showing my age and was somewhat relieved  to get home to my cup of Horlicks.


08/07/14 Ellie Goulding Live at the Eden Session entertaining a full house of 6000 plus fans


08/07/14 It was another Magical Eden Session just one of many this year. Vid's


05/07/14 A warm Summers evening, a 70-piece Disney orchestra,  Disney film projections and a large family audience to enjoy the performance, what more could you ask for?


05/07/14 Pixar in Concert at Eden. Conductor Simon Lee, who has served as Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical supervisor on a number of productions.


05/07/14 The rose arbour looking beautiful. A view of the stage all set for Pixar in concert.


05/07/14 Stage rehearsals for tonight.  A summer at day at Eden.


05/07/14 Work going on to fix the avalanching slopes of the higher gardens.


05/07/14 It's all a bit wild in wild Cornwall, but has a natural beauty.  The Biomes always look amazing on a blue sky day more so.


01/07/14 Summer days at Eden.


01/07/14 Asus Eden Session sculpture needed a little protection as it was very inviting to clime onto. Blackcurrant crop coming on nicely.


01/07/14 Entering the Med Biome is a feast for your eyes.


01/07/14  Grapes looking good and so are the rows of lilies in full bloom.


01/07/14 Vivid colours everywhere in the Eden Garden.


01/07/14 Flying over the Garden at high speed on the longest and fastest Zip (Sky) wire in England


01/07/14 Sky Wire


01/07/14 A visit to the Eden Shop is a must do!


22/06/14 Bob Flowerdew at Eden today. 


22/06/14 Summers day in the Eden Gardens


21/06/14 The first Session of the summer season started on the main stage at 3.30 with Sam Lewis and for my money the most musical part of the day.


21/06/14 A hot summers afternoon, flags are flying, and a good number of early arrivals enjoy Running Numbers and BackBeat SoundSystem.  Katy-b comes on at 7.30pm


21/06/14 The sun still beating down as BackBeat SoundSystem come to their final number.


21/06/14 Katy B arrives with her dance troupe.


21/06/14 The Eden Cocktail bar is kept busy before Katy B takes the stage. The audience soon gets going and Katy sings and dances to her backing tracks.


21/06/14 The Arena fills as the lasers, confetti canons, streamer shooter & C02 steam blasters are made ready for that Rascal of thumping base.


21/06/14 Just time to get a bit to eat and a glass of orange squash.


21/06/14 Dizzee Rascal put on a show!


19/06/14 It's Summer at Eden!


19/06/14 The first of the Summer Sessions this Saturday with Katy B and Dizzee Rascal.


19/06/14 All these flowers is good opportunity to get the drawing pad out.


19/06/14 Get your selfie in the picture too.


19/06/14 The Med Restaurant is growing larger.  The Juice Bar in the Link is doing good business.


19/06/14 Bananas and a disaster shelter in the Rainforest Biome.


11/06/14 Falmouth University students have built a giant garden sculpture.


11/06/14 The evening of the 'Eden Summer Garden Party' for invited friends by Lady Mary Holborow on behalf of the Trustees of the Eden Project.


11/06/14 Among the guests were Eden Management and staff present and past.

Jo Elworthy , Carol Heathcote, Ian Martin, Tim Smit, Dave Meneer.


11/06/14 Lots of tasty food from canapés to posh cocktail pasties and Strawberries from the Mitchell fruit garden.


10/06/14 The food menu at the party.  Carol Heathcote and Dave Meneer.


11/06/14 Can you tell which horse is bronze?  You can see them in the Eden Street.


04/06/14 Sunshine and a down pour gave the self cleaning Biome skin a sparkling blue.


04/06/14 A stick insect!    Anne Swithinbank getting ready for her talk on the shed stage.


04/06/14 Gardener's World and Gardeners Question Time presenter Anne Swithinbank gave a talk on indoor gardening to Friends of Eden and visitors to who were at Eden in the afternoon.


04/06/14 There was a chance to ask Anne questions after the talk, a robin with a strange sense of balance watched with interest.


04/06/14 10 Falmouth University students building a giant garden sculpture out of bamboo and flax today watched over by Sue Hill. You can see this at the end of the bridge.


01/06/14 Eden's gardens full of colour.


01/06/14 The Art of Stories on the main stage area.


01/06/14 Preparation for the Green Fingers Festival starting on the 2nd June.


01/06/14 Foxgloves and Lupines


01/06/14 Irises and alliums.     the morphine poppy.


21/05/14 Girl in the grass.  Blue Biomes and quite warm too.


21/05/14 Mostly sunny with a few clouds around.


21/05/14 Hot work in Eden's garden.   A very big 15 cake!


21/05/14 In the Med Biome sunflowers are growing and there's masses of colour.


21/05/14 The Eden gardens are looking lovely at this time.


21/05/14 The garden behind the Core.  Eden's bees are buzzing well.


13/05/14 Titan Arum with Eden Team member, Gareth, explaining details to visitors.  (from Carol)

The “Bee Clever” exhibit was commissioned by Ecover. The bee is constructed from plastic bottles and the flower is made from wheel hubs!


13/05/14 The “Cool room” is a welcome place to get out of the heat of the RF biome.

Ginger flower – RF biome.


13/05/14 New rubber exhibit, sponsored by Sky TV, in RF biome.


13/05/14 Inspirational words of Nelson Mandela can be found in the South Africa corner of the Med biome.  A blue Biome day at Eden.


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