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30/03/13 It's a blue Biome day again.  Freaky Nature on the main stage.


30/03/13 Freaky Nature's dark side, sticky walls, loads of fun.


30/03/13 Freaky Nature, big it up.


30/03/13 Freaky Nature, Bug Boutique


30/03/13 Crazy Golf, not sure which part of the cow one putts at? looks painful !


30/03/13 Freaky Crazy Golf a great idea.


30/03/13 A sweet smell comes from the beds of hyacinths which sadly mingles with the next door farmers slurry spreading that seems to engulf Eden at this time.


30/03/13 Bean burgers among other offering in the Bakery or street food in the med Biome if you're feeling hungry.


 30/03/13 Learning fun three times a day in the Med Biome.


30/03/13 No children were hurt in performing the ping pong seed bombardment.


30/03/13 Mind you not content with pin pong balls I think a canon was a bit much.  Well not really these are smoke rings to demonstrate how fungus spoors are spread.


28/03/13 Easter at Eden, sunshine and a stunning flower show.


28/03/13 The Sky Wire under test and final touches to the flower beds.


28/03/13 Yes, visitors really are sitting in the sun enjoying ice-cream.


28/03/13 Tulips in the Med Biome


28/03/13 Tulips at their prime for Easter Visitors.


28/03/13 Don't miss the tulip display.  New walkway from the vineyard enclosure.


28/03/13 Follow the walkway and up the new steps (uneven)


28/03/13 This walkway makes use of a previously inaccessible corner of the Biome.


28/03/13 Opening tomorrow 'Freaky Nature' frantic activity to get it ready.


28/03/13 New till/bar arrangement in the Bakery will be ready in the left hand side tomorrow.  The right hand side is now operating.








12/03/13 It's Spring at Eden if very chilly, steam escaping from the top of the Rainforest Biome inside 27C outside 1C


12/03/13 The Eden Street and tree ferns on the zig zag path.


12/03/13 The Daffodils are looking fabulous.


12/03/13 In the Med Biome stunning blocks of tulips are a treat for your pixels.




12/03/13 You want colour? you got it in Gigabits at Eden, Come along now and don't forget your Camera.


12/03/13 New pebble / cobble path laid and new plants being moved in.


12/03/13 Crocus just waiting to bloom.


12/03/13 Green Team hard at it on the slopes.  Eden doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of dedicated hard graft to create a beautiful garden.  Thank you the Green Team.


02/03/13 Crowds flow in to Eden for The World Pasty Championships. Cornwall Together were there too, if you want Cheaper Electricity, gas, oil. click here!


02/03/13 On the way to the Biomes lots of outside colour.  In the Med Biome even more Spring colour.


02/03/13 Tulips in the Med Biome.


02/03/13 The serious business of Pasty Judging. More the 125 different entries in 8 classes.


02/03/13 Over seeing the Judging was the welcome return of Dave Meneer.


02/03/13 A Pasty of Cornwall.  The Oggymen & Kernow King limbering up for their performance.


02/03/13 The Med Biome was packed for the continuous ongoing entertainment.


02/03/13 The Kernow King in full flow. Eden's Michael MC for the day.


02/03/13 Flats & sharps on stage in the Med Biome.


02/03/13 Pasty Poetry with Rob Barratt and Eden's very own 'Butter Thieves '


02/03/13 After a bit of a pasty with some savoury and herbs packed inside, an amount of dancing happened, These pasties could become a firm favourite.


02/03/13 After that a bit of fresh air, even pencils seemed larger then normal.


02/03/13 Late afternoon, it was time for the Oggy Oscars presented in the Visitor Centre.


Dave (senior Judge) started the proceedings off here are some of the high lights for me.


Cornish Pasty Junior, Winner – Tabitha Delbridge, aged 6 from Helston, Cornwall. Open Savoury Junior, Winner – Henry Cornish, aged 14, from Launceston.


Cornish Pasty Company,  Winner – Pasty Presto  Open Savoury Amateur, Winner – Terry O’Connor from Watford


Cornish Pasty Amateur Third – Vanessa Farr from Bristol  Winner – Billy Deakin from Mount Hawke, Cornwall.
Pasty Ambassador award went to Mike Amery and Louisa Haggerty from Pennsylvania, USA

A super day was had by all, looking forward to next year already.


12/02/13 Daffodils and narcissi blooming around Eden today.


12/02/13  Shaun the Sheep is back at Eden this time in the Dome tent. One of the many activities available are making a pompom Shaun from Welsh wool.


12/02/13 A meeting of Eden friends took place at 2.00pm Fiona Dunsmore introduced, Mike and Issey with the help of Dan Ryan, Eden’s Conservation Specialist.  To learn about the Inga Foundation.    (Thank you to Carol for two of the Pictures)


12/02/12 Dan (left) Mike (right)  The Inga tree family are quite remarkable plants and could well be a way to reduce the amount of slash and burn in the rainforests around the world.

Watch the Video here


26/01/13 A touch of Spring all around Eden.


26/01/13 The early daffs are blooming away.  In the Med Biome artists have been busy brightening up the wall.


26/01/13 Warming up the Med Biome there is a collection of chillies!


26/01/13 Aloes in flowers in Med Biome


26/01/13 A pirate and fairy birthday party group having loads of fun around Eden.  These children, mums and Dads are being like Artic Hares for the story told by Jenny.


26/01/13 Jenny today's story teller in the Med Biome.


26/01/13 Under construction a Tule Hut in the California section, using Schoenoplectus (Cyperaceae) reeds collected from the Thames.


21/12/12 The Christmas tree has gained some decorations and on the shortest day of the year, signs of spring are showing all around Eden.


21/12/12 Some roses think it's spring although the Reindeer are happy to snuggle in their straw.


21/12/12 Heavy rains recently have caused a few head aches, as water has appeared from under ground hidden fissures all around Eden.  A large pump can be seen keeping the storage lake at safe levels.


21/12/12 Near the Core water is running out of the rock, but is being safely guided to the drains.  There has been some erosion on the cliff near Wild Cornwall. 


21/12/12 The pruning on the Grand steps has been completed and all is neat and tidy.


21/12/12 A model of the proposed tree line walk ways in the Rainforest Biome is on display in the Core.


15/12/12 My Grand daughter meeting Father Christmas and receiving a special gift from him.


15/12/12 Issey with one of the Elves and watching the lantern parade.


15/12/12 It's very special and magical visiting Father Christmas in his dome tent with a huge fire in the centre surrounded by his elves.


15/12/12 A visit to Father Christmas in small groups lasts about 30 minutes is fun packed as only Eden can do.  Everyone wants to see him, places are limited and you need to book, it's all included in you entry to Eden ticket.


15/12/12 The Making of Reindeer magical flying cubes (your find out about those during your visit)  The all important letter to Father Christmas.


08/12/12 A private Christmas party in full swing in the Gallery and Eden looking at its best under the moonlight on a cold and frosty night.


08/12/12 Gathering crowds by the Eden Christmas tree get their lanterns lit ready for the Parade.


08/12/12 The Parade joined by the illuminated floats move off.


08/12/12 The fire final with the singing of the Christmas song by the Eden Choir and the lighting of the flaming sculptures.


08/12/12 The reindeer fire sculptures alight from this angle looks like the roof is alight.


08/12/12 With a burst of fireworks lighting up Eden there's a Merry Christmas Wish to all.


01/12/12 The Street is set for Christmas at Eden


01/12/12 Give a gnome a home! as they are very cold and wet.


01/12/12 Lit up and ready to go on the lantern parade.


01/12/12 Every Friday & Saturday evening up to Christmas join the lantern parade.


  01/12/12 Flaming Reindeer sculpture to end the evening.


23/11/12 Evening lantern parade and story telling about reindeers.


23/11/12 Ice Skating and the lantern parade.


23/11/12 The moon shines in a hazy sky and Eden light up the night.


23/11/12 Fire sculptures to end the evening all sung out by the Eden Choir.


23/11/12 From the Gnome garden to a new home not so far away.  One chap looks well please with his free Gnome in exchange for a pledge to help the environment.


23/11/12 Get the gnome have your picture taken and details of your pledge.


23/11/12 Community Christmas trees line the Eden Street.


23/11/12 If you going to see Father Christmas then check in with the Elves and across the new bridge to the Reindeers.


23/11/12 Meet the Reindeers and discover what's in the tepee.


23/11/12 Past the giant Christmas tree, the starting point of the torch light procession.


23/11/12 Trading stalls in the Med Biome and here as the light fades Fire sculptures are put up ready for this evenings final


21/11/12 It's that time of year again, roll out the Christmas trees.


21/11/12 Just look at those little deers.


21/11/12 Getting their strength up for the 25th December.


21/11/12 Rudolf is hiding at the back. These are a must see so come along to Eden.


21/11/12 Do keep your kiddies away from the pool as there's something got its beady eye on them.


21/11/12 There's also a few bugs about in the winter sunshine.


21/11/12 Not sure what's going to happen inside this area but can guess who's going to be in here?


21/11/12 In here too may be.  What a good idea to put the sand pit in a tepee.


21/11/12 All weather sand pit.  Someone's been busy in the Link?


21/11/12 In The Bakery Christmas is coming in fine style.


21/11/12 No sign of Roast Turkey yet but still plenty to eat.  In the shop there's some unique gifts for Christmas.  I couldn't resist 2 large pots of  Eden Jam and Marmalade.


21/11/12 Now that what I call a real Christmas tree (unfolding)


21/11/12 Trees of a different sort, a massive pruning job.


31/10/12 It's Halloweden and a scary night is in store.


31/10/12 Lots of mums, dads, and children came a long to join in the fun.


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