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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

also on a Samsung Kzoom mobile phone

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11/08/16 Dinosaur hunting in the Arena base camp.


11/08/16 Here's a Titanosaur, no problem reaching to tallest trees.


11/08/16 A big one and a baby one.


11/08/16 Stories and baby Dinosaurs in the Med Biome and outside slightly bigger ones.


11/08/16 Vivid green of hemp and a Blue Biome.         Hops in the hop field.


11/08/16 Milk Thistle - Silmarin is extracted from the seeds which helps to repair liver tissue.  Echinacea - Helps to boost the immune system.


23/07/16 The Eden display window as you enter the Street.


23/07/16 Dinosaur Uprising at Eden this is a must see this year.


23/07/16 Dinosaurs in the orchard at Eden, a chance to get you close, but not too close!


23/07/16 The Dinosaurs do need a bit of handling, at times they get a bit excited.


23/07/16 Good idea not to stand too close. Make friends by gently rubbing their nose with the back of your hand. Make sure you come to Eden and get up close to a Dinosaur.


23/07/16 Surprising Dinosaurs around every corner. Fish catching Baryonyx.


23/07/16 Two pictures here from Rob Heathcote.


23/07/16 Huge water living Dinosaurs swim around you on the stage area.


14/07/16 Jess Glynne second night to an audience of 6000. A show that had everything including a couple getting engaged on stage in the middle of Jess's set. Vid


14/07/16 Jess doing a great job of communicating with the audience.  Vid  In the Med Biome watch out if  you’re eating a pasty, seagulls have nothing on this!


09/07/16 The Anchoress on stage the first warm up band for the Manic Street Preachers.


09/07/16 Bill Ryder-Jones the second warm up band played remarkably well in the November like weather of driving persistent drizzle.




09/07/16 Manic Street Preachers live on stage at Eden


05/07/16 July colour around Eden


05/07/16 Colour inside and outside the Biomes


05/07/16 In the Med Biomes and the Med Restaurant


05/07/16 The newly created Perfume Garden in the Med Biome.




05/07/16 The Wardian Case on display in the gardens


05/07/16 In the Grow Zone garden, pumpkins are growing. A view of the old seed shed.


05/07/16 The Green Team and volunteers having a mass hoeing in the Sunflower field.


05/07/16 A plaint identification board has been erected near the tundra field, very useful.


05/07/16 Way up in Wild Cornwall very wild roses are looking & smelling fantastic.


05/07/16 Behind the scenes and the yew hedge work continues to reinforce and drain the slopes.


27/06/16 PJ Harvey & Band on stage at Eden with their unique kind of sound.


26/06/16 A. J. Brown, the warm up for the Tom Jones Session.   Video


26/06/16 At an age of 75 years Sir Tom gave an energetic performance to a packed crowd on a misty, drizzly Summers evening, not even the weather could dampen the evening.


26/06/16 I was right at the back near the hedge, sitting next to me was a 94 year old lady grasping a pair of rather large panties in one hand and a brandy in the other, say no more!


26/06/16 There was a linen line of knickers (assorted colours) in the middle of the crowd who were enthusiastically waving them at The Legend of Tom Jones.

22/06/16 Jess Glynne on stage at Eden


22/06/16 Jess Glynne


14/06/16 Extra large trained snails greeted the visitors to the Lionel Richie concert.


14/06/16 Corinne Bailey Rae, support act travelling with Lionel Richie, started the evening to a packed audience.


14/06/16 Lionel was brilliant and even the occasional shower of liquid sunshine didn't spoil anything.


14/06/16 Lionel sang and played nearly all of his hits during the evening. Video - Easy


14/06/16 Audience participation was incredible, Lionel is a true professional. 


14/06/16 He is doing it all again tomorrow night to another sell out audience.


09/06/16 Eden Team at the Royal Cornwall Show to promote the Dinosaurs season and what a wonderful place to have a wedding, that's Eden.


03/06/16 Alex & Patrick waiting to go live on the One Show


03/06/16 Sir Tim  waiting in the Green room to go on air.


03/06/16 Behind the scenes of the One Show from Eden


03/06/16 Alex Jones & Patrick Kielty introduce Duran Duran.


03/06/16 Alex thanked the crowd for being such good singers.


03/06/16 Good day for it weather is super.


03/06/16 To the left of the stage in the apple orchard BBC Radio Cornwall was set up broadcasting  live from 6.00pm to 11.00 The boys in blue, Me for once not behind the camera and David White.


03/06/16 Choosing Cocktails is never easy, if you decide on gin don't stand too close to the stage.


03/06/16  The One Show set complete with the famous green chair.


02/06/16 One day to go and even more tech arrives, it's going to be an exciting evening.


02/06/16 That may be the One Show red chair arriving.


02/06/16 It all takes a lot of organising.  Lurking by the blue Biomes a large satellite dish.


02/06/16 All happening at Eden in glorious warm sunshine.


02/06/16 Some good things to eat and drink during the evening


01/06/16 BBC arrives in style huge generation lorry and everything else.


01/06/16 Now that's what I call a camera, in fact it looks as if there will be many of them.


01/06/16 BBC1’s “The One Show” will be live from Eden at 7pm on Friday 3rd, and the evening “BBC Music Day” event starring Duran Duran will go out live on Radio 2.  The event will also be recorded and broadcast on BBC1 on Sunday 5th at 11pm


01/06/16 We have been very lucky in the West Country blessed with fine sunny weather.


28/05/16  Game On, it's Half Term


28/05/16 Stage is being made ready for the first of the Sessions on 3rd June


28/05/16 Giant Battleships game in play on the top pathways.


28/05/16 C4 did the trick and sunk all the ships, white flag flying.


28/05/16 Hangman on the move as there's a wedding in the Med Biome later.


28/05/16 Not sure what going on here!  Insect tasting in the Med Biome.


28/05/16 Polly here laying down the law to the emergency button!   The mystery object is?


28/05/16 Marble Run just has to be seen, built by Jelle's Knikkerbaan.


28/05/16 Feeding the horn with hundreds of marbles.


28/05/16 I remember these well, but this is the first time brake out may have been seen by the young ones.


28/05/16  Right up to date try HTC's Vive,  I did and it was amazing.




25/05/16 Pink is the colour of the tulips in the street today.


25/05/16 Good view point from the staging built for the BBC  One show next week.  Flags going up, lighting & sound control housing for the Sessions taking up quite a bit of the Arena.


25/05/16 Potted hedging arriving, may be for round the stage area. Smart new wood screen replacing older white painted fencing.


25/05/16 Purpose built food shack being built opposite the link building.


25/05/16 Jake in the Med Biome explains which product uses the most water in production.      Strawberries in full blossom.


25/05/16 Game on for Half Term a giant marble run under construction.


25/05/16 Climbing wall in use and  a good challenge.  


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