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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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31/10/12 Eyeball trifle looked ...well gruesome, but tasted fine.


31/10/12 Ball and chain pudding.      Wish craft tent, face painting, stories etc.


31/10/12 My Grand Daughter Isabel making a super spell with her wand. 


31/10/12 Pumpkin carving at A+ grade and many on display.


30/10/12 Some of the best face painting I have ever seen.  Playing on the ice in the morning.


30/10/12 Night of the living dead Mexican style under the mask is Diane. A scary Nicola in the shop.


30/10/12 Some Ghosts from the past haunting the Eden Friends cart.


25/10/12 Old Friends gather back at Eden to wish Carol a happy Birthday.


02/10/12 Eden sitting quietly in the Autumn sunshine.


02/10/12 Time to reflect on the past high season.


02/10/12 In the Med Biome time to sit and educate your palate with some anti pasta.


02/10/12 Well ? do you think we are getting there, nearly.  Ice Rink ready for the 20th Oct.


24/09/12 Ginger flower in the Rainforest Biome


24/09/12 Stairway to the top. Pictures from Carol who braved her way all the way up.


24/09/12 Blue skies over Eden and flying over the Core.  (pictures from Carol)


24/09/12 A blue Biome day.    (pictures from Carol)


22/09/12 Presentation of a blue ray DVD to The Eden Project which doubled as villain Gustav Gravesí diamond mine in DIE ANOTHER DAY.  Video clip engine starting.


22/09/12 The Aston Martin looks just right in front of the Biome I think, Monty looks good as well.


22/09/12 The car was always a head turner, and the ride not shaken or stirred. The Aston Martin that was used in Quantum of Solace.


22/09/12 The girls loved the drivers dimple (make a good Bond many of them said)

See my Bond filming at Eden Page


15/09/12 James Wong in full veg talk and book signing after.  Video clip


15/09/12 James book signing in the Med biome nearby packs of seed for Home Grown Revolution.


15/09/12  Actress Carol Drinkwater gave a talk about olives at midday and and a tasting.


Lily and Meg sang in acoustic busking style with beautiful harmonies Video Clip1

 Video Clip2 Sanjay Kumar, from The Headland Hotel in Newquay, gave a cooking demonstration using sardines.  Members of the audience were able to taste the food as soon as it was prepared. (6 pictures above from Carol)


12/09/12 Cider talk and tasting, samples by the sack full.


12/09/12 Garlic Farm tasting and more beer tasting.


12/09/12 A talk on English wines from Christopher Ann and a tasting.


12/09/12 How to taste wine, keep it and drink it.


12/09/12 Mat Follas winner of Master Chef 2009 made mayo in 3 minutes from rape oil. 


12/09/12 Every one wanted a taste of the bouillabaisse dish he created.


10/09/12 Melegari String Quartet  playing in the Med Biome before the beer and wine tasting.


Beer talk and tasting, the lady that know all about it Sophie Atherton


10/09/12 Some serious beer drinkers, including me joined in the tasting.


10/09/12  A quick break for lunch and back again for a wine talk from Peter Richards from the BBC kitchen.


10/09/12 Wine kindly supplied by Wine in Cornwall ltd Tasting today a Spanish white, a French Rosa, and a Chilean red. 


10/09/12 Peter is one of the few Wine Masters in the World (I only got to the higher Certificate my nose although not one of the smallest, was apparently not up to it!)

Another good day at Eden hic..........


08/09/12 Monica Galetti relaxing with Eden's Jo before her demonstration on cooking.


08/09/12 A more friendly and nicer person you couldn't wish to meet as long as your not boning out a chicken leg!  Buy her book we all did!


08/09/12 First day of Harvest, quick this way for the Crying  the Neck


08/09/12 The scythe must be sharp and the final ears are cut.


I have'n, I have'n, I have'n, What ave ee? What ave ee? What ave ee? A Neck! A Neck! A Neck!   Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!


08/09/12 Crying the neck coming shortly.  Video


08/09/12 Music from the Flats and Sharps as well as The Butter Thieves.


08/09/12 Butter Thieves in full tune.  Honey Mummy with Julie Kendle.


08/09/12 The first tread of the season come along and have a go.


08/09/12 Wine tasting from a local vineyard.


06/09/12 Harvest starts Saturday at Eden come along there's lots going on.


06/09/12 Plants in the Rainforest Biome.


06/09/12 In the Rainforest Biome.


06/09/12 Plants in the Med Biome it's still summer at Eden


31/08/12 The hydrangeas have really enjoyed the wet weather recently.


31/08/12 Today the sun shone at Eden.


31/08/12 Water flows again over Tom Hoblyns Garden.


16/08/12 Paul will be there tomorrow get your signed book to take home.


10/08/12 A blue Biome day pictures from Carol


10/08/12 The sun does shine at Eden.  This is Dave the story teller, but who's his little friend?


30/07/12 A pre circus BBQ and entertainment while you eat.


30/07/12 Members of the Nofitstate Circus entertain in the Arena before ushering everyone into Eden's big top.


30/07/12 Everyone inside and the band strikes up.


30/07/12 An exciting 2 1/2 hours of thrills and spills with a 30mins interval to get a drink etc.


30/07/12 You are very close to the action, it's all done on a promenade style where you move around as large pieces apparatus in assembled around you.


30/07/12 It's all the fun of the circus and you really do feel part of it.


30/07/12 During the interval there's a chance to buy a tee shirt and get some pop corn.


30/07/12 It all in the show and lots more surprises.


30/07/12 It's on until the 2nd September get your ticket and come along.


30/07/12 The Nofitstate Circus at Eden


24/07/12 Blue sky, blue Biomes and a blue sea, on the first late opening summers day.


24/07/12 A view from the landing end of the Sky wire.


24/07/12 Waiting for an arrival on the Sky Wire.  A bed of nails tyre jumping juggler.


24/07/12 Some amazing colour contrasts today


24/07/12 On the stage area Nofitstate are setting up the shows to begin in the next few days.


24/07/12 It all looks very exciting, book your ticket and come along.


24/07/12 It's the first day of late openings at Eden and Den building time again.


24/07/12 Come along to Eden and build the best Den Ever there some good BBQ food in the evening too.


17/07/12 Eden from a different view point, just under the departure gate of Eden's new Sky Wire. A brave Gaynor, Edenís Chief Executive was one of the first to try the flight down with the TV camas rolling.


17/07/12 Gliding down at 20mph plus and stopping a few feet short of the landing ramp with smiles all the way.


17/07/12 Did Gaynor enjoy her flight? I think the picture tells that she did.

If you want the thrill of a life time sailing over the Biomes come along now it's £5 a flight if you have a yearly pass or are going to Eden. If you just want a flight on its own £10 still amazing value 11am to about 5pm         BBC Spotlight Video

Sky wire opens to the public on Sunday 22nd July


17/07/12 Its a long way down.


15/07/12 It may be Sunday, but there is plenty of building action on stage and in the Arena.


15/07/12 Being transformed from Session stage to partly house the Nofit State Circus and Den building centre.


15/07/12 As the song goes 'One fine day' I was thinking why couldn't there be a Session tonight

instead of last Sunday in the wet.


15/07/12 All around Eden you'll find Dr Seuss and The Lorax, stories, Lorax trail, Make your own Lorax moustache.  The Lorax, which opens in cinemas across the UK on 27 July.


15/07/12 Come and see the Truffula Tree that makes very pretty but fairly useless Thneeds.


15/07/12 Lunching Monday 16th the longest sky wire ride in England ride it if you dare.


11/07/11 On a fine afternoon for sound checks, sadly it was another wet soggy evening.


                    The Vaccines                  Noah and the Whale (sound check) Vids of the night


11/07/12 Sounds like a good Session can't wait!


11/07/12 In the Med Biome, Stefan Malbourne


08/07/12 Blink 182 Live at Eden Sessions Vids of the night


08/07/12 The Crowns on stage at The Eden Sessions


08/07/12 Stage is set for tonight's Session with Blink 182


08/07/12 Sound checks on stage and in the Med Biome Monroe answers questions.


06/07/12 Plan B at Eden


06/07/12 Plan B live on stage at Eden played to a capacity audience, even continuous rain during the whole performance didn't seem to dampen the atmosphere.


06/07/12 Bebe Black in stage as the rain started to fall at around 19.35


06/07/12 A second Zip wire, now named the Sky wire is being stretched across the enormous distance of the site.  Stage sound checks for Plan B tonight. Vids of the night


04/07/12 Free Ale is always a good start and off the the party.


04/07/12 Heart is now in Cornwall and at Eden, the place to be seen. The cheek paint, colours mean different things! Yellow, you're up for a hug, red is a kiss. There's two more colours I forget what your're up for if you used one of those.


04/07/12 I was yellow and got some good hugs.


04/07/12 First on the main stage was Labrinth at 19.30 for about an hour after which he stayed on to enjoy Chase & Status.


04/07/12 As you would expect it was loud bright and bass to blow your socks off.

Just over 5000 excited and lively young punters attended.


04/07/12 Chase & Status  Vids from the night


04/07/12 Sound checks or rather Drum checks for tonight's Session.


04/07/12 Nice to see shadows from the sun again in the Med Biome.


04/07/12 Soon be needing volunteers to test the UK longest Zip wire.


01/07/12 Punters started arriving early for the Folk Session at Eden.  The Med Biomes was packed watching 'Dodgy'


01/07/12 In the Med Biome herbal drinks and recycling welly boots.


01/07/12 Music everywhere and a good gathering of 'Folk' in the arena, dry but clouds are a coming.


01/07/12 There's a great atmosphere in the Arena as the first band of the afternoon comes on, 'Staves' as in music and not slaves as someone once reported.


01/07/12 Mull Historical Society followed the Staves.  Vids of the night


01/07/12 Seth Lukeman who was on at 17.00 and Stornoway at 20.00 Vids of the night


01/07/12 Busking Stop in the Eden Street and amazing goings on near the bar area with Kernocopia between the bands.


01/07/12 Bellowhead in the Arena 18.30  - so many good band playing today.


01/07/12 Stornoway on stage then on to the finale act in the rain Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. The whole day was good, a summers evening would have made it even better.


30/06/12 Example, sent Eden wild on a fine dry evening. Vids of the night


30/06/12 Sharps offer free ale as you come into the session.  Crowds gather in the Arena on a warm summers evening.


30/06/12 The Eden choir give a performance by the food hut. 


30/06/12 In the Med Biome Diana is working on some very fine needle work.  Carla is decorating a rather unusual piece of knitting more about that later.


25/06/12 A gathering of Founder Friends took place by invitation to see future plans for Eden which it is hoped will take place in the next year or so.  These include a tree canopy walkway with weather stations and a tree house among other things.


25/06/12 Unusual plant in the Rainforest Biome is a Sterculia Mexicana.    Growing it the Med Biome is 'Quinoa' Chenopodium quinoa Amaranthaceae, now that a mouthful in more way the one as Quinoa contains such high-quality protein that it can compete with meat in nutritional terms.


23/06/12  Tim Minchin was brilliant, it's a shame the weather made it a bit of an ordeal.


23/06/12 Sound checks in the afternoon.


22/06/12 The flags are flying and the stage is getting set up for tomorrow nights Session.


22/06/12 Disabled have two seating areas this small one to stage left and a larger platform to stage right.  Final touches are made to the lighting rig.


22/06/12 Lighting rig.   In the Med Biome sunflowers.


22/06/12 Dave, singing and story telling in the Med Biome held the attention of young and old.


19/06/12 Eden's Robyn & Andrew Cooper, television producer, talked about his latest book - Dartmoor National Park, to friends of Eden in the Foundation Building. (Pictures from Carol thank you).


19/06/12 Stage under construction for next Saturdays Session.


19/06/12 As we head to mid Summer Eden comes into bloom.


19/06/12 Jenny story telling in the Vineyard.  Tradition Cornish pasty £5 It does come hot from the oven on a plate with salad.


19/06/12 Under the new bridge. Photo two is from Carol, the high up dare devil photographer!


13/06/12 The Eden Street


13/06/12 On a sunshiny day the stage is once again being set for the start of the Eden Sessions.


13/06/12 Stage building.  The first of the sunflowers is blooming in the Med Biome.


13/06/12 The Grape crop is coming on nicely.  'Dionysis - The Story of the
Vine, from Myth to Modern Day' dramatically told today by Jenny.


13/06/12 Jenny in the vineyard . Dionysis,   performed  twice a day at
1pm and 3pm in the Med Biome at our Vine Exhibit


13/06/12  Tom Hoblyns, garden.




13/06/12 Now, if I could just get my hand under that net, thinking like a black bird!

It's the end of the road for the old bridge.


13/06/12 I wonder how many times I have crossed it since it was built? I have seen fireworks go off on on it. When it had a roof it very nearly took off in a gale, but it did its job.


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