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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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13/04/14 Tubs of tulips and a bluebell woodland scene greets visitors in the Street.


13/04/14 Neatly presented information signs point out places to visit on site.


13/04/14 Chocolate work shop in full swing with Polly in charge.


13/04/14 Chocolate cake making demonstration with Faye Hodgson from The Natural Cake Co.


13/04/14 It looks so easy when Faye does it and we have a spectacular chocolate cake in no time.


13/04/14 Faye, uses very natural sugars unrefined with all the goodness on the cane.


13/04/14 In the Med Biome it's all colour and in bloom.


13/04/14 It's a great place to have a conversation.


13/04/14 Tulips still going strong for Easter, one called 'Muriel' on the right.


13/04/14 Blue Spectacle on the left and Blue Heron on the right, looking a bit pink!


13/04/14 'Ballade' looking as good as ever. Outside fields of white tulips.


13/04/14 As Carol would say 'it's a blue Biome day' in everyway.


07/04/14 The winding pathway from the car park in the Spring sunshine.


07/04/14 It's Chocolate unwrapped for Easter on the Stage area.


07/04/14 You'll get a chance to fill a mould with chocolate thats if you don't eat it first.


07/04/14 In the Med Biome the newly opened Terrace Restaurant is a good place to sit down, relax and be served at your table.


07/04/14 Look, but don't taste the chilly display.  Beautiful irises in bloom.


07/04/14 Chocolate trading as you walk round the Rainforest Biome exchange special money for chocolate beans. Very humid in there today!


07/04/14 The Rainforest Biome, it's a jungle in there.


07/04/14 More chocolate trading in the Rain forest Biome.


03/04/14 The Med Terrace Restaurant opens to the public on Saturday 5th April

It will be open in the evenings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from next week.


03/04/14 The Med Terrace Restaurant adds to the atmosphere of the Med Biome, Gruffalo was a special visitor to check things out for his Birthday on 3rd - 5th May


30/03/14 Mothers day, free entry for Mums and Grandma's


30/03/14 A good number enjoying Eden on a sunny Spring day


30/03/14 Tulip display in the Med Biome.


30/03/14 Outdoor display of daffodils, narcissi, and hyacinths.


30/03/14 The New Med Restaurant almost finished.


21/03/14 Dark clouds above, but the daffodils stand proudly and the fragrance from the hyacinths was amazing.


21/03/14 Blue hyacinths line the Grand Steps


21/03/14 Bulldog tools have made the worlds largest spade, shame Dublin's not around he would have put it to good use.


21/03/14  There seem to be a lot of larger then life things around Eden at the moment.


21/03/14 In the Med Biome there is a lot of tulip blooms and now is the time to see them.


21/03/14 In a corner of the Med Biome, it reminds me of the Ideal home exhibition at Olympia with houses being built, but no this is the new huge Med Kitchen and Restaurant  that will have over 100 seated covers and serve up delicious food.  Opening very shortly!


07/03/14 The sun's not quite out yet, but it's warm and Spring like at Eden.


07/03/14 The Eden Team busy dismantling the Ice rink after the melt down.


07/03/14 A bumble bee is warm enough to go about its business.


07/03/14 Behind the green screens work is going at great speed to complete the new cafe for 2014 in a corner of the Med Biome.


07/03/14 Tulips are blooming already in the Med Biome.


07/03/14 Good time to come to see the displays.




07/03/14 My favourite shot is the daffs by the Biome.


07/03/14 Don't get frightened by the price, this is no ordinary pasty, simply the best pasty you'll probably ever taste made locally by James Strawbridge served in a box with a tasty dip.


01/03/14 The Day of the big event, The World Pasty Championships 2014, as well as the main event a full day of entertainments, food tasting and charity money raising was happening.


01/03/14 The Butter Thieves played under the canopy, where cheese and beer  tasting was taking place.


01/03/14 More Cornish cheeses. Once again, Dave Meneer was in charge of the pasty judging


01/03/14 There were lots of pasties to judge, around 150 this year and judging is taken very seriously.


01/03/14 The winning pasties will well deserve their Oggy Oscar


01/03/14 Pasty Judging went on in sessions all day with the award ceremony at 6.15pm


01/03/14 Three of the many small charities around Cornwall being represented at Eden.


01/03/14 First of the tulips in the Med Biome coming into bloom.


01/03/14 Well known TV presenter, Dick Strawbridge is wearing his Pasty hat today.


01/03/14 Mean while the difficult job of judging continues.


01/03/14 Outside the beer and pasty matching, tasting and eating, with Sophie Atherton was very well attended


01/03/14 The days weather was a little overcast at times, but you could feel Spring in the air.


01/03/14 In the Core Demo & Workshop Zone Martin Chiffers makes pasty pastry.


01/03/14 Tim was on site chatting with guests among the peach blossom.


01/03/14 Hedluv and Passman with the pasty song and dance.


01/03/14 Boscastle Busker on Med stage, outside Salt and Sky entertained.


01/03/14 Celtic dancing and in the Med Biome,  Boscastle Buoys


01/03/14 Kezia arrived on Med Stage at 3.00pm and sung beautifully as her voice echoed around the Biome.


01/03/14 Kezia's songs tend to be melancholy, but the young ones couldn't resist dancing.


01/03/14 The Great Cornish Crimp Off with Dick & his son James.  The secret was out, a saucepan lid is the answer and lots of Swede............ I mean turnip.


01/03/14 James is a dab hand at Crimping, as he has set up his own Pasty company called, The Posh Pasty Co.


01/03/14 Head of Edenís Media Team, David Rowe took charge of the awards ceremony after drawing the lucky programme.

Some of the winners below, they are all in the group photo.


01/03/14 Cornish Pasty Company, Winner - West Cornwall Pasty Co.

Open Savoury Amateur, Winner, Don McKeever.


01/03/14 Open Savoury Professional Winner - Nik Brown.

Cornish Pasty Junior, Winner - Simon Cornish


01/03/14 All the Junior cooks that took part. Cornish Pasty Amateur, Winner -Terry O'Connor


01/03/14 Elaine Ead, of the Chough Bakery in Padstow, who won the special Pasty Ambassador trophy. Elaine said: ďItís such an honour and such a shock to be named Pasty Ambassador"


01/03/14 World Pasty Championships 2014, All the winners.


15/02/14 After the winter storms Eden shows signs of Spring.


15/02/14 Bunches of irises and crocus are showing colour in the gardens.


15/02/14 Half term Freaky Nature is happening in the Core Building this year, as the ice rink is still on the Stage area.  Bug Boutique above dressing up on the ground floor of the Core.


 15/02/14 Up stairs on the first floor, build and then try and fly a seed carrying plane.

Then round the corner to the left along the corridor to the end of the first floor.


15/02/14 Pass the Buggy park to a room that was once office space for Eden, now opens up to an area that houses  'Big it Up, Angry Burdocks, and more.


15/02/14 Angry Burdocks,  Catapult sticky seed at possible seed carriers.


15/02/14 Blow up a bursting seed pod, looks easer than it is. Big it up see growing roots as never before.


15/02/14 The Ice Rink is still in full swing, take a penguin for a skate today.


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