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14/10/18 Feeling hungry in the Link Building.  Display in the Med Biome.


14/10/18 Ice Rink now open


22/09/18 Bottled Up theatre show, written and performed by Colleen Cameron in the Dome tent.


22/09/18 10 Steps to Happiness theatre show, The Happiness Theatre Company. Everyone got involved, with this funny, compellingly honest, energetic show.


22/09/18 Cart loads of displays of harvest in the Med Biome.


15/09/18 Bass 12  A Cardiff based Riot Jazz Group playing next to the link building


15/09/18 Sunnyside up in the citrus grove,  Lizzey Stewart Illustrations display.


15/09/18 Sunnyside up


13/09/18 Dan and  Biospherian Mark Nelson


13/09/18 Mark enjoying a local brew before his talk on Biosphere 2 in the Gallery.


30/08/18 Orchid House in the Rainforest Biome


30/08/18 Beefsteak tomatoes in the Med Biome


30/08/18 Watch out for the giant leaf cutter ants in the Rainforest Biome.

Eden volunteer Carol, testing the Argon root chair for comfort.


21/07/18  First Day of Expedition Space


21/07/18 From planning your flight to actually taking off and flypast the moon then on to Mars


21/07/18 Waiting for departure from gate8 flights go every 7 minutes.


21/07/18 Taking off in the shuttle with the floors shaking and rumbling very realistic.


21/07/18 Eventually after a tour of the universe arriving at Mars


21/07/18 from here on it gets exciting to find out you must take the flight yourself


21/07/18 It all exciting at Eden has put an enormous amount of work in this year.


21/07/18 Enceladus Glacial Slip n' Slide in the Arena


21/07/18 Something for everyone  at Eden


17/07/18 Dance and Space was the theme of the day at Eden.  The National Youth Dance Company put on an amazing display in the Med Biome.  www.nydc.org.uk


17/07/18 School dance groups put on shows in a number of locations around Eden


10/07/18 For miles along the Eden approach roads wild flowers have been sown.


10/07/18 The National Wildflower Centre is itself a millennium project as been relocated to Eden and was launched today in the Gallery.


10/07/18 Eden Gardens are looking rather good at the moment.






10/07/18 Everyone hard at work to transform a Sessions venue to a Space Adventure.


10/07/18 So much to do so little time to do it.  Space opens on the 21st July


07/07/18 The first act on was Klein, strange noises & stranger dance movements. Second on Lanark Aftefax one hour of industrial noises the crowd gave him a cheer when he left the stage.


07/07/18 It was a beautiful summers evening and many dressed Bjork-ish


07/07/18 Bjork arrived in style on an elaborate revolving stage set, quite stunning.


07/07/18 Bjork surrounded by flute playing cherubs


07/07/18 It was a fitting end to this season of Eden Sessions. Now its 'So So Quiet'


05/07/18 First on tonight was Jack Mulvey


05/07/18 Another sell out Session Jack Johnson on stage from 8.40pm


05/07/18 Yet another magical Session at Eden


05/07/18 To celebrate 70 years of the NHS the Biomes were lit in blue as the everyone left the gig


03/07/18 The first on tonight Los Angeles rock band CRX


03/07/18 Queens of the Stone Age had an incredible stage set.


03/07/18 The start was delayed slightly as the football was still happening with a one all draw.


03/07/18 During their performance the result of the penalty kick off was announced the cheer could be heard as far away as St Austell.


03/07/18 A large beautifully carved and polished wooded chair made from Argon root wood, to be found in the med Biome


30/06/18 Ben Howard on stage at Eden


30/06/18 Ben Howard


23/06/18 It's a Beautiful Day, no less then 5 bands


23/06/18 Ginger Wildheart started things at 2.30 pm


23/06/18 Ginger Wildheart


23/06/18 Dreadzone


23/06/18 Reef


16/06/18 Eden Sessions is hosting thought-provoking speaker event in the Med Biomes


16/06/18 Lucy Siegle on turning the tide on plastic. The Biome quickly filled with people eager to listen.


16/06/18 Hassan Akkad on the real very moving story of Syria.


16/06/18 Nimco Ali who has done more then most to end FGM (female genital mutilation)


16/06/18 Eden's Tim who was doing his best to slow time to enable him to give inspiration to all as he always does.  From the first time I met him back on the 10th May 2000 as Eden opened it's doors to the Build the BBC world service interview me as a local and Tim as, well Tim.  If there's one man who can inspire people to do the right thing for the environment it's Tim Smit.


16/06/18 The talks ended with one of the most moving stories from photographer Giles Duley

on the legacy of war. The massive crowd in the Biome listened in silence. 

I do hope Eden does these 15 minute talks again in the future.


16/06/18 Gaynor always has a smile for me.  The evening Session is already getting going for the second night of massive attacking.


15/06/18 Crowds arrived early and were mixed ages.


15/06/18 Azekel started the evening Session for my taste the most musical of the evening.


15/06/18 Young Fathers came on next, weird electronic noises shouting & bashing one drum as loud as possible most everyone enjoyed it.


15/06/18 The main act Massive Attack, the stage set was spectacular and the sound mind numbing most everyone seemed to enjoy, a fair amount of booze helped and a good time was had by all.


15/06/18 A Massive Attack success for Eden, What a super Venue.


06/06/18 Gary Barlow thrilled everyone at his Eden Session




06/06/18  Vid 1  Vid2


06/06/18 An amazing evening weather perfect as was Gary and his Band


06/06/18 Every one who attended were well behaved, confetti did effect some.


06/06/18 Gone are the rubbished one use plastic glasses and new refillable ones introduced


03/06/18 Marty Jopson's Invisible Worlds Live


30/05/18 The Air exhibit next to the Core Building


30/05/18 The soil exhibit.  There is something big in the Med Biome.


30/05/18 Eden Members / Friends evening tour of Invisible Worlds. Eden's Jo gave as an incredible amount of information and I will never look at parmesan cheese the same way again.


30/05/18 Jo explains about Eden's Rock garden. In the LAB it's in the bottle.


30/05/18 The well equipped Lab has powerful microscopes.  This is a glass model of a HIV virus


25/05/18 Making Invisible Worlds visible in the Core. Infinity Blue


17/05/18 A blue Biome day at Eden


17/05/18 Views from the zigzag path. Getting ready for  Invisible Worlds in the Core.


17/05/18 Lots of early Summer blooms are open.  Stage for the Summer Sessions is being built.


17/05/18 Vegetable garden and blooms in the Med Biome


17/05/18 Eden Team working in the Med Biome


17/05/18 Sand dunes in the Med Biome.  Out door gardens


17/05/18 Invisible Worlds opens to the public on the 26th May


17/05/18 Still lot to do, its all action around the Core




09/04/18 Yes today the 20 millionth visitor will check in to visit Eden and some lucky person will find the Golden Biome for some super prizes.


09/04/18 Where in the world could it be hidden.


09/04/18 Clues to where it is will be given out every half hour in the Link Building.

Let's take stock of the situation!


09/04/18 We will drill down and seed our success in finding the Golden Biome.


09/04/18 Ho dear it has been found in the Rainforest Biome in a wooden box behind the bow of the Tropics Trader.   I'll just enjoy the flowers and the rest of Eden a prize in itself.


30/03/18 Easter Maze in the Arena at Eden


30/03/18   I Think some ones hiding.


30/03/18 On the stage area fun and game for Easter


30/03/18 Find the Golden Eggs hidden around the Eden site exchange for a prize.


30/03/18 Spring shoeing itself around Eden


30/03/18 In the Med Biome Kangaroo pours and Arabian Starflower.


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