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First Day Opening Phase II - Picture Report

In reverse order ( latest at the top)




17/03/01 Flags fly and the arena looks green - Sugar cane in the Humid Tropics Biome


17/03/01 The sheer size of everything here, makes it feel as if you were in the tropics.


17/03/01 Tim said, "This is your Eden, come and enjoy it"


17/03/01 Plants with exotic smells unbelievable blossoms, words or pictures can't begin to to let you know how it feels in here. It's an experience that you must not miss out on!


17/03/01 Waterfall thunders down the rock face, it's hot in here with 90% humidity - Poo! 


17/03/01 In the Humid biome all is well, the public are enjoying every minute. 


17/03/01 Morocco staff looking a little nervous.  Indigo, well busy at 10.45 


17/03/01 Sunflowers one of the hands on features.  Morocco Red ready for business. 


17/03/01 View of the avenue down to the Temptation entrance. Bee in position.


17/03/01 The walk down to the biomes was all very pleasant (train back it's uphill)


17/03/01 The first day Open at Eden.  10.00 Q at Eden.  The gateway to Eden


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