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See the pictures here first.



03/03/05 Eden begins to bloom again.


03/03/05 Under the huge canopy that housed the Ice rink, the log cabin is dismantled and the last of the melted ice is swept away. 


25/02/05 Hunks of Ice ooze from the side of the ice rink canopy.  The first signs of some of the plantings on the roof of the link building are beginning to show.


25/02/05 Almost a week now since the ice melt started, there is still a fair bit to melt yet.


25/02/05 Crocus and the daffodils are just beginning to bloom, held back by the cooler weather.  No snow has fallen at Eden, but there have been night frosts.


25/02/05 The Fern-Seat takes shape, you pass it on the way down to the Biomes.


23/02/05 This area is needed for the next display and the current cold spell is delaying the melt down, blast heaters and ice picks have been employed to accelerate the process.


23/02/05 Futuristic looking pots holding planted bulbs will shortly give a display on the grand steps down to the Biomes.  Ice bergs can be seen next to the skating rink, no it's not the unusually cold weather but blocks of ice being chipped away around the skating rink.


23/02/05 ERC Work on the roof continues.


23/02/05 Work on the Fern Seat continues and mud is trowelled between the blocks.


21/02/05 Construction of a Fern Seat over looking the Biomes,

nearby the first drifts of miniature daffodils come into bloom, sheltered by the tree ferns.


 21/02/05 De-rigging the Ice rink as the big melt slowly happens, the magical forest is removed by the van load. Dismantling of the pipe matrix will happen as soon as the 60cm of  ice melts.


21/02/05 Crowbars at the ready, and the floor ends up as just a pile of wood.


21/02/05 The ERC is on progressing nicely, you can again cross the bridge and get a good view of the build from the other side. The bridge had been closed to the public for a while.


21/02/05  Constructions views of the ERC, the roof will eventually be covered with copper.


19/02/05 A cheerful crowd queuing to get into the Melt Down Party. I'm sure I have seen that hairstyle and leather coat before somewhere?


19/02/05 The first band I came across was Splouf! playing on the Visitor centre balcony over looking a dynamic view across the party venue. (different bands were playing all over the site)


19/02/05 Magical Eden glowing in the night. Last chance to skate on the Ice rink which is looking more like snow then ice with everyone wanting to have one last go..


19/02/05 'Radjel' playing on the link bridge, bagpipes and drums.


19/02/05 Food in the Moroccan Red restaurant. There was plenty of activity around the rope of wishes with numerous visitors taking the opportunity to fill in the labels, these will later sail with the ships.


19/02/05 'First Breath' Live performance with recordings from a 1000 Cornish voices featuring live singers, musicians and film projection, just amazing.


19/02/05 Tim, clearly enjoying the proceedings. Dancing in the Warm Temperate Biome to 'Dalla' the line up includes clarinet, bouzouki, fiddle, guitar, accordion, mandolin and vocals.


19/02/05 I tried hard to get a shot of 'Dalla' but it was well busy (Cornish speak) in the WTB.


19/02/05 It's 9.00pm 'ish and time to light up the lanterns for the last time.




19/02/05 Excitement mounts as the time nears for the start of the lantern parade.


19/02/05 'Tim' has the mike, then hands it to 'Laurence' to start the ships sailing.


19/02/05 As First Breath sings 'A New Day Will Come' the ships sail and the lantern parade begins.


19/02/05 The lantern parade in full flow, to the drum beat of the leading band, winding it's way up to the highest cliff where the ships will be set on fire.


19/02/05 The ships of wises on fire, as  fire beacons are lit all around the cliffs.


19/02/05 The fire sculptures are lit and a thunder of fireworks shoot up from Wild Cornwall.


19/02/05 What a super way to end the Time of Gifts 2005


19/02/05 Leave you with 10pm view, if you carried a lantern in the parade you can take it home.  The Ice rink will be back next year, and I heard that it will be bigger and better, as if it could! The vast canopy will be used to house some amazing things during the summer.


15/02/05 Gorse and heathers greet you as you wind your way down to the Visitor centre.


15/02/05 The passport bay, last few days to get your free passport to Eden.  The Million bulbs are getting ready to give the display of the year in about three weeks time.


15/02/05 Rivers of blue will shortly show up as a drift of blue flowering bulbs cascade like a waterfall from the link building's roof and will continue to flow across the site site.


15/02/05 The ERC sits happily in the sun, the first floor being fitted inside as the roof is completed.


15/02/05 The Ice rink continues to be very popular over the half term.  You only have until Saturday before the big melt party. Some fancy footwork by the Ice Stewards.   (picture right)


15/02/05 Behind the scenes at the Ice rink requires a fair bit of maintenance, between each 40 minute session the ice requires sweeping, scraping and shovelling.


15/02/05 (picture left) shoe for boot exchange tunnel entrance. (right) Ice skates fitted and skaters waiting for their turn on the Ice.


15/02/05 (left) Ice skates return, the boots are given a clean and exchanged for shoes. (right) Skates for shoes side, with 300 pairs of skates of all sizes to handed out and returned every 40 minutes this is a busy department and staff take turns to help here, and I was told it does not always smell of spring flowers either!


15/02/05 Behind the scenes at the boot exchange, racks with hundreds of pairs of skates.


15/02/05 In the HTB Nuts are on display.


15/02/05 Plenty of blooms about in the Warm Temperate Biome.


07/02/05  One million bulbs waiting to bloom.                    Shapes of Eden                              


          07/02/05 Sunlight on a golden glow of spring blooms.


07/02/05 Warm Temperate Biome.


06/02/05 Freesia fantasia in the Warm Temperate Biome, a colourful start to spring.


06/02/05 The Moroccan Red restaurant  takes on a spring feel  as Eden gets ready for the start of the Bulb Mania 2005 more than a million bulbs waiting to flower.


06/02/05 On the walk down to the biomes enjoy the myriad of blooms along Crocus Avenue. The Ice rink still very poplar, the big melt party takes place on the Saturday19th Feb, don't forget your ticket and be there for the fireworks!


06/02/05 The ERC roof will be weatherproof once work is completed.


12/01/05 Early daffs display, the recently planted bulb fields can be seen in the foreground of the second picture, showing up as a deep green in the shadows.


12/01/05 Fruiting palms in the HTB, outside the early spring daff are looking a treat.


12/01/05 The Coco Plum 'Chrysobalanus icaco' is cultivated for it's delicious kernels within the fruit, this specimen can be found next to  to the Oceanic pool in the HTB.


12/01/05 In the HTB, The Malaysian House with sprouting sweet potatoes.  Tree canopy grows ever thicker and taller. 


12/01/05 Story telling to a school group in the WTB Bedouin tent, Cape Aloe in it's full splendour can also be seen in the WTB.


12/01/05 ERC is progressing nicely and is racing on to completion, opening August 2005 


03/01/05 A good crop of kiwi fruits and early peach blossom in the WTB


03/01/05 Snowdrops, cabbage and daffodils


03/01/05 An early morning burst of sunshine illuminates the ice before the first skaters arrive.
The bulb shoots are vigorously thrusting through the earth and this years Bulb Mania promises to be even more spectacular than before.


03/01/05 No workmen on the ERC  today as this is a National Holiday in the UK.


21/12/04 Long shadows on the lowest mid day sun of the year, but spring is just around the corner, the first daffodils are already in bloom.


21/12/04 The 'Time of Gifts' is still in full swing but these early blooms reassure us that spring is on it's way.

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