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04/10/05  According to one of the construction workers the visitors lift should be up and running by Monday (24th October) There promises to be some excellent views both whilst ascending and descending.


03/10/05 A million bulbs to be planted by hand, a daunting task.


03/10/05 A new Land Train turning circle is being formed as the area around the Ice Rink gets a make over, transformation from a stage to an Ice Ring is in full swing. The Ice Rink will be open from the 22nd October in plenty of time for the 'Time of Gifts' winter festival which commences on the 5th November.


03/10/05 Seven large pipes are being buried around the Ice Rink, could be drainage but more likely to carry cables.  A visiting duck has approved the new pond by 'The Core'


03/10/05 Work on the visitor lift goes on a pace.


03/10/05 Close to the site where the new Biome is to be built a grand scale terracing of the landscape commences.


01/10/05  Dahlias in the Eden Flower Garden.


01/10/05 The Citrus Grove and Cotton display in the Warm Temperate Biome.


01/10/05 The visitor lift from the bridge to 'The Core' is nearing completion. I lent a hand in the construction of 'The Core' my tile is a brown one 5 up and 8 along from the left.

Making the hand print.


01/10/05 The amazing Plant Processor in The Core's Exhibition Hall.


01/10/05 'Tiara for Eden'   By Sheila Clayton   Horse Manure and Silver leaf.


27/09/05 The main steps in the autumn sunshine.  A view from Jo's cafe Terrace. (The Core)


27/09/05 The amazing complex Plant Processor in the Core's Exhibition Hall has minor teething problems which will soon be repaired. A close up of some of the Solar Cell that today were producing some 14 kw


27/09/05 A tropical pathway and a steamy tropical view of the waterfall in the Humid Tropics Biome




27/09/05 Bulb planting and make a wish, every one can do it!


23/09/05 Summer afternoon by the Biomes. Work near the ice rink canopy, reusing  the old site where the education huts/tents previously stood.


22/09/05 The gallery Central Core. The Photosynthesis Sphere exhibit in the main hall.


22/09/05 'The Core': Jo's Cafe and and the cafe terrace and viewing point.


21/09/05 First floor of 'The Core' workshop area, third floor and solar roof.


19/09/05 The Core was well and truly opened with a spectacular presentation of lights, smoke, and fireworks. Eden's Sue and Jo (left) a good feeling of celebration was in the air.


19/09/05 Torches were lit and all invited guests walked in the direction of 'The Core', at about 8.10 pm fireworks lit the pathway behind 'The Core'


19/09/05 The Core surrounded with smoke, and throbbing  with colour erupted in a column of white light and fireworks, what a sight to see.


19/09/05 Guests arriving at the door of 'The Core' once inside every viewing point was taken.


19/09/05 It was 'Jo' who wanted a building instead of the tents for the visiting school children. Jo was put under the spot light and a 'This is Your Life' type of presentation followed.


19/09/05 Many good stories were told from the many people and firms involved in the building and getting it all together, of course it's not quite finished yet, as Tim explained the seed in the centre of The Core, 80 tonnes of granite in weight before carving, has still to arrive.


19/09/05 The 'presentation' ended with the 'This is your Life red book' presented to Jo.


19/09/05 Gaynor and Peter enjoying the atmosphere, upstairs for refreshments, and a mingle.


19/09/05 The view from 'Jo's' cafe veranda.


19/09/05 The Eden Maintenance Team, photographed at last. Madonna rocks, well not quite but  definitely chips off the large granite sculpture to take home as 'A Little piece of history'.


18/09/05 The beautiful September sky brings to mind one of John Miller's 'paintings'.


18/09/05 It's that time of the year again, the start of bulb mania planting, fill a pot and plant a bulb,  then write your wish on a card and you'll also get a bulb to take home to grow your own little bit of Eden in your garden.      To see 2005's Bulb Mania Display click here


18/09/05 Come to Eden and plant a bulb, a lot of visitors already have!


18/09/05 A Mac2000 standing guard outside of 'The Core' ready to shine some light at the unveiling of this amazing building.  


16/09/05 The Rain forest gathering for pre-dinner drinks and entertainment by

 'The New Life Band' in the Warm temperate biome's citrus grove.


16/09/05 As the sun set and the light faded, there was a chance for six volunteers to learn a few steps and join in the dancing. 


 16/09/05 'Don' Eden's Tropics Curator introduced the Dinner Keynote Speaker Dr William F. Laurance.  A Shared fate: ecological linkages between rainforests and the sea.


16/09/05 It was a thought provoking subject, and all the delegates attending the dinner, including myself were amazed  by the statistical facts concerning the amount of trees that are just abandoned and left to float out to sea and eventually get washed up and cover miles of beaches.


16/09/05 The Dinner: Tender Chicken in a Papaya Sauce, Annasi, Banana Leaf Roasted Pork Loin, Spiced Rice with Macadamia, Rainforest Salad, Lime Baked Yams and Sweet Potato.

(pictured above) Coconut Bread Pudding, Rain Forest Brownie, Costa Rican Fruit Salad.

After Dinner speaker, Brian Leith, head of Granada Wild and exclusive producer of Deep Jungle Television series 'Filming Forests'.


16/09/05 A really good evening, thank you to Don and all the organisers.  On the way out you couldn't miss The Core glowing like a jewel in the darkness.


12/09/05 Jill's vegetable garden with a basket of edible flowers.


12/09/05 Dead heading to keep the flower display in tip top condition.


12/09/05 Warm Temperate Biome's flower display and the chilli and pepper market trolley.


12/09/05 All eyes are on 'The Core' the building everyone wants to see, I'll show you more after the 19th September.  The solar panels producing a cool 15kw today.


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