Autumn 2021 to Summer 2022 at the Eden Project

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   Places to stay near Eden


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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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05/07/22 Himalayas, started the evening at 7.15pm Stereophonics came on at 8.30pm.


05/07/22 Playing to a capacity crowd of around 6000, it was a brilliant evening yet again.


05/07/22 Stereophonics on stage at Eden Sessions


05/07/22 Last Session of the Season at Eden, look forward to next year.


29/06/22 Bryan Adams On stage at Eden, a brilliant performance.


29/06/22  A capacity crowd watched, danced and sang.


29/06/22 Bryan Adams Session


25/06/22 Costa Rica weekend at Eden 25th & 26th June


25/06/22 At the very top  of the Rainforest Biome near the waterfall.


25/06/22 James Hill from Chocolarder offering chocolate tasters.


25/06/22 A new tasty menu is on offer in the Med Biome.


25/06/22 A type of fig starting to bloom in the Rainforest Biome.


21/06/22 Diana Ross on stage at Eden, a magical night to remember.


21/06/22 A very excited crowd, Tim Smit was out there too.


21/06/22 Diana sung most of her hits, again a brilliant night.


16/06/22 Nine Inch Nails first night of two performances at The Eden Sessions.


16/06/22 Wow so good the see them live.


15/06/22 Warm up band, Confidence Man, a bit unusual but good energy dances.


15/06/22 The crowd were excited waiting for Noel Gallagher' High Flying Birds.


15/06/22 Everyone enjoyed this performance playing most of his hit songs.


15/06/22 Thank you Eden for booking Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


14/06/22 A blue Biome day at Eden under the Summer sun.


14/06/22 A new exhibit high up by the waterfall, Costa Rica House.


14/06/22 Giant poppies and ginger in flower.


14/06/22 All hands to help move a giant pot in the Med Biome.


24/05/22 St Austell brass band greeted guests to Lady Mary Holborow's Eden Summer Garden Party to celebrate 21st birthday of the Eden Project.


24/05/22 There were speeches Edward Benthall, Chairman of the Eden Trust seen here next to a painting by Yvonne Coomber which is in an online auction, proceeds going to The National Wildflower Centre.


24/05/22 A short address from  Sir Tim Smit  before cutting the cake. Eden's opening was on the17th of March 2001 It was so good to see faces from the early days of Eden. 

This was a very special Evening and I enjoyed every minute of it, thank you Eden.


24/05/22 Tim cutting the Birthday Cake.  A shot of everyone here who has been involved with Eden for the 21 years. I took this quick as I need to get into the shot for the formal pose.


24/05/22 The painting of Eden wild flowers under auction. Jolyon Brewis  architect who helped to build Eden whilst working for Grimshaw  and Mr and Mrs Dave Meneer.


16/05/22 The first Session of the Season, My Chemical Romance supported by Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls.


The warm up group were excellent and suitable warmed the rock fans ready for My Chemical Romance that came at 9.00  Needless to say they were very loud even at the back by the hedge, but this what Heavy rock is all about trouser flapping bass and ear bleeding volume.


16/05/22 Drinks were available from 3 bars for those in the Arena.  Session Plus tickets holders had their own bar & toilets.  Food was served in the Link Building until around 8.30pm.


05/05/22 The Eden Street, plant walls are being installed.


05/05/22 Arena and stage area is being prepared ready for the first Session on the 16th May.


05/05/22 Eden is full of colour this time of the year.


05/05/22  I like the rustic wooden fence around the dining area in the Med Biome.


05/05/22 In the Rainforest Biome a new exhibit.  I met John Dyer Just about to start a live on line streaming to 4000 school children around the Country.


05/05/22 John Dyer is a very talented painter and such a nice guy.  How to paint a Rainforest live streaming, it was actually  very exciting to being there whilst it was happening.


05/05/22 I'm sure all of the 4000 Children joining in on line learnt a lot.


09/04/22   Easter 2022 at Eden Lots to see and do for everyone.


09/04/22 New plantings.  Activities in the Arena.


09/04/22 Egg hunt, just not for dogs.  Sixty keys are hidden around the Biomes, if you find one it will unlock one of the lockers seen on the left on the stage area,  prizes inside.


09/04/22 Lunch in the fresh air, well spaced tables.


09/04/22 A good place for lunch is also in the Med Biome.


09/04/22 Colour in the Med biome.


09/04/22 A blocked underground stream burst its way out last winter and made quite a mess.


09/04/22 Views from up in Wild Cornwall.


09/04/22 Work has started on a cob building high up in Wild Cornwall.


05/03/22 A fine day for the 10th World Pasty Championships at Eden.


05/03/22 Spring is coming to Eden, The ice rink just about packed away until next season.


05/03/22 Eden bulbs are starting to bloom. Interesting solar lights placed around the grounds


05/03/22 Biomes through the trees in march.


05/03/22 Could that be a Pasty shaped seat?   Pasties - that's what we are here to see.


05/03/22 Pasties entered into the competition.  The Queen of all pasties.


05/03/22 Judges before the start of the judging.


05/03/22 Judging area was this year was at the Med Biome end of the link building and is a serious business.




05/03/22 It's all about the Pasties and stories about Pasties also St Piran's Day 5th March


05/03/22 Entertainment on stage in the Med Biome and Crimping competition on the outside stage.


05/03/22 Carefully observing the other competitors in the crimping competition


05/03/22 Work going on around Eden.  Gone are the wooden boards now  there’s solid floor.


05/03/22 A duel pipeline being laid from the geothermal plant near the North gate to carry hot water down and cooler water back from the Biomes


05/03/22 Building work in Lemon car park to provide a new multifunctional greenhouse which will be ready for use in September. Plants will be grown for the Eden Shop; apprentices and others studying at Eden will use the area for research; the National Wildflower Centre, based at Eden, will be able to dry seeds in the autumn from flowers grown on site. Geothermal power will be used here, making it environmentally sustainable.


02/12/21  Biomes Glowing for Christmas evening preview.  New home for father Christmas this year.


02/12/21 Ice Rink looking smart with the star attraction a giant mirror ball.


02/12/21 Rainforest illuminations


13/10/21 The G7 blindfolded and transported to Eden.

G7: 'Mount Recyclemore made of electronic waste that had been erected in Cornwall ahead of the G7 Summit, now at Eden for a year.


13/10/21 Actually they are all very lucky and have a good location at Eden.


13/10/21 A very good view over Eden and out to sea.


13/10/21 OK we are nearly all here who's missing?


13/10/21 Lets all call out for Boris,  Boris where are you! 


13/10/21 Just getting my bolts in the right place.


13/10/21 That's better all together again, this time we're staying at Eden.


13/10/21 At the drilling rig, a display of warn drilling heads, hard stuff granite.




17/09/21 Script live on stage at Eden they also joined crowd in the rain for one number.


17/09/21 It was a thoroughly wet evening, but this did little to dampen a really good show by The Script and Ward Thomas.


17/09/21 Another good night at Eden


12/09/21 McFLY live on stage at The Eden Sessions, it was a magical evening.


12/09/21 Ultra Violets, a Cornish band warmed up the crowd ready for McFLY


12/09/21 The Arena bar (a free bar) if you have the right arm band, seemed fairly quiet.


12/09/21 Eden is such a great venue the bands love to play here.


10/09/21 The stage is set for the extra Eden Sessions starting tomorrow evening with Ben Howard.

Disabled access and viewing area (second picture)


10/09/21 Since the last Session two years ago much work has gone into making a VIP area with their own bar and toilets.


10/09/21 The mixing tents are in the Arena.  A small extra bar serving punters with an Arena bar pass. Higher up is the disabled viewing area and further round the VIP area and bar.


10/09/21 Views from the disabled area are excellent and from the VIP area are stunning.


10/09/21 There's a standing viewing area at the side of the bar.


10/09/21 Behind the scenes of one of the main bars. If you're coming to one of the Sessions remember you have entry to Eden the following day as well.


10/09/21 There's always something new to see at Eden.


16/07/21 A hot summers day at Eden


16/07/21 Eden Gardens


16/07/21 A paved area replaces grass on the higher Session viewing area. Work is moving on at some speed, all be done by September ready for the first Session.


16/07/21 Work is still going on repairing the landslide from January, reinforcing the cliff.


16/07/21 Eden's looking good with lots of blues.


16/07/21 Eden is always colourful




16/07/21 Trees in the Med Biome and a lily forest.


16/07/21 Vanilla in the Rainforest Biome


16/07/21 The bamboo orchid house in the Rainforest Biome.


16/07/12 Peanuts and the spice's in the Rainforest Biome.


16/07/21 Sweet peas the fragrance of summer.


11/06/21 A very important evening for Eden as it hosted dinner for the G7 Joined by Her Majesty The Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as a Big Lunch and the Sustainable Markets Initiative, and ten of the world's top business leaders. (picture from twitter)


11/06/21 (picture from twitter)


05/06/21 It was bad luck I got a slot on a wet day.  Even on a wet day Eden has a certain magic.


05/06/21 Next to the flags, work is now continuing for extra Session standing for this September. Shuttering for concrete I guess being installed to hold a fence later.


05/06/21 On the Stage area there is a model representing Big Lunch Street Parties  around the Country.


11/06/21 The Queen, The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge have attended a Big Lunch get together at the Eden Project in Cornwall. (pictures from Twitter)




05/06/21Drinks are served at the table in the Med Biome.


05/06/21 An orchestra of musicians will be playing daily in four socially-distanced stations in the Mediterranean Biome.


05/06/21 Some musicians hidden among the foliage.


05/06/21 Listening to the orchestra in the Med Biome.


05/06/21 Gardens may be a bit wet today but very beautiful.


19/05/21 Drilling started officially today and will take about 5 months to reach down to a depth of 4.5 KM  Where hot rocks will heat water pumped down and rise up at around 170C - 200C


19/05/21 Alok Sharma M.P. at the controls of the MND's Bentec 450 Eurorig.

The Eden Geo Crew (pictures retweeted from Eden)


17/05/21 Eden Opens again after the second lock down, visitors are steadily arriving.


17/05/21 There are scars on the horizon from the cliff erosion, but all will soon be fixed.


17/05/21 Claire, seen here keeping the Eden flags flying. Job description  'Graphics Studio Manager in the Interpretation team'.


17/05/21 Bright and airy picnic area on the stage also a rearranged ordering and cooking in the link Building restaurant.


17/05/21 In the Med Biome the Australian exhibit is fabulously colourful.


17/05/21 Med Biome


17/05/21 Vanilla exhibit in the Rainforest Biome, also to be found is a very beautiful vine.


17/05/21 Its a jungle in there.


17/05/21 I just love being back at Eden.


17/05/21 Now there's a use for all the old plastic straws!


17/05/21 Just about to get started at the other end of Eden.


17/05/21 Drilling 3 miles down just about to start by The MND's Bentec 450 Eurorig


11/05/21 Distant view of the drilling rig. 


07/05/21 You can't miss the drilling rig when passing near to Eden.




                  26/04/21                                04/05/21 Drilling rig growing taller.


04/05/21 Reach for the skies, drilling rig can now be seen from miles away.


26/04/21 Work underway on the Eden-Geothermal drilling rig.

A transparent viewing shelter with information for visitors. 


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