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   Places to stay near Eden


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26/08/19 Extinct Beasts along the Eden's Street also nests in trees.


26/08/19 Keeping this much hedge trimmed is a big task. In the gardens flowers are kept looking their best.


26/08/19 Eden's gardens are looking good. The Minibeast Mansion is super for under 10's


26/08/19 My Granddaughter at Eden on a rainy day having fun.




23/07/19 Earth Story preview for Eden Members. Fully open 24th July to 3rd September.


23/07/19 Travel through time to find we everything on Earth is connected including us.


23/07/19 There is a series of rooms to explore all with exciting information, take your time to read and discover the Earth Story.


23/07/19 After exploring all  the avenue of rooms you come out into a café with rather lovely wooden furniture, watch out  you’re not alone.


23/07/19 Gerald the gorilla is lurking just round the corner, go and meet him.


23/07/19 There's a larger tent set up with multiple head sets for Lost Giants safari.


15/07/19 Big Lunch 10th  Birthday Cake and a card to VIP guest HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.


15/07/19 Big lunch all laid out for invited guests on a hot Caribbean type weather day.


15/07/19 A beautiful day, delightful lunch and amazing guest of Honour.


15/07/19 Immense fields of wild flowers on the approach road to Eden.


15/07/19  It's a bee paradise, and very pleasing and beautiful to us as well.


03/07/19 Wednesday evening Kylie back for 2nd night of super entertainment..


03/07/19 Chance to catch pictures I missed on the first night, any excuse to see Kylie again.


03/07/19 So enjoyable.


03/07/19 Brilliant evening again.


02/07/19 Sweet peas on a sunny day at Eden.


02/07/19 Kylie arrives in a  helicopter around 2.24pm, with what looks like her lunch.


02/07/19 Afternoon sound checks Kylie in summer dress and flat shoes.

First on in the evening Nena Nesbitt at 7.30pm


03/07/19 Wednesday evening Nena on stage.


02/07/19 Kylie live on stage at 9.00pm ... Wow.


02/07/19 Kylie, utterly professional utterly beautiful magic at Eden.


02/07/19 Kylie


02/07/19 Kylie


02/07/19 Kylie, Such a good night thank you Kylie all the band and dancers


01/07/19 Pleasant day at Eden, sunny spells.  Multi level play platform under construction.


01/07/19 Lighting rigs going in for tomorrows evenings Kylie's Session.


28/06/19 Chemical Brothers came on at 9.15pm surrounded by smoke and light.


28/06/19 Thumping bass & back screens with synchronised dancing shapes drove the punters wild


28/06/19 The atmosphere was electric, aided by good amount of alcohol & being Friday night.


28/06/19 Lasers beamed out over the punters & of course the Biomes glowed away in the night.


28/06/19 Release those lucky balls into the crowd. What a thumping good night.


26/06/19 St Austell band 'The Velvet Hand started the event off followed by Fontaines D.C.  Both heavy rock bands that that seem to play the same tune with different spoken lyrics.


26/06/19 At 9.00pm Liam Gallagher came on stage the fans went wild.


26/06/19 Beer flying, distress flares going off & thumping bass, yes a good night.


26/06/19 One of the warmest evenings this year Liam still clad in his parker style coat.


23/06/19 Damp start to the 100th Eden Session, but everything soon brightened up.

Backbeat Soundsystem were on when I arrived just as the rain stopped.


23/06/19 Bill Jefferson was next on this all day festival of artist who have appeared at Eden Session


 23/06/19 Nice to see 'Lady Chough' a truly Cornish bird.  Gordon was really enjoying the day.


23/06/19 Dreadzone is back it Eden after a number of years.


23/06/19 Doves were also back at The Eden's 100th Session.


23/06/19 Doves have many fans, who also like Chic, Chic warm up tape.


23/06/19 Chic and Nile back after one day, new suite and girls dressed in golden. Vid


23/06/19 Another Magical afternoon and evening at The Eden Sessions


23/06/19 Thank you Nile Rodgers & Chic for coming to The Eden Sessions


21/06/19 Kokoroko first on at around 8.00pm. Whilst stage was set up a warm up tape from Chic


21/06/19 Tim Smit arrives on to the newly built disabled area. Chic on stage 9.00pm


21/06/19 Nile Rodgers & Chic in brilliant form playing to a full Arena  Vid


21/06/19 A  medley of Niles greatest hits went down a treat.


21/06/19 Magic moments with phones of light to celebrate Nile is now cancer free.


21/06/19 A view from the disabled gallery as the sun eventually went down.


21/06/19 What a super evening thank you to all the well behaved happy crowd and Eden.


20/06/19 Dambuie Collins offer as you enter Arena for tonight's Session


20/06/19 First on 'The Wind + The Wave  followed by Sea Girls


20/06/19 8.30pm was time for the Stereophonics for a 2 hour show.


20/06/19 The Arena was packed all enjoyed the show.


20/06/19 The stage came right out into the Arena.


20/06/19 A really good night and dry except for a shot sharp shower.


20/06/19  Children are going to love this.


20/06/19 Sweet peas are looking good.


20/06/19 checking sound levels for tonight


19/06/19 Stage and walkways also disabled viewing area in place.


19/06/19 Further back but better view for the disabled.  Dragon Arum in the Med Biome.


15/06/19 Fencing around the new viewing area. Getting ready for the first Session next Thursday.


15/06/19 The 'Artificial Creators' Art exhibition in the Core on until 29th September.


04/06/19 Lady Mary Holborow Eden Summer Garden Party. Daisy singing during drinks.  It was lovely to meet up with everyone connected to Eden.


25/05/19 Drummer from Truro has a temporary “home” in Banana car park. New insect hotel.


25/05/19 New hangloose adventure for the brave is now open.


25/05/19 Dick & Dom are here today and there are various challenges to take part in around Eden


25/05/19 Story telling in the Med Biome. Australian exhibit is looking amazing.


25/05/19 Dick & Dom soon got everyone going and having a good time.


25/05/19 Bring on two giant balls and you can't go wrong.


25/05/19 Very entertaining and professional, ever tried to punch your way out of a paper bag? 


25/05/19 On each day at 3.00pm until 1st June mums and dads will enjoy it as much as the kids.


24/05/19 Getting ready for tomorrows show Dick & Dom


24/05/19 High in the Eden garden an amazing bloom on a Puya Chilensis (thank you for the name from Julie Kendall via Carol)


18/05/19  Costa Rica Weekend in the Orchid house.


18/05/19 Jenny one of Eden's story tellers in full flow in the Med Biome.


18/05/19 Chef Jose Gonzalez Cooked plantain and visitors to Eden all had a taste of his cooking.


18/05/19 Plant from Costa Rica.  Mistletoe Cactus, grows on other plant.   Oragon Fruit, a cactus eaten throughout Costa Rica.


18/05/19 Orange Shrimp plant, a favourite source of nectar for Costa Rica's hummingbirds.  Chocolate pod blossoms bloom from the bark of the tree.


18/05/19 Echium reaching for the sky next to the Med Biome.


18/05/19 Landscaping on the Korean Garden. Stage set for Dick &  Dom at Half term.


18/05/19 New larger green control box for pumps replacing three separate older boxes.  Interesting plumbing in the Med Biome.


06/04/19 Easter at Eden, Welly Wanging in the Arena.


06/04/19 On the stage area there are lots of activities for children.


06/04/19 The farmyard looks a lot of fun.


06/04/19 Get the corn into the windmill's doorways.     Cottontail Throw.


06/04/19 Tulip lined walls by the restaurant and even more further into the Med Biome.


06/04/19 Eden's Bee exhibit at the Spring flower show Wadebridge. Liz & Patricie (Eden apprentices in the Horticulture Team)


06/04/19 Bright shiny Cornish Shovels. Heligan was well represented at the show.


29/03/19 Opening evening of  BioArt and Bacteria by Anna  Dumitriu the Core. Anna and Alex have been collaborating on an ongoing series of artworks investigating the human microbiome. Anna’s work blurs the boundaries between art and science, whilst Alex’s practice explores the boundaries between human perception and digital technologies. As part of the exhibition, they are presenting The Human SuperOrganism, an interactive installation that acts as a virtual petri dish.


29/03/19 This fascinating exhibition has amazing insights in to the invisible worlds.


29/03/19 Don't forget to visit the Core when at Eden. (thank you Carol for image)


29/03/19 Anna and Gordon at the opening of the exhibition.  Second picture, Alex May, Anna Dumitriu,  Dr Jo Elworthy ( Eden Director of Interpretation ) & Chris Bisson, (Science Outreach Programme Manager)


27/03/19 Its Spring weather at Eden, such a good time of year to visit.


27/03/19 Med Biome


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