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   Places to stay near Eden


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24/09/20 Work underway on the Eden-Geothermal


24/09/20 Roadway is the first job


04/07/20 Eden's Biomes are open again after the covid 19 lock down. On a timed arrival at the Street, where there may be a short queue. You will be passed onto a check in desk.


04/07/20 On the way down to the Biomes vie the garden path which is one way.


04/07/20  Walk down through the Gardens.


04/07/20 You'll see a 'Thank You' message on the roof of the link. Get entry to the Biomes Through  a side door.  Inside a one way journey around Rainforest Biome awaits you.


04/07/20 In the Rainforest Biome.


04/07/20 It's a jungle in here.


04/07/20 It's a rather nice Jungle.


04/07/20 It a very very nice Jungle.


04/07/20 A Roul Roul came to meet me on banana corner. I'm sure it was pleased to see visitors back.  Exiting the Rainforest Biome into the Link Building. The Link is where you can find refreshments. Tables are spaced out and this is an inviting place for lunch.


04/07/20 The long benches have gone and replaced with smart tables & chairs.


04/07/20 Moving on again there is a one-way journey round the Med Biome.




04/07/20 Out of the Med Biome through a side door and you pass through the Core to see Infinity Blue, this is the only part of the Core that is open at the moment.


24/06/20 Gardens and shop now open, inside spaces will open shortly.


24/06/20 Eden's gardens


06/06/20 Eden has partially opened again, the gardens are beautiful every effort has been made to keep visitors & staff safe.


06/06/20 There's a one way system in and out which takes you round the top footpath and gardens.


06/06/20 Nature has taken over slightly in the past ten and a half weeks in some areas, but some how this has added to Eden's charm.


06/06/20 Work just stopped ten and a half weeks ago and only a caretaker number of staff were left to manage.


06/06/20 The route in takes you past wild Cornwall and winds down past one of the loveliest parts of the gardens that most visitors don't normally get to.


06/06/20 following the route down.


06/06/20 On the way down.


06/06/20 Past the lavender fields and down to the Biome area, these are sadly not open at the moment as inside spaces remain closed.


06/06/20 The Biomes appear as blue as ever under the Summer sun.


06/06/20 The bee is hiding behind the fox gloves.  Potato crop looks fine.








06/06/20 Do come and visit the gardens. Open everyday 10.00am to 4.00 pm. You do need to book a time and arrive arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before that time. Take away food is available and there are toilets that are open.


19/05/20 Eden is still closed due to covid 19 but today I did walk the footpath and it's still there behind the trees. The wild flower meadows are looking really good.

The good news Eden is thinking about opening again.


18/03/20 Eden is open today, there is lots of outdoor space and most doors are open saving the need to touch anything.


18/03/20 There's signs of Spring everywhere.  Work progressing on the high stand for the Summer Sessions.


18/03/20 Eden in bloom.


18/03/20 In the Med Biome there are blooms as well.


18/03/20 Med Restaurant is closed but food available in the Link Building.


18/03/20 The willow tunnels are getting renewed and taller.


18/03/20 The Gardens are rather lovely. Some inside areas are closed.


29/02/20 Its the day of the World Pasty Championships 2020 held at  Eden.


29/02/20 This is a serious competition as always Head judge Dave Meneer.


29/02/20 As well as the competing pasties in the competition, novelty pasties were also on show.


29/02/20 One of my favourites is The Pixie house.  Judges hard at work.


29/02/20 Judges hard at work Judging. Dave Meneer was interviewed by The Producer of BBC Radio 4 Food Programme.


29/02/20 A full programme of entertainment throughout the day.


29/02/20 Mr & Mrs Pasty on the link bridge.  Radio Cornwall reporting form Eden. (Pictures from Carol Heathcote)


29/02/20  The Med Biome was a super setting among the oranges and flowering Magnolia.


19/02/20 My Grandson Joey and Granddaughter Isabelle creating art Eden.


19/02/20 A demonstration by professional animator Tim Allen in the citrus grove Grandson & granddaughter with their hands up.


16/02/20 Storm Dennis has passed by and sun shines again.

Work is under way to extend the viewing area of the stage for the Summer Sessions.


16/02/20 A pathway will be made to access this area.

It's Colour Uncovered for Half Term


16/02/20 There's a UV light area in the Dome tent, where your paintings really do glow.


16/02/20 In the Core experimenting with colour. Story telling in the Med Biome.


16/02/20 A new exhibition of Radical Botany as well as marvellous paintings of plants, there's also a few surprises well worth a visit.


16/02/20 In the Med Biome Spring has arrived.


05/02/20 The Eden Street in early Spring.


05/02/20 The Bees are buzzing and the gardens are coming back to life.


05/02/20 The first of the garden's daffodils are in bloom. In the Med Biome Flame Pea Kaly is putting on a show in the Australian Garden.


05/02/20 Very sad news about the bush fires this year in Australia.


05/02/20 The lemons and Buddha's hand in the Med Biome are fruiting.


10/01/20 Eden's Street has a touch of spring. Trees being planted in the Korean Garden.


10/01/20 It's nice to see blue skies again over Eden.


10/01/20 Turvy the Turtle is spending winter months at Eden home from vacation at Polkeris.


10/01/20 In the Med Biome bougainvillea welcomes you.  Veg on the Edge exhibit.


10/01/20 It's the time of year when oranges ripen.  Eucalyptus caesia in flower in The Australian Garden.


10/01/20 Lots to see in the Med Biome.


10/01/20 A few trees have been pruned and opened a view over the lake.


07/12/19 Earth two ways. Living Globe” on the zig zag path represents the seven continents and is designed to be enjoyed by visitors and wildlife alike.


29/11/19 Christmas trees line the Street decorated by local school children.


29/11/19 Eden night view.  Gaia by Luke Jerram is a spectacular illuminated globe, Med Biome.


29/11/19 Christmas Jumper exchange in the Med Biome.  Ice Rink lots of fun.


29/11/19 Eden View.   UV illuminations in the Rainforest Biome.


29/11/19 The theme at Eden for this Christmas is traditional and all rather lovely.


29/11/19 Music from brass bands to a larger Orchestra in the Med Biome.


29/11/19 Floating above the Orchestra is a revolving all inspiring Earth.


29/11/19 It's a must see experience, don't miss the magic of Eden this Christmas.


29/11/19 My Grandson and Granddaughter love the Ice Rink as well.


27/11/19 Preparations for Christmas going ahead all around Eden




27/11/19 It's all going to look very nice with illuminated animals and trees.


27/11/19 In the Med Biome full speed ahead to get the gardens looking good for Christmas.


27/11/19 In the Rainforest Biome a new cut through path way is being made.


27/11/19 Father Christmas base camp almost completed.  Ice Rink is looking good.


27/11/19 Totem pole wooden carvings at the entrance to the Korean Garden.


20/11/19 Biomes lit up as Lottery balls to mark 25 years of the National lottery that has raised 40 Billion pounds towards good causes across the Country.


15/11/19 A sunny day and a chance to get on with the gardening.


15/11/19 Just a few skaters in the early morning. Christmas stars in the Link Building.


15/11/19 Entrance to the Med Biome.  Lots of interest in the CAMFED African Garden.


15/11/19 Its a good day to inspect the Biome's pillows.


15/11/19 A head for heights required for this climb.


15/11/19 Unbounded Contemporary Art Practices in Cornwall exhibition in the Core.


15/11/19 Exhibition on now in the Core until 26th January 2020


23/10/19 Halloweden, enter the dark forest.        Potion making.


23/10/19 Pumpkin carving and meet armless nick.


23/10/19  My grand Daughter meeting a baby dragon also met the monster in the Biome.


23/10/19 Watch dragons hatching, but watch out for a very slippery sea serpent.


18/10/19 Eden Street ready for Halloweden, Phase 1 of the Geothermal Plant at Eden. Work should start in Spring 2020


18/10/19 Phase 2 of Eden's Geothermal plans at Eden


18/10/19 CAMFED African Garden is now completed in the Med Biome.


8/10/19 CAMFED African Garden that won a Gold at Chelsea.


06/10/19 Sleep Out at Eden 7th November 2019


06/10/19 Exploring the Outer Estate of Eden


06/10/19 A new observation bee hive which will enable visitors see how these fascinating creatures live.  Bees will arrive in the spring 2020


06/10/19 The view from this location is breath taking as the land drops away to the sea.


05/10/19 Dark clouds overhead, but its dry and quite warm the air has a fragrance of Autumn.


05/10/19 The Biomes glow with the early sun rays, splashes of colour on the higher gardens.


05/10/19 The last of the outdoor tomatoes ripening in the outdoor allotment.


05/10/19 A giant beehive is where you will be able to view live bees very soon.


05/10/19 Work is well underway on the South African exhibit and also in the Med biome on the Camfed African Garden that featured at Chelsea.


05/10/19 Part on the Camfed African Garden under construction.  View from lift platform over Eden


05/10/19 Botanical painting and drawing in the Med Biome.


 04/10/19 Last chance to paint, John Dyer has a exhibition in the link Building on the 5th - 6th October come along and view or even buy his painting.


04/10/19 Come along to Eden and meet the artist John Dyer. (Carol and John)


14/09/19 Saturday is the start of the Arts Festival on a very sunny day.


14/09/19 Gardens are looking very good.


14/09/19 A lot happening at Eden this weekend and next at the Arts Festival.


14/09/19  New tables and chairs arrive for under the Link Canopy.


14/09/19 Footings being dug for a new exhibit from this years The Chelsea Flower Show.


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