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See the pictures here first.



04/11/04 A rose bud among the many bulbs.  The ERC roof expands daily.


03/11/04 It's the time of gifts at Eden, with everywhere suitably decorated for the coming festive season.


03/11/04 The final touches to he Ice Rink are made and the construction of the magical forest gets underway.


03/11/04 There seems to be helpers everywhere working on the Ice rink.


03/11/04 The Ice is good and solid so volunteers from the staff are asked to test it!


02/11/04 The decorating of the Main Street is coming along well. The Eden Plant Shop is already looking ship shape.


02/11/04 Late afternoon and the light is beginning to fade, there is some concern being voiced about the thickness of the ice which is taking longer than anticipated to freeze due to the mild weather.


02/11/04 Plenty of tree's still left to decorate before the weekend.  Down at the Ice rink the turf arrives by the lorry load.


02/11/04 The Main Street is looking vibrant. John appears to be getting a 'ticking off' from Christine - perhaps his decorating skills are not up to speed.


02/11/04 North face of the Ice rink.  The magical forest begins to arrive.


02/11/04 Dublin digging a last minute lighting trench.   Tree illuminations on a grand scale.


01/11/04 A view of Eden with the Ice rink almost built. Illuminations of the cliffs and trees should make a magical backdrop for the Lottery celebration party on Saturday.


01/11/04 Work continues on the Ice rink, the magical tree forest will arrive shortly.


01/11/04 Wooden seating at the entrance to the Ice Rink.
Could this be the worlds largest Christmas Pudding, or maybe some kind of oven?


01/11/04  Train Stewards cheerfully pose for me whist I'm out and about with my camera, further round the pathways I saw Sue Minton (head of the living collection at Eden) giving a TV interview.


01/11/04 A man at the very top of his job, a sky monkey.


01/11/04 The first Christmas trees arrive in the street. Only another 800,000 bulbs to be planted they tell me!


30/10/04 Amazing colours within the tree canopy in the Humid Tropics Biome.


30/10/04 Visit the WTB and experience a taste of things to come when the proposed Arid Biome is erected.


30/10/04 'Pixie cups' a rare form of fungi found only in Cornwall and a tent from the desert, both can be seen in the WTB.


30/10/04 Ice beginning to form over the coolant pipes, as work continues on Eden's Ice rink.


30/10/04 Some of the work at the West end of the Ice rink. Watering the freezing pipes to start building up a thick layer of ice.


30/10/04  Construction of the Log Cabin continues.
 Coolant now being pumped through the header pipes and across the matrix of small pipes that cover the Ice rink, frozen condensation can be seen.


30/10/04 Log cabin construction is almost complete as the builders reach roof level.


30/10/04 Covered walkways from the Ice rink to the link building.  Waiting for the Ice to freeze.


30/10/04 Something large and fishy in the Gallery Restaurant.     Ice rink update.


26/10/04 Visitors flock in to see what's going on at Eden, it's the place to be seen!

 30/10/04 Covered walkways have been constructed from Apple 1 the coach drop off point

to the visitor centre.


26/10/04 View of Eden and Ice rink. The Log cabin snack bar which will be part of the Ice rink.


26/10/04 Wood arriving at the South end, all hands on deck, both the red and yellow hats.


26/10/04 Ice rink railings being assembled, in the back ground stacks of  small metal piping that

 will be spread evenly over the decking and linked to the larger header pipes which will carry the coolant.


26/10/04 A view of the caterpillar shaped roof of the Ice Rink taken from the link bridge on a beautiful autumn day.


26/10/04 A view from over the bridge of the ERC Big Build 2


25/10/04 The front section of the Ice rink roof is fitted.  A virtual forest of tree wood is unloaded, these trees appear to have been previously shaped in preparation for the erection of the log cabin.


25/10/04 On top of Eden's man made mountain. A view from inside the Ice rink.


25/10/04 Fixing the two halves of the cover together.


25/10/04 Crossing the bridge to view the build of the Education Resource Centre is becoming more poplar as the work progresses.


25/10/04 Bridge crossing visitors. Monster bug making in the Dome tent.


25/10/04 Monster bugs made by visiting children. Half term attracts even more visitors than usual, there is plenty going on whatever the weather chooses to do.


24/10/04 The centre part of the Ice rink roof cover is now fitted.


24/10/04 It's as big as an aircraft hanger, you can just see the tiny speck of an engineer in the back ground.  Bolting down and stretching the cover.


24/10/04  Cantilever front arch in it's final position, support cables yet to be fixed.


22/10/04 Rear arch is about to be fixed into place, the driving rain and gusty wind don't help!


22/10/04 The engineer requested 'no fame please' but appears to pose for the camera anyway.


22/10/04 The final connection of the rear arch. Construction workers check the roof of the new staff building despite the driving rain.


21/10/04 All five main arches are now in place, The front and rear bolt-on steel beams are yet to be fixed into its final place.


21/10/04 Manoeuvring arch number five into place.


20/10/04 With the co operation of the dry weather the Ice Rink construction is progressing at great speed.


20/10/04 A cloudy but dry day is helping progress with the roof arches.


20/10/04 Three roof supports in place, then the fourth, only one more to go.


19/10/04 Plant a bulb (one of the million to be planted) and make a wish.  It's free and in the springtime you can visit and see YOUR bulb in flower, and maybe your wish will be granted.


19/10/04 The final bolt is secured and brow's are mopped as the first arch takes its place.


19/10/04 I think there are another five of these enormous arches to be erected.


19/10/04 Finally the first arch is bolted in it's position as two young budding artists look on.


19/10/04 The first arch of the Ice rink roof is slowly hoisted into position.


18/10/04 Roof frames arrive for the Ice rink and they are huge.


18/10/04 All hands on deck to get these giant frames together.


18/10/04 Bungee jumping monkeys perform in the HTB.  Colourful display in the WTB


18/10/04 It's that time of the year again 1.000.000 to be planted


18/10/04 The gardening team keep an eye on the construction site whist working.


18/10/04 The ERC roof continuing to grow steadily bigger.


15/10/04 Dr Susanne Schmitt gave a talk to friends of Eden on 'How Sustainable is our Green Health'  Sue Minter (right) Head of Eden's living collection.

Find out more about Plants for People


15/10/04 Woodwind workshop entertained visitors at the citrus grove in the WTB, some amazing handcrafted flutes produced hypnotisingly beautiful sounds.


15/10/04 One of the very large flutes that produced haunting sounds. 'Rain' by Sarah Bowen


15/10/04 The Alchemy centre will be opening soon with access near the pineapple car park, there will be regular demonstrations on how to turn everyday waste into something useful. Stress testing the bolts that will hold the ice rink roof supports.


15/10/04 An interesting textile exhibition is currently on display in the Gallery Restaurant.
Eve stands proudly in the link building


15/10/04 Less then 3 weeks to go to the Big Lottery Party and it's all action down on the lake.


15/10/04 It's a mammoth construction, the largest covered skating rink in the UK, and building over a lake makes the construction even more of a challenge.


15/10/04 At the ERC the work goes on.  Lunch time construction crew among the piles of roof timbers.


12/10/04 Evolution by Wendy Harris. An abundant growth of peppers in the Warm Temperate Biome.


12/10/04 Some unusual artistic work in the vegetable garden.


12/10/04 The roof goes onto the staff building behind the Biomes.


12/10/04 Part of the lake has been filled in with hardcore, I don't know if it will all be back filled or if what has been done so far is just a temporary fix for the Ice rink.


12/10/04 Ice rink construction in full flow, there's a deadline to be met here.


12/10/04 The build up date ERC, a fine day and the work progresses at good speed.


07/10/04 Autumn - a time of long shadows and less day light and but plenty of colour at Eden.  


07/10/04 'Response to Eden' exhibition at Eden from the 9th October to 5th November, thirty or more exhibits around the Eden site, in the biomes and Gallery Restaurant.

 'Jewel for the Landscape' HTB (left)                    Lazy Daisies WTB (right)         


07/10/04 Vines bloom profusely, but there are shady spots where the tree canopy has blocked out the light as the jungle grows even more dense.


07/10/04 The falls look stunning and the dense tree canopy increases daily.


07/10/04  Luscious tropical plants thrive in the  Humid Tropics Biome


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