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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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15/02/14 The Ice Rink is still in full swing, take a penguin for a skate today.


21/12/13 The shortest day of the year and Christmas is almost upon us.


21/12/13 Rudolph is saving energy for the big day watched by a robin.


21/12/13 A Christmas smile from Diane with her decorations. Chillies warming up the Med Biome


21/12/13 Rock Chior singing away in the Med Biome.


21/11/13 Christmas Parties have already started at Eden and the Reindeer herd has arrived.


29/11/13 The greeting elves in ticketing.  Christmas workshop in the link Building.


29/11/13 The bridge looking festive as are the Reindeer.


21/11/13 The Reindeer were busy getting limbered up for their busy night and the Elves have all been working hard and are at Eden to meet their the children.


21/11/13 Father Christmas has a base camp at Eden where you can personally meet the elves and Father Christmas. (booking required for this)


21/11/13 The Elf's bedroom looks very cosy.


21/11/13 Learn how the make the magic Reindeer food to help them fly.


21/11/13 Collect the special ingredient for Father Christmas to make the Reindeer food.


21/11/13 Then the Elves will call Father Christmas and you can personally meet the great man.


21/11/13 Eden has even more magic this Christmas come along and have fun.


21/11/13 Not forgetting the lantern procession and fire finale


07/11/13 A fine sunny day and it's time for a spot of pruning. In fact quite a heavy pruning is required as the trees down the Grand steps have grown a lot this year.


07/11/13 Visitors got a surprise when arriving as entry to Eden was free today for the Macmillan Christmas Fair.  Almost all visitors paid the 7.50 which went toward Macmillan care and support in Cornwall.


07/11/13 A lot of supporters of Macmillan bought a ticket on line earlier in the week that included a Salmon lunch in the Bakery as well as entry.


07/11/13 There was lots of tasty food on sale as well as an enormous amount of other things. I planned pop in and take a few photographs and go, but stayed all afternoon. Went home with everything from a train set in a box to  Seville marmalade.


07/11/13 I wish it was on every day up to Christmas!


07/11/13 Sparkling silver from Mexico and and amazing silk flowers from Devon


07/11/13 Robin Hanbury-Tenison (the explorer) was there selling his many books.  Some super bone china plates were on another stall.


07/11/13 Hand painted witty signs (I have uploaded large so you should be able to read them)


07/11/13 I wonder who won this lovely bowl in the raffle.  Mrs Middleton's rape seed oil of the finest kind was also on sale.


07/11/13 For those who like toffee vodka it was there too.   It was a very successful well attended fair thank you to Eden and all the helpers and everyone who attended.


30/10/13 Yes it's the second night of  The Little Monsters Halloweden Ball, there was no shortage on little monsters or big ones for that matter!


30/10/13 The ice rink was in full swing and looking the part.


30/10/13 My Grand Daughter Isabel enjoying being a witch for the night, just don't eat too many chocolate frogs.


30/10/13 The Med Biome was a great place for the disco.




30/10/13 I'm sure it was Martin under the hat, he seriously scared my Grand daughter.


30/10/13 Chocolate treats and potions to make wishes Eden had it all.


26/10/13 The Wishcarft tent where pumpkin carving take on a whole new skill.


26/10/13 Potion mixing in the Dome tent.


26/10/13 Bubbling potions and even a smoking walloping willow stump plus story telling and a lot more.


26/10/13 Giant pumpkins,  new this year is the The Room on The  Broom tent.


26/10/13 Around Eden you'll find some famous wizards and even owls.


26/10/13 There's a chance to stroke an owl and enjoy good hearty food in the Bakery.


20/10/13 The Eden Marathon and Half Marathon were run on the Sunday

partly in fine weather then a thunderstorm to finish. Marathon 2013 video


19/10/13 Ice rink opened for the 2013 season


19/10/13 It's as massive as usual and moved down a bit to leave more room at the snack bar and boot exchange.


19/10/13 Skateside is much larger with a wide selection of tasty food.


19/10/13 So come along and have some skating fun, there's all types of sessions for the absolute beginner to skating on ice experts.


19/19/13 Eden's Dave has written a new song it's amazing you may see him in the Med Biome.


10/10/13 I caught up with Rosby Mthinda again today at Bambams in the Rain forest Biome.


09/10/13 The ice rink is being frozen down and a tented enclosure being built to house part of Halloweden.


09/10/13 It's the week long festival of the Baobab tree and it's amazing fruit.


09/10/13 Watching the Baobab ice cream making intently was Rosby Mthinda, from Malawi who has come to promote  Baobab, its uses and benefits to all.


09/10/13 Charlie Francis has returned to Eden to make the Baobab ice cream and Richard has taken a break from his bar work on 'Doc Martin' here tasting some Ice cream.


05/10/13 The day of the beer festival dawns sunny and all is ready.


05/10/13 The friendly hand of the Queen of Cornish Ales welcomes everyone.


05/10/13 New screen on the Tom Hoblyn garden. Stage is set for the 4 band to night.


05/10/13 The odd barrel of beer and ales which were set up yesterday to settle are at the ready.


05/10/13 The staff are trained how to serve the beers at their best.  Unfortunately I was unable to go on the evening. I am told by one of my guests, who was there it was a great success.  They took some pictures for me, if any one has some pictures please email them to me for inclusion.


05/10/13 Meanwhile in the Med Biome there's lots of colour and the delicate cotton blossoms are in bloom.


05/10/13 Cotton blossoms - Med Biome


30/09/13 Cornish Orchards cider and juice tasting,  soon gathered a crowd.


30/09/13 Every one of the ciders and juices were very drinkable.


30/09/13 In the Med Biome a wine tasting was going on (hic) it's a hard job someone's got to do it.


30/09/13 After all that cider and wine now Beer talk from Michael, it's ok no tasters.


28/09/13 Cider tasting.


Ramesh and Asha from the  The Thali Cafe in Bristol  returns to cook chillies in a very tasty way.


24/09/13 Last day of the chilli festival and chillies take a battering. 


23/09/13 The lady cooks from Taco Diablo Mexican Cafe Fowey.


23/09/13 Roasted chillies eat it if you dare Richard!


22/09/13 Cooking with Chilli, Head Chef from Nepalese Gurkha, St Austell.


22/09/13 After tasting the hottest chilli around 3 bottles of water were needed.


22/09/13 The curry hot pot produced some amazing flavours for every one to sample.


15/09/13  Ramesh and Asha from the  The Thali Cafe in Bristol 


15/09/13  The smells of cooking were fantastic, just love  Thali food.


15/09/13 There were lot of samples to taste.


14/09/13 Another blue Biome day another chef, Chinty Pettit makes a perfect Roti


14/09/13 The importance of mixing well, judging the heat.


14/09/13 All hands on deck as Polly and Richard peel roasted tomatoes.


14/09/13 Thank you Chinty Pettit, for a taste of Trinidadian food.


13/09/13 Tim Anderson, advertising a book, The Art of Fermentation, a largely forgotten art of preserving food.


13/09/13 Tasty samples Korean duck tacos


12/09/13 Garden designer Tom Hoblyn used his childhood experiences and memories of Cornwall to create his 2011 Chelsea garden, now built at Eden.


12/09/13 Anthony McNamara a real fish cook with tasty food to try.


12/09/13 Flavour in a pan with many special touches like local cob nuts.


12/09/13 Stories from a fishermen too with Richard interviewing. Close up of the smoking pan


12/09/13 There was a lot of interest in the foraged plants and mushrooms.


12/09/13 This is a good method of blackening a thumb nail and occasionally cracking open a cob nut!  Another super chef in the Dome tent.


11/09/13 Busy day in the Dome tent, first off Charlie Francis, Ice cream maker with a difference.


11/09/13 What goes into his ice cream, Alcohol, sugar, cream, fresh raspberries, water, air, to cool it down liquid nitrogen, note the protective glasses and gloves.


11/09/13 The result most of us get a taste of the Raspberry ice cream.


11/09/13 Ice cream with the help of a fire extinguisher, very dramatic.


11/09/13 A volunteer potter from the audience made an ice cream pot on a rather lovely old gramophone as a potters wheel.


11/09/13 A chance for a photo. A spot of lunch for me in the Bakery which leads me nicely on to John Whaite, winner of the 'Great British Bake Off' last year.


11/09/13 The queue was long and early for this young man, but well worth the whaite.


11/09/13 This will be beautiful bread shortly, and there it is, one I made earlier receiving its garlic butter topping.  John was a total entertainment to watch and listen too.


11/09/13 Another book for my shelf and what a super book it is.  Thanks for coming to Eden John.


10/09/13 It's a sunny day with dark clouds looming. Ice rink is already under construction.

Now for another famous chef in 'Chef week at Eden'.


10/09/13 Allegra McEvedy, a tasty woman with tasty food too (thank you for the kisses in my book) I can only describe her as a female  Jamie Oliver with a very sharp knife.


10/09/13 Now that's what I call a knife!  Wow that pans hot.


10/09/13 Any one for garlic chives. Everyone should learn to cook!


10/09/13 Thank you to the Eden Team helpers for serving the tasty samples.


10/09/13 Thank you to all at Eden for organising these events, I just love them.


08/09/13 A long Queue formed ready to go into the Dome tent to meet and see Paul Ainsworth cook some tasty dishes.


08/09/13 John, Paul's right hand at his Number 6 Padstow Restaurant.


 08/09/13 Concentration required when making a smoked haddock Scotch quails egg and basting

a grouse.


08/09/13 The food was really an eye opener as samples were handed out.  Copies of a book 'Food for Thought' by David Croft were on sale, a combination of life, karate, cooking & disability.  The book holds many recipes from famous chefs including Paul' Slow-cooked belly of pork casserole.


07/09/13 Monica and Eden's Jo waved to the waiting crowds.


07/09/13 Monica Galetti gave a cookery demonstration with the help of a volunteer James, from the audience. It took place in the Dome tent.


07/09/13 After the cooking everyone could have a taste.


07/09/13 Chance for a photo with Monica then a booking signing.


06/09/13  Fruity scene and harvesting.


06/09/13 Busy lunch service on the Med Terrace.  Hungry Bee in the Core Building.


06/09/13 All part of the story of pollination in the Core, visit it now!


03/09/13 Returning to Eden after a summer break on a blue Biome day.


03/09/13 Tomato Harvest in the Eden Garden.


03/09/13 Tibetan Monks with their amazing sand art in the Med Biome.


03/09/13 Items on sale that the Monks have made.  Blue skies and Biomes


03/09/13 The Prairie on blossom in the September sun.


03/09/13 Eden Views


01/08/13 A summers evening visit, late opening, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 8.00pm


01/08/13 There's a Gourmet burger bar where you can get a local meat burger and lettuce leaf with choice of dressings in a roll for 5.50 and listen to live music while you eat.


01/08/13 Rustic seating made from old tyres and logs for somewhere to site, if you haven't built a den that is or try your hand at butterfly flying!


01/08/13 Make one and add to the swam of butterflies on the stage area.






01/08/13 Things to find on the many pathways around Eden.

Has anyone spotted an 18-foot high bee at the Eden Project this summer?


01/08/13 Table service in the Med Biome on late opening evenings.


19/07/13 High summer at Eden.


19/07/13 Some strange shapes that need investigating.


19/07/13 The jungle just grows with the tree walkway now open to the public.


19/07/13 Madam butterfly, Saoirse in charge of hatchlings as they become ready to be  released into the rainforest Biome. This young lady had the privilege of placing a butterfly on Jessie J's hand.


This is not my picture but, is included for completeness, wish I had been there.


19/07/13 You too can hold a butterfly Just be there when they are released.


19/07/13 Join in the bee wobble dance with Jenny and the pollinators.


19/07/13 No sooner the Sessions are over then the den building gets under way.


19/07/13 Repairing windows (with a hammer) Should all be ready on time.


13/07/13 Mums, dads, sons and daughters it was a family show from Jessie J with the magic of Eden for good measure.


13/07/13 Jessie gave it all, wow what an evening.


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