The  Lake

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23/04/01                                                        22/05/01


10/01/01                                                     03/04/01


          21/12/00 Lots of work on lake.           19/01/01 The lake work on the banks both sides


13/12/00  Lake is being pumped out again. Lots of activity around the arena area.


06/11/00 Lake pumped out again. 16/11/00 Lake looking good.


30/10/00                                                           01/11/00


11/10/00 Pumps working hard to move the rain water.  25/10/00 Landscaping around lake.


31/10/00 Lake drained ready for completion.         06/10/00 Lake get a lot of attention.        


 19/09/00Heavy rain has washed away part of the wall. 28/09/00 Lake gets a serious pumping.


13/09/00 Bottom cemented over liner.         15/09/00 Tide is coming in a bit early 


08/09/00 Close up of the lake liner.               11/09/00  Work on lake continues.


05/09/00 Water proof lining being fitted.                  08/09/00 another layer.              


22/08/00 Lake has water in it after lots of rain.  30/08/00 Lake now dry and cemented 


09/08/00                                                      14/08/00


07/08/00    Lake being dug.


More being added as building progresses. 

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