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02/09/08 A heavy tomato crop and visitors enjoying refreshments in the Med. Biome surrounded by still growing vegetables.


02/09/08 Visitors browsing the Art on Demand display. A settled blue evening sky after a beautiful day at Eden.


24/08/08 Teddy bear sunflowers greet you as you approach Eden's entrance from the car park.


24/08/08 Den builders busy at work in the Arena.


24/08/08 All those hungry Den builders can enjoy food from the field kitchen. On offers today were baked potatoes sweet corn and baked beans.


24/08/08 Under the bougainvillea in the Med Biome is a perfect spot for a photo. In the shop, Eden's Wendy offering a taste of  Newquay's local tipple, Todka.


14/08/08 Titanum in the Rainforest Biome (thank you to Carol for the photo)


07/08/08 As you enter the Street the 'Story Trawler' is on your right.  You can pick up a Story Compass' here that will guide you around Eden and show you video clips as well.


07/08/08 The stage and the Arena are a hive of active Den building, you can even buy a ready made one to take home and decorate yourself.


07/08/08 There's lots of building materials in the store, help yourself just return them when your finished.  Shoes off and listen to a story in the wigwam!


070808 Flowers in the Med Biome


07/08/08 Exotic plants in the Rainforest Biome. One of the largest Titan's and heaviest tubers so far more then 61kg may well produce the largest flower yet.


07/08/08 In the Rainforest Biome the Jungle is every more impressive.


07/08/08 A rainforest clearance exhibit in the Rainforest Biome.


31/07/08 Late opening on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays is a chance to catch the late evening sunshine.


31/07/08 No shortage of rain during the day, but this has freshened up the flowers.


31/07/08 Drops of water still dripping from the flowers as the sun breaks through.  The Den Challenge is well under way on the stage and in the Arena.


25/07/08 Sons and Daughters on stage on a fine and warm evening.


25/07/08 Tim Smit introduced the Guillemots on stage to a marvellous welcome from the waiting crowds.  Watch Tim introducing the Guillemots and first number.


25/07/08 KT Tunstall introduced again by time Tim, who received a real hug from KT.

Watch Tim introduce KT. KT sings 'The Other Side of the World'


KT Tunstall wowed the crowd with a totally professional, atheistic and energetic performance.

with many references Eden and Cornwall and love being here.

Watch KT Tunstall, Someday Soon and Funny Man

Watch KT Tunstall sing 'Under the Weather' & 'If only you could see me now'

Watch KT Tunstall - Saving my Face plus band introduction

Watch KT Tunstall-Suddenly   Black Horse and the Cherry Tree   KT Tunstall's Finale


25/07/08 Stage being rigged for tonight's Session with KT.


25/07/08 Summer borders and summer time grass.


20/07/08 Which ever way you look summer is back at Eden.


20/07/08 The Dahlias are out and the Borage is blooming.


20/07/08  Elecampane, a Herbal medicine for coughs.   Echinacea, an immune system stimulant


20/07/08 This one's my field of Evening Primrose at Nanscawen Manor House just down the road from Eden.  Arnica at Eden


20/07/08 Den Building, this year there lots of different materials and some preformed wooden parts so you can quickly build a super den.


20/07/08 Here are two examples


20/07/08 Slightly messy, but loads of fun 'Mud'   there's sinks to clean up in afterwards.


17/07/08 Jess and her helpers welcomed hoteliers, b&b owners and Tourist info centres to have a preview of what's going on over the main holiday time here at Eden in Cornwall.


17/07/08 After a short introduction by Eden's Managing Director, Gaynor, we met for the first time Eden's new Marketing Director, Sue Hill, who I understand had organised the evening and a very good job she made of it too.


17/07/08 We were then split up in to four groups (I was a lime) and into the Rainforest Biome. It was Halloween in there for the night.  Here potions were mixed of all kinds. 


17/07/08 I was accompanied this evening by Becky, who hopes to join the Eden Team if her job application is successful. She certainly mixes a fine potion! 


17/07/08 Still Halloween, we met a fellow who told a ghost story whilst sitting on a shed, a very scary ghost story it was too. 


17/07/08 We then were guided into the herb garden and on to the Jill's Vegetable garden.


17/07/08 Then on to the stage where Den building was in full swing.  This will take place each day from the 19th on and around the stage and in the Arena.


17/07/08 We then all gathered in the Med Biome where it was Christmas and even snowing as the Eden choir treated us to a festive song.


Supper was served in the Zubb Zubb cafe and we were hungry after all that time travelling.

Thank you Eden for putting on this wonderful evening.


15/07/08 Kaiser Chiefs live on stage at Eden.


15/07/08 Kaiser Chiefs playing Ruby Ruby.    Watch Kaiser Chiefs Ruby Video Clip


15/07/08 Two lager pictures of the Kaiser Chiefs featuring the amazingly powerful lighting.

Watch Kaiser Chiefs arrival on stage and first number.


15/07/08 Program for tonight's Session, now that's what I call a stage full of gear, it looks bright and noisy. Kiser Chiefs should be good.


15/07/08 The stage loaded with gear and back stage a virtual generating station to supply the power. 


11/07/08 Bill Bailey's Session at Eden.   Watch Bill Baileys V ideo Clip (introduction)


11/07/08 Fine weather and a packed house of 6000 enjoyed Bill Bailey at his best.

Watch Bill Baileys Video Clip where the tree frog lies down with a pasty.

Watch Bill Baileys Video Clip Phil Collins, Starbucks Emo Song

Watch Video Clip Bill Bailey (finale)


10/07/08 Lilies adorn the Street as you enter Eden.  The stage is being rigged for Fridays evenings  Bill Bailey sell out concert.


10/07/08 In the Med Biome you can try your hand at pollinating.  It's more difficult being a busy bee then you might think!


10/07/08 Tobacco and and some of this years grape crop in the Med Biome.


10/07/08 Jill's Vegetable garden, lush and green.  The first Agapanthus are in bloom.


10/07/08 Day Lilies out side in the Eden's Flower Garden and inside the Med Biome are masses of blooms of all colours.


10/07/08 Don't miss the lily display in the Med Biome.  Outside two newly hatched wrens chirp away well hidden and protected by the lush growth around Eden's garden.


10/07/08 Echinacea, in the plants for medicines area, this one really works for me, as I drink my Raspberry and Echinacea tea. Willow hedge weaving along the pathways leading to the entrance to Eden.


10/07/08 Nicola offer samples of Banrock Station's wines at the entrance to Eden shop as you leave the site. 


29/06/08 Stage ready for tonight, sound checks being carried out.


29/06/08 The stage is set and as sound checks are carried out, Cornish drizzle starts.


29/06/08 First some Eden Ale samples and on to get tattooed! Now ready for a good evening.


 Just got time for some healthy sex talk with these lovely young ladies and then listen to the Eden choir.


29/06/08 Ho and I mustn't miss Tom Cary in the Eden garden, oww too much happening.


29/06/08 It's a beautiful evening and first on were Vampire Weekend at around 8pm


29/06/08 Vampire Weekend were great, I just love the fresh sound and very different. 

Video clip Vampire Weekend      Video clip Vampire Weekend Finale


29/06/08 The Raconteurs were next on at 9.30pm there was much hand waving and head banging all thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd finishing with an encore that lasted 25 minutes.


29/06/08 The Raconteurs   Video Clip








29/06/08 Views from the top pathway, Eden in all it's colours.


27/06/08 Big Lights to light the sky and they are big. One person has sneaked in and is hiding in the undergrowth, but it's not recommended as there will be lots of security including a  video recording unit next to the Arena, so have fun and be good.


27/06/08 Verve live on stage at Eden.  Video Clip Bitter Sweet Symphony


27/06/08 Large picture view and Verve on stage.  Video Clip Verve live at Eden (Lucky Man)


27/06/08 Amazing atmosphere, superb professional performance,  a well behaved, if well lubricated audience.  Video Clip Verve Live at Eden (Sunnet)


21/06/08 A dull day with Cornish misel, but flowers and happy organ music greet visitors to 'Food and Farming Weekend' at Eden and the beer helps too.


22/06/08 A good entrance makes all the difference and a taste of Eden Ale is a good start.


21/06/08 A program of happenings including 'Name that potato', 'Crimp a Pasty' and even learn to milk daisy (not for the faint hearted) Just not a day for cricket, bad light stops play.


21/06/08 Before you can milk daisy, you have to catch her and that's not easy. The sheep seem to be digging up Jill's vegetable garden she's not going to be pleased.


The Arena and the Banrock garden.


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