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15/09/15 Standing room only for Jack Steins demo in the Dome Tent, full of stories about the old man of Padstow, his dad.


15/09/15 Shangurro (Basque-style stuffed crab) It smelt lovely, and a good number had a taste.


15/09/15 Jack meeting a chef  an old friend from the Steins kitchen.


15/09/15 Richard (the barman from Doc Martin) encouraged Jack to give some good cookery tips. 


13/09/15 Chetna Makan, runner up last year in the Great British Bake Off interviewed by Richard and helped by Steve a volunteer from the audience.


12/09/15 All these cook books in Eden's shop has got to mean the food festival has arrived. 

Nancy Birtwhistle last years winner of the the Great British Bake Off, with some cake making tips.


12/09/15 Some serious cake making and a chance to taste some too.


12/09/15 Eden's gardens.  A sticker pineapple is a good place to leave your entrance sticker when leaving it keep everywhere tidy.


31/08/15 Last few days until they send this fella back to Jurassic World.


31/08/15 It's been a busy summer at Eden. another Titan Arum in flower in the Rain forest biome.


31/08/15 Stories about Dragons in the Med Biome.


25/07/15  From big angry Dinosaurs to Small Cuddly ones Eden has them all.


09/07/15 Happy collections of scarecrows off the Spandau Ballet Session tonight.


09/07/15 It was a summers evening and Spandau Ballet went down a treat with their fans.


09/07/15 It was a super night for photography.  Sorry I didn't get any useful shots of Motorhead last Saturday evening.


08/07/15 Seat getting some maintenance.  Sunflowers in the Med Biome.


08/07/15 The Titan Arum in flower and here it is it's leaf stage of growth.


24/06/15 Paloma live on stage at Eden




24/06/15 Stage is set for Paloma Faith this evening.  New chairs in the Med Cafe.


24/06/15 New ride is rising up next to the Giant swing.


18/06/15 Charlie Dimmock of Ground Force fame, told us about her ponds and water features also some inside stories from Ground Force filming.  Paul from (St Austell Voice) meeting Charlie.


16/06/15 Elton absolutely professional performance. I had to include this one of the media Team and Paul from St Austell Voice and his super lens results in next week paper.


16/06/15 Pre event dinner in the Med Biome.


16/06/15 Getting in the Elton spirit


16/06/15 Elton live on stage at Eden


16/06/15 Bright Light doing a sound check and Elton's piano with set list for tonight.


16/06/15 Elton in lights for the champagne reception on the Gallery for VIP guests.


12/06/15 Paolo and the Eden Team scarecrows.


12/06/15 Daises in the rain and fans of Paolo Nutini sit in the wet at 3.30 in the afternoon.


12/06/15 Big smiles in spite of the rain


10/06/15 Lady Mary Holborow welcomed all supporters of the Eden Project to the Eden Summer Garden Party, held in the Gardens and Med Biome.


09/06/15 Stage lighting going in and flags and flag poles being erected for Friday nights gig with Paolo Nutini


09/06/15 Many hands make light work of sprucing up Eden.


09/06/15 Anne Swithinbank Makes a welcome return to Eden's Green Finger Gardening Festival.


09/06/15 Anne is always exciting and interesting, today something different to grow. 


09/06/15 Students from Falmouth University with the help of sibling artists Pete and Sue Hill  built this amazing sculpture.


09/06/15 The Cocktail bar for Friday night with a life size buffalo. Only at Eden!!


09/06/15 Mallow - Medicinal plant in Roman times, today used in a herbal cough mixtures.

Pincushion plant.


09/06/15 Asiatic Lily.  Exhibition in the Core, Schools Green Fingers completion.


09/06/15 Plantlife exhibition on the Core.


21/05/15 The opening of 'The Invisible You' in the Core at Eden with invited friends.


21/05/15 Tim gave a speech that was totally inspiring


The Invisible You exhibit in the Core.  Jake with his Gas Bag, a bouncy castle with all the parts of the stomach to bounce and grab onto enough to give you indigestion.


21/05/15 Rebecca D. Harris in low light with her exhibit depicting a body as a map of trillions of microbes represented as hand embroidered knots.


21/05/15 The inventor of the GIT (Gastrointestinal Tracts) Automata, Paul Spooner.


21/05/15 Anna Dumitriu, Textiles stained and patterned with gut bacteria. Open now at the Eden Project, come along and see all the exhibits now!


12/05/15 If you want to paint a jungle, you must go to a jungle. John Dyer & Nixiwaka do just that today in the Rainforest Biome.


12/05/15 Nixiwaka Yawanawa with John Dyer in the Rainforest Biome.


12/05/15 You can just see the roof of the Green Hub form the Visitor Centre platform.  The scaffolding come down revealing the new Green Hub.


12/05/15 The Green Hub is revealed opening shortly.


12/05/15 The Green Team hard at work in Eden's garden.  New steps completed near the Core.


29/04/15 A blue sunny day and a good day to check the Biome.


29/04/15 Eden is in bloom.


29/04/15 Lots of colour in the Med Biome.  New steps progressing quickly.


29/04/15 In granite chippings step infill arriving.


18/04/15 Spring gives way to summer at Eden.


18/04/15  What a display by Citrus Grove.  The Persian Buttercup is easy to grow and has a long life as a cut flower.


18/04/15 Hidden pathways around Eden




18/04/15 New steps next to the bridge under construction.


01/04/15 Early arrivals for the all pre-paid kiosk.  The finished Sky wire launch station now called Hangloose.


01/04/15 The launch bed of Hangloose.  A mighty long Egg & Spoon challenge on and in the inflatable maze.


01/04/15 Seem to have lost my egg?  Here it is safe and sound.


01/04/15 A little push and in you go.  Egg Rolling down the green hill.


01/04/15 Hook an egg.  Ready steady go, round up as many coloured eggs as you can.


01/04/15 It all boils down to a good bit of fun.


01/04/15 The eggs have to be laid back again. 


01/04/15 Tales from the Chocolate box in the Med Biome.  Now on to food, there are new menus in both sides of the link building.


01/04/15 Burrito's Eden style on the left side of the link.  Eden river salmon looks really tasty.


01/04/15 Roasted lemon & fregola salad.  The Med restaurant is fully open now.


01/04/15 In the Rainforest Biome the story of chocolate.


25/03/15 Daffodils now at their best all around Eden


25/03/15 Daffodils delight all that see them.


25/03/15 Hyacinths, bugs and yellow blossom. 


25/03/15 Not sure what this is but could be a green egg for Easter, on the stage area lots of preparations for the Easter Egg Hunt and fun fair games.


25/03/15 In the Med Biome tulips are in full bloom.  This pink one is called Wilja


25/03/15 Blue Spectacle and Apricot Beauty


25/03/15 Red Georgette and Hamilton


25/03/15 Kees Nelis and Rajka


25/03/15 Flaming Parrot or Blooming Parrot and Black Jewel


25/03/15 Bruine Wimpel and Apricot Foxx


25/03/15 Seattle and Blushing Lady


25/03/15 An exhibition of amazing images in the Core don't miss it when you visit Eden.

This is a Purkinje Cell, Nerve cell found in the brain.


25/03/15 This is a greenfly's eye and a Mouse Brain.


25/03/15 This is a single brain cell.   Coming soon to this gallery The Invisible you.


25/03/15 Lots of reasons to come to Eden this Easter.


28/02/15 Last day of February and the aroma of pasties is in the air.


28/02/15 It's the 4th Annual Cornish Pasty World Championships held at Eden.


28/02/15  It's a serious business pasty judging.  Each pasty is awarded up to 100 points depending on taste, crimping, looks, with over a hundred entries it take 4 hours to complete.


28/02/15 Judges from all parts of the industry and people who just like pasties.

Presided over by Head Judge for the 4th year running David Meneer.


28/02/15 A full day of entertainment in the Med Biome among the peach blossoms and the tulips.


28/02/15 Geoff Lakeman with his squeeze box and comedian Colin Leggo


28/02/15 Pasty hat making also hands on real pasty making.


28/02/15 Outside on the Charity Stage under the canopy various artist played and sung. Hum looks like rain and yes it did rain, but the fun doesn't stop at Eden.


28/02/15 Raising the intellectual level a bit Hedluv & Passman with their own way of rapping 


28/02/15 Well something a bit different enjoyed by young and old.


28/02/15 Eden's management in the audience waiting for the Fishermans  Friends

next to come on the stage.


28/02/15 Fishermans Friends were every bit as good as expected filling the Biome with their rich tones and perfect harmony's


28/02/15 Wow, what a lead up to the winners presentation introduced by David Rowe Eden's media director.


 Head Judge David Meneer presented Daniel Beddoes with the open Savoury Junior award.


Open Savoury professional champion Luisa Ead.  Open savoury amateur Jorge Pereira


Cornish pasty amateur Betty Lethbridge.  Ambassador award Marion Symonds


28/02/15 All the winners, at the media scrum at the end not easy to get the picture.  Many thanks to Eden all who helped to make this yet another successful event.


14/02/15 Half Term and it's Survival, from making fire to meeting pythons.


14/02/15 In the dome tent everything from keeping warm to making fire.


14/02/15 Survival on a desert island.


14/02/15 How to throw a spear also bows & arrows.  Smoking embers and fire.


14/02/15 Crocodile Joe's world of animals in the Med Biome, get up close to a python.


14/02/15 Handle tarantulas and snakes.


14/02/15 Play a didgeridoo, well make a noise on it anyway and have fun at the same time.


14/02/15 What crocodiles shouldn’t eat, but do and it often kills them.


14/02/15 A master of disguise.  Come along to this Half term week you won't be disappointed.


11/02/15 Roof goes on the Sky Wire Launch   'Hangloose' 


07/02/15 The Green Build Hub is getting bigger everyday.


07/02/15 Inside the ground floor of the Hub.  There is art work around the build site.


07/02/15 More art work near the hub build.  The Sky Wire is receiving some additions.


07/02/15 Looks like a roof for the Sky Wire, bring on the crane.


07/02/15 Very sunny, but cold days make the blue Biomes look misty inside.


07/02/15 The signs of Spring are everywhere at Eden


07/02/15 Still time to skate and ride a bike on high if you dare to.


07/02/15 The distance view is changing with the Green Hub roof showing over the top of the Biomes. When and if the Sky Wire gets it's roof that should be visible too.



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