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See the pictures here first! Cameras used Olympus SP-570UZ and Canon 500D

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10/09/09 The steam soon started to rise from Helen Choundhury's cook pot. Pheeraya Hill, used some amazing spices also lots of garlic and Chillies supplied by Michael Michaud 'Chillies by Post'


10/09/09 Tasting the different dishes was all part of the fun and from smooth citrus yogurt to blow your head off chillies and garlic, what an interesting evening. Get more out of Eden and join friends now.  Video Clip


03/09/09 The weather is stormy, but the flowers are enjoying it.


30/09/09 Some heavy weight gardening going on around Eden.


03/09/09 There's tension in everyone's face as a perfect Tortillas is made.


28/08/09 Maasai perform in the Arena and on the stage, they will be at Eden for the next week.


28/08/09 The Maasai, Dance, sing and Jump high in the air and Eden visitors are invited to join in the jumping.   Video of Maasai and Brogatango


28/08/09 Home brewing exhibit and Brogatango playing at the Ale festival.


28/08/09 Brogatango, play really romantic music and some visitors get carried away.


28/08/09 Ho well, it's birds and bees I guess.


24/08/09 All action at Eden with Den building and the H2O challenge.


24/08/09 Fire making going back in time, from a fire stick to flints and then rubbing sticks. Video


24/08/09 Eden Ale Festival on all week, taste and record you tasting in a free booklet. All the best brews from around Cornwall.


24/08/09 Music to taste the Ales by, on the stage next to the Ale marquee.


24/08/09 Flowers for cutting display in the Med Biome.


16/08/09 Making fire, everyone can have a go. (pictures from Carol, thank you)


13/08/09 Summer evenings at Eden, Tuesday's Wednesday's and Thursday's.


13/08/09 Warm Summer evenings, enjoy Eden and have a Curry supper and a Story. Video


13/08/09 Learn about hunting skills and how to use a Apache Slinging Technique.


13/08/09 Easy to make but take care where you test it as the stone can travel at speeds of 200mph when released.  Build instructions.


13/08/09 Long evening shadows enhance the colours.


13/08/09 The Biomes begin to look even more transparent and you can see the trees growing happily inside.


13/08/09 Summers evening of colour and fun, The Eden Project.


05/08/09 Sun's out again at Eden and Mexican food demonstration. 


05/08/09 Sizzling food cooking always get interest.


30/07/09 'Summer Survival' now, which way shell I go first?


30/07/09 Now what's this? OK make a model raft and see if it can stay afloat when the sea gets rough.


30/07/09 A successful build, I like the corks either side.  Yes still at Eden, but on the beach even if it's raining outside, it's not on this beach.  'Den on the Beach'


30/07/09 Here's an empty beach let's get started.  Sun is hot so lets build a den outside, just pick up the bit & pieces you like and build away.  Please return the items when you have finished with them.


30/07/09 Everyone can have a go and when you have built your den, Enjoy it for a while.


30/07/09 Where there's friction there's heat and where there's smoke there's Fire too. (after much huffing and puffing)


30/07/09 Now we are climbing up to the North Face on Mt. Eden, this is a real challenge, are you up to it!


30/07/09 Super views for the top.  Survival skills all around Eden, more fire making here.


30/07/09 Way up in Wild Cornwall making fire with a pp3 battery and a brillow pad.


30/07/09 Here's the ' H20 water challenge' Using split giant bamboo form guttering to get water all the way to the storage tank.


30/07/09 Here comes the H2O !   H2O Video  1   2


30/07/09 There's a bit of a leak, but a good amount of H2O arrives in the tank.


30/07/09 Loads of fun with a serious purpose, water is a scarce resource, although you wouldn't have thought so yesterday in Cornwall.


30/07/09 Eden, so much to see, so much to do, I don't have enough time today, I'll come back tomorrow.


23/07/09 In between the showers the sun shines through.


23/07/09 Preparations for Den build which starts on the 27th July are underway on the stage area.


23/07/09 For those who are brave enough and want a real challenge climb Mt Eden.


19/07/09 Eden Own Big Lunch was in full swing when I arrived at about 12.15 with all sorts of food on offer.  This was under the canopy and a good thing too, as there were lots of showers.


19/07/09 Every one was enjoying themselves and special brew of Strawberry jam, freshly baked bread and  lemonade was in plentiful supply.


19/07/09 There was lots of entertainment from all kinds of musicians to a novel way to make a cake, don't try this at home.


19/07/09 There were some talented Violinist and your never too young to blow a French Horn.


19/07/09 At 4pm in the Med Biome The BBC Concert Orchestra and Cornish youth orchestras came together to perform their own composition.  (Video shortly)


19/07/09 The BBC Concert Orchestra and Cornish youth orchestras.  It was a good Big Lunch and the sun came out at least once.


The Stage is set for the last Session of the season with the 'Kooks'


Kooks Videos live at Eden  1  2  3  4  5  6 

Ladyhawke Vids live at Eden   1  2  3  4


14/07/09 Eden is busy with day visitors and punter for tonight's gig with Oasis.


14/07/09 Oasis on stage at Eden, I left my long lens at home so as I could get right into the crowd action, well that's one reason anyway.  Action in crowd videos 1  2  3


14/07/09 Oasis with a capacity crowd of 6000 all singing in the rain.


14/07/09 A view from Oasis Hill zoomed in 11 times, so the stage really is half a mile a way but true fans without tickets did their best to get a flavour of the evening while being lashed by rain and blown about by the wind and eventually moved off by the a very efficient security. 1


12/07/09 After a wet day yesterday all is sunny and bright in the Garden Of Eden.


12/07/09 Lazy summer days, but a bee's works never done.


12/07/09 A bit of colour to get my eye's working again after two sessions in a row.


Tapping the Beer, free sample for everyone on your way in to the Session. (this was taken last Saturday when the sun was in the sky, but it's been available at every Session so far.)


10/07/09 This was Green Britain Day sponsored by EDF everyone watch Prince Charles a frog, then Dave, introduced, Florence and The Machine not forgetting Paul Weller. Video Clip


10/07/09 Florence and The Machine Video Clips in HD  1  2  3  4


10/07/09 Paul Weller Live on stage at Eden followed by Chris's light show. Video 1  2  3  4  5


10/07/09 What a night on Green Britain Day!


10/07/09 It's Green Britain Day and Evening with Paul Weller on stage.


09/07/09 Razorlight in the setting of the magic of Eden. Video clip  1


09/07/09 A laser light started just after the last number form Razor light.


09/07/09 more lasers tomorrow night with Paul Weller.


08/07/09 The blue sky is reflecting in the Biomes as preparations are being made for tomorrow evening Session. I understand this will include a musical light show after the last number by Razorlight.


08/07/09 The lasers that lit up the sky last evening was coming from a tent on the zip wire platform.


07/07/09 If you haven't got your tickets for Thursday Razorlight and Friday evening Paul Weller then you'll miss one of the most amazing lights shows going. This was from my garden 2 miles from Eden I guess they were setting up the lasers.


04/07/09 Kasabian Very live at Eden, wow what a start to the Sessions.Vids. 1  2  3  4  5


04/07/09 An exciting night as Eden lit up the skies.


04/07/09 No getting your hands on this plant!  Busting out all over the out door landscape.


04/07/09 Dave, here with a cheesy flavoured tomato plant.  The stage is set, let the show begin!


03/07/09 The Eden Street and at the end your find the prepaid tickets check in.


03/07/09 It's that time of year again, the flowers are blooming and the stage is being made ready for tomorrow evenings (sold out) Session with 'Kasabian'.


03/07/09 Rigging the stage is a big job.


03/07/09 If your coming along tomorrow evening there looks to be a cool light show

lined up to enjoy.  Jill working away in her vegetable garden unperturbed by the happenings.


03/07/09 The Link Lounge seems to be having a makeover. The barrel could be useful if the roof leaks.  In the Med Biome yellow and red sunflowers are enjoying the bright light.


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