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See the pictures here first -  (click to enlarge framed pictures)


The Snow Patrol Session


27/08/06 Looks like fine weather for tonight's finale of the 2006 Sessions. 


27/08/06 Once again the stage is set for the last  Session of 2006, Snow Patrol.


27/08/06 On arrival at 7.00pm the band playing was 'Rocco De Luca'


27/08/06 Rocco De Luca to start the Snow Patrol Session off.


27/08/06 Some of the friendly Eden Stewards, thank you for letting me stop on the walkway for a second or so to get a picture.  Liam Frost and the Slow Down Family were next on stage from 8.15pm to 9.00pm


27/08/06 Liam Frost and the Slow Down Family, as darkness falls roving spot lights illuminated the audience with coloured star shapes and the Biomes began to flash!


27/08/06 Liam Frost with their finale.  At 9.30pm Snow Patrol hit the stage to cheers from everyone waiting.


27/08/06 Good music from the start, amazing lights, friendly slick performance.


27/08/06 For me the best Session of the season although they were all good.


27/08/06 Short Quick time movie clip (1) 9.2MB  it  takes a while to load.


27/08/06 Quick time movie clip (2) 30MB takes ages to load, but worth it for the atmosphere




27/08/06 Thank you Eden for another season of four super Sessions.


The Goldfrapp Session


25/08/06 Starting the evening right, whether it's a picnic in the car park or a hog roast once you enter Eden. 


25/08/06  The theme was animals, you could come dressed as one or get your face painted, or possibly do both.  There were some excellent bunnies around and you could gobble up some of their droppings.


25/08/06 Bonnie droppings by the plate full, they did taste a bit like liquorice thank goodness.


25/08/06 Frozen green balls were also spoon feed to concert goers.


25/08/06 Todka shots were being served at 2 a shot.  Quinn's, a  fruit drink served on ice were on offers as free samples. Quinn's will also be there for the Snow Patrol Session on Sunday.


25/08/06 The green man was around too.     First on the main stage were 'Ladytron'


25/08/06 Ladytron on stage from 8.00pm to 9.00pm


25/08/06 As darkness fell so did the rain, but this did little to dampen the spirits of the waiting crowd and soon as Goldfrapp appeared on stage a loud cheer filled the air.


25/08/06 Goldfrapp live at 'The Eden Sessions'


24/08/06 The start of Jungle nights carnival, a butterfly super girl fly's the zip wire.


24/08/06 The flying butterfly signals the start of the Caravel float, and dancers.


22/08/06 'THE MUSE SESSION'  This shot was taken just after 7.00 pm as the first of the crowd arrived, by 7.20 the music started with 'Hey Molly' taking the stage. The tall fellow in black and blue was promoting Spring Water but most of the crowd appeared to prefer the amber coloured liquid.


22/08/06 The first band 'Hey Molly' chosen to play by Muse.  Hey Molly web site


22/08/06 Next on were 'Nixon & the Burn'     Their web site


22/08/06 In the Warm Temperate Biome Fitkin Wall  performed 'Still Warm'  from their forth coming CD.  www.Fitkin.com  for more info and downloads.


22/08/06 Stage was set and Muse started their performance with impact.  9.15pm until 10.45


22/08/06 The closest 'Close Up' I could get! With the aid of the amazing whizz box, behind the drummer, plus a lot of knob turning and cable plugging Muse produced their unique sounds, much to the delight of the crowd.


22/08/06 The Arena panorama, second picture will fill your screen extra large.


22/08/06 Muse live on stage at Eden. Short Quick Time Movie Clip (1) Takes a while to load


22/08/06 Muse, loud and exciting thrilled their fans with trouser vibrating base, earth shattering blasts from fuzzy guitars, fantastic light show and a slick performance.


21/08/06 Lavender harvesting.                           Summer sunflowers.       


19/08/06 'Still Warm', a multi-harps project by Graham Fitkin and Ruth Wall


19/08/06 World premier of 'Still Warm' for friends and guests in the WTB


19/08/06 Stage lighting rig being prepared for Tuesdays evening Session.  Drum and percussion workshop fun for everyone young and old alike.


19/08/06 'An Arcade of Ideas' is nearing completion opposite the bridge that takes you to the lift and down to the Core.


12/08/06 Door's opened at 7.00pm and 'Absentee's' were there to open the session.


12/08/06 Absentees on stage.


12/08/06 The Arena was filling up to a maximum crowd of around 5500. Time for an Eden ale I think, lager or even a Quinn's.


12/08/06 A solo guitarist helped to keep the crowd entertained whilst they waited to be served drinks.   Eden tokens were issued in an attempt to speed up the process but  you then had to queue for tokens and again for drinks during the short breaks between performances.

 Tip, buy your tokens when you arrive!


12/08/06 Carpe Diem, water was on sale and even silver service grapes were on offer.


12/08/06 The well humoured crowd cheered Dave as he introduced Jose Gonzalez 


12/08/06 Jose Gonzalez on stage.


12/08/06 Jose Gonzalez entertained for an hour, next on was Magic Numbers


12/08/06 Magic Numbers live at Eden


12/08/06 The Biggest ever Eden crowd enjoyed every moment of Magic Numbers performance and so did I.  (Short Quick Time movie clips  1  2  3  take a while to load)


12/08/06 A big crowd, a big venue, a big group, a very entertaining evening.


12/08/06 The stage is set complete with TV cameras for tonight's Session.


12/08/06 High speed Bex, very much in charge but managing to pose for a picture.


12/08/06 Quinn's fermentation plant display.


12/08/06 Bryher and Jess from the Eden Team awaiting a media meeting in the WTB.  All will be ready (hopefully) for doors open at 7.00 to 7.30pm


10/08/06 Mark Edwards, at an audio, video presentation  of 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' inspired by Bob Dylan's famous song and incorporating photographs from Marks personal archive.


10/08/06 Now that's what I call a stage and a lighting rig, ready for Saturday evenings Session.


08/08/06 The raised part of the stage is being fitted for Saturdays Magic Numbers Session. 


08/08/06 The lighting rig ready to be hoisted.  Pruning the trees on the main steps.


 08/08/06 Water Melon slices in the Jungle Village.     The Core in summer.


03/08/06 John Such signing his book 'Cornwall from Above' at a friends meeting in the foundation building.  The  welcoming face of Meriel Thurstan greeting friends on arrival.


01/08/06 Agapanthus catching the evening sunlight and the Hog Roast is ready.


01/08/06 George from the Eden Team and Tony Henshaw Eden's Head Chef awaiting the carnival float carrying drummers and dancers, it's Jungle night at Eden.


01/08/06 Dancers and Drums whistles and fun is what Jungle nights are all about.


01/08/06 Baca-beyond one of the groups playing in the Warm Temperate Biome 6pm and 7.30pm every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


25/07/06 The first night of the Jungle Season, floats, drums, bands and dancers.


18/07/06 Agapanthus line the pathways to the Biomes and just as I take the picture a Zip wire visitor flies past.


18/07/06 Exotic sunflowers in the Warm Temperate Biome.


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