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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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19/12/14 My Grand daughter, Isabelle and daughter Claire visited Eden to see Father Christmas and also to find her schools Christmas tree on the Eden Street.


19/12/14 We made an  elf's hat and filled our black bag with 4 grains of corn for Father Christmas to help his Reindeer fly,  then off to the base camp.


19/12/14 It was all cosy and warm in base camp tent the Elves sung a song and Father Christmas arrived to greet everyone, telling a special message about Christmas.


19/12/14 Everyone got a chance to have a picture taken with Father Christmas then over to write a label of good wishes and may be what we hope to find in our stocking.


19/12/14 Learning how reindeer fly was amazing.


19/12/14 Past the Ice Rink and on to the Enchanted Rainforest where you will meet many memories of Christmas.


19/12/14 Examine the magical crystal that all the visitors to Father Christmas are given.  Making a clay snow man to join all the others.


19/12/14 The hundreds of snowmen that seem to get everywhere in the Rainforest.


19/12/14 To use up excess energy we finished up in the soft play area in the Core.


13/12/14 Eden's bees are still active as the days grow shorter and shadows become longer,  


13/12/14 The grand steps are completely free of leaves and the trees are neatly pruned.  Story telling in the Med Biome.


13/12/14  The Med Restaurant has moved into the Link and has waitress service.

Reindeer face painting with Heart Radio.


13/12/14 In the Eden garden a Christmas rose.


13/12/14 Reindeer taking a nap in the sun.  The Green Build Hub is taking shape.


13/12/14 The construction is a mass of scaffolding reminds me of the building of the Biomes.


03/12/14 It's Eden's Friends Christmas shop evening, a welcome glass of mulled wine and a mince pie with a warm welcome is a good start.


03/12/14 The choir getting into the spirit of Christmas.


03/12/14 An excellent choir got the shopping evening under way.


03/12/14 Portlebay Popcorn proved a hit, Gordon Seabright visited all of the stalls selling produce at Eden as well as tasting the items on sale.


03/12/14 It was nice to see Nicola selling baobab & chocolate hidden behind all the biscuits.


03/12/14 Pete Cross, who writes a column in Cornwall Today, was there for a book signing.


03/12/14 The evening was well attended and we all went home with some Christmas goodies.


29/11/14 Eden's Street is lined with trees decorated by local schools.  The elf at Father Christmas check in, report here when you arrive if you have a time to see Father Christmas.


29/11/14 If you cross the bridge when you enter Eden you can pass by the Reindeer stable.  

29/11/14 Take the lift down to the lower path and walk towards the Ice Rink.


29/11/14 The Enchanted Rainforest and memories of Christmas past.


29/11/14 Sweet singing ship’s cleaners sing incredibly well should be on X factor, then watch out as a deluge of snow is about to fall!


29/11/14 Snow is gentle at first and then poof, yes great fun.


29/11/14 Yep that's a memory I have of past Christmas stuck in a snow drift.


29/11/14 Reminds me of all the washing up after Christmas dinner, thank goodness for marigolds.  The Ice room is fantastic a must see.


29/11/14 The Malaysian house is a real memory jerker for me. It reminded me a bit of my granny's house back in the 50's where I spent Christmas as a young boy.


29/11/14 There's a whole lot to see and do at Eden this Christmas see you there?


Christmas Eden 2014


22/11/14 Skating demonstration on the Ice Rink at Eden


22/11/14 On the top floor of the Core Building a puppet show by Light Theatre, The same company that created War Horse for the West End. Two shows today and tomorrow.


22/11/14  A cow with character is Daisy, if you get a chance please come to one of the shows.  1.00pm and 3.30pm  22nd & 23rd Nov.


22/11/14 Father Christmases Grotto in ready for the 29th November and the bedding is in for the Reindeer to arrive.  Important don't for get to book a time to meet Father Christmas.


22/11/14 On a bright sunny afternoon in November a great time to Fly the Sky Wire.


22/11/14 Just behind the Sky Wire launch pad, the foundations for the Green Learning Centre are laid, it won't be long before it's built.


25/10/14 Halleweden starts today, lots to see and do over the half term.


25/10/14 Potion making in the Wishcraft Tent


25/10/14 Giant Pumpkin in the  Wishcraft Tent.


25/10/14 Face Painting, Pumpkin carving.


25/10/14 Room on the Broom tent.


25/10/14 Lots of comfy seating for a continuous screening of Room on the Broom.


25/10/14 If you'll feeling hungry the Bakery or the Med Cafe are good places to eat.


25/10/14 In the steam of the jungle can you find the camouflaged bird?


25/10/14 Even harder to find are the little hatchlings. When in the Rainforest watch out for these photographs of the people of the Rainforest.


25/10/14 These photographs of some of the last people who have no contact with the outside world living in the rainforest, look right at home in the jungle at Eden.


25/10/14 Have you been to the jungle lately?


24/10/14 The site of the new  Green learning centre. Open for business today the new YHA Snooze boxes made from recycled Shipping containers.    The innovative new YHA being run in partnership with Eden Project has been built by portable hotel company Snoozebox. It's fully booked for this weekend.  If there is any over booking I have space in my b&b & you do get towels for free.   


19/10/14 The 2014 Eden half and full Marathon had a sunny day


19/10/14 A pasty after the race went down very nicely. The positions of the Half Marathon


. 19/10/14 The Ice Rink was in full swing.  I noticed easy to pick apples just one foot off the ground.


18/10/14 As half term approaches and Halleweden gets nearer, the pumpkins appear. 


18/10/14 The Ice Rink is open now, time to get the penguins out for a skate.


18/10/14 The compressor is hidden away behind the ice rink on a concrete plinth rather then on a trailer and seem to run much quieter this year. Boot exchange looks fresh and efficient.


03/10/14 Susy Atkins, wine writer, Saturday Kitchen BBC1 presenter at a dessert wine tasting session at Eden.


03/10/14 Wow lots of empty bottles, really enjoyed the tasting session.


29/09/14 Pukka Teas organic tasting at Eden.


29/09/14 Pukka Teas at Eden


25/0914 Malcolm Riley aka The African Chef. He is preparing Baobab Chilli Jam Pasta.


25/09/14 The many jams and sauces made by The African Chef, the original importer of Baobab.


24/0914 Gin with a difference, it has Baobab in it and  it makes a good cocktail. Johnny Neill, founder of Whitley Neill gin and mixologist Josh Linfitt of Propping Up the Bar.


24/09/14 A smoking cocktail and everything that goes into Whitley Neill Gin


23/09/14 Stephane Delourme, head chef at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant, adding Baobab to seafood stock and using Baobab to coat fish before cooking. 


23/09/14 Monk fish getting a good coating, fish stock with the Baobab going in with the chopped vegetable.  This is basically a fish stew without the bones, Moroccan fish tagine


23/09/14 Rick's pastry chef  Stuart Pate, made a delicious sweet with pineapple and pancetta that had Baobab in the mix, wow that was good!


23/09/14 There we have it a tasty monk fish and a pancetta to follow.


22/09/14 Frances Quinn, winner of The Great British Bake Off 2013 today uses Baobab added to cupcakes to make them extra special.  The essence of three oranges added to the marzipan mix.


22/09/14 The making of the cup cakes and more zest of orange.


22/09/14 The construction of a bee from this tasty marzipan.


22/09/14  Richard volunteered to lend a hand to get the cream on the cakes, in the hope of getting one to eat I think!


22/09/14 The very tricky and artistic touch to give the bee chocolate stripes and almond wings.


22/09/14 There we have it an Eden cupcake with Baobab


20/09/14 A chilli Mexican weekend at Eden, colourful, tasty and hot, like the weather.


20/09/14 Volunteers from the audience came to lend a hand cooking with Edson Diaz-Fuentes


20/09/14 We all had a chance to taste the food and the Manhattan.


19/09/14 Nishma Shah, from Shambhu’s vegan caterers demonstrate how to make spicy vegetable masala burgers and vermicelli in coconut milk.


19/09/14 A chance to join the Vegan Society with a special offer. Vermicelli in Coconut milk.


19/09/14 Spicy Vegetable masala burger in preparation and finished.


19/09/14 We all got a taste of each dish.


18/09/14 Gill Meller from River Cottage here being greeted by Richard. Vegetable of the day?


18/09/14 The things you can do with courgettes using a mandolin. Today Gill is making 3 very tasty and unusual salads.


18/09/14 Fennel makes a tasty addition, if it's young and tender it can all be used.


18/09/14 There you have it a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil were added as each layer was assembled.


18/09/14 The other salads used different fruit and vegetables but were assembled in the same way.


18/09/14 The addition of orange segments made it really special.  


17/09/14 Thom Hunt, forager with the tools of the trade, some home made.


17/09/14 Now let's cut up a freshly caught rabbit for all of you who have never eaten rabbit.


17/09/14 The saddle of rabbit the best bit. Volunteers  podding  broad beans.


17/09/14 Test your knowledge, what are these edible plants called.


17/09/14 Looking a bit distorted in the mirror, here is a foraged paella.


17/09/14 A chance to try rabbit.                                  Thom and Richard       


16/09/14  Andrew from Tywardreath Butchers, with  a master class in butchery. Today the pig, first check the knife is sharp, don't try this at home.


16/09/14 Expertly cut, chopped, stitched and boned before our very eyes.


16/09/14 A pigs cheek much sought after by top restaurants. The visitors enjoyed the cutting up of a pig, except the vegetarians of course.  We all had a bit of sausage to try afterwards.


16/09/14 Two Eden chefs and a butcher.  Picture of a bee on a flower in the Eden Gardens.


16/09/14 More bees on flowers takes my mind off pigs!


15/09/14 Jeremy Pang of School of Wok.  Flying through the air with the greatest of ease as dough turns into noodles with a bang and a thump


15/09/14 Noodles made, and into the boiling water.  Richard had a go to show how easy it is, a very good attempt.


15/09/14 The art of crimping a Chinese dumpling, should have asked a Cornishman.


15/09/14 The art of getting 3 foot noodles into sample cups! If anyone can Polly and Josh can.


15/09/15 I am very much enjoying all the chefs at Eden's Harvest this year.


14/09/14 Standing room only as everyone eagerly awaits Antonio. He is busy making selfies stage left. Just one or two for the lucky ones.


14/09/14 Antonio greeted everyone and showed us his stick that he carved on the train coming down, not sure what all the marking meant but he had a smile when pointing to the bottom ones.


14/09/14 After a joke or two it was on to cooking with some ripe tomatoes.


14/09/14 Some fresh pesto to go with gnocchi, my goodness that smells good.


14/09/14 So we could all get a taste it was chopped into small tasting portions.


14/09/14 A number of different dishes were cooked and we had a taste of most of them.


14/09/14 a chance to mingle before a mammoth book signing. 


13/09/14 Kimberley Wilson  Finalist on The Great British Bake Off 2013, wardrobe adjustment.


12/09/14 Emma Gunn, Forager, Eden horticulturist and author of Never Mind the Burdocks.


12/09/14 Blackberry jam making.


11/09/14 Spot the bee in the picture?  Another day another Chef.


11/09/14 Jane Baxter,  Chef and food writer from Riverford Food Kitchen cooks vegetarian.


10/09/14 A full house for today's cookery demo from Natalie Coleman  Winner of MasterChef 2013


10/09/14 Natalie helped at times by Richard, who asked some searching questions


10/09/14 The garden team with a good view from the veg. patch watched for a few moments.


10/09/14 A chance to taste with the help of Polly bringing round the goodies. 


10/09/14 The audience and myself really enjoyed the chance to meet Natalie.


09/09/14 Jack is back with the New Dawn Traders team and rum brought back from the Caribbean by sail power alone.


09/09/14 A cocktail is made with the rare and precious cargo, the essence of orange peel is added.

09/09/14 We got a chance to smell and taste.  Jack showing the art of the stir.


08/09/14 Jack returns to help, Matthew Pennington demonstrating fermentation preserving.


08/09/14 Jack here seen 'massaging' finely cut cabbage with a small amount of sea salt before bottling with a loose lid to let the fermentation gas out.


07/09/14 You could be fooled into thinking this is high Summer, it's September at Eden temperature mid 20's and today making Vermouth and tasting it, hick.


07/09/14 A lot goes into a good vermouth, that's not just a pretty bottle. Jack Adair Bevan with a vermouth masterclass on a hot summers day in Autumn.


07/09/14 Tasting, children looking a little disappointed as they didn't get a taste.  The tasting stopped when we started to fall off the benches.


06/09/14 First day of the Food, Drink and cooking demonstrations that take place all week next to the Bakery Kitchen.


06/09/14 Allegra McEvedy, Jack Monroe at a cookery demonstration 2.30 pm Saturday


06/09/14 Everyone wanted to try the food, very tasty too. Yes I bought the book, who wouldn't.


06/09/14 If you tried the fastest, longest sky wire in England then how about a gentle swing on 'G' force, my name for it.  It's guaranteed to give you a thrill!



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