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01/07/05 All is ready and hopefully even the sun will shine on Eden tomorrow.


01/07/05 One of the TV control wagons ready to go, satellite dish locked on and ready.


01/07/05 Last minute paint of the Pasty Pod. The cable highway to the TV control wagons.


01/07/05 Beneath the new transparent roofing it's warm and dry whatever the outside weather conditions.


01/07/05 Some good old Cornish drizzle did little to dampen down the excitement of tomorrow's Live8 event, Tim Smit being interviewed in his Africa Calling T shirt.


30/06/05 Becky Adams had an exceptionally busy day organising lighting crews, stage assemblers, site directors and the TV crew. The days get even more hectic with Live8 almost upon us.


30/06/05 Becky on the right, it's a job to catch her on camera she is never still long enough. Other members of the Eden Team were out flagging.


30/06/05 Yes we have Bananas, not sure where they are going yet. Stage in the Citrus Grove of the Warm Temperate Biome. A massive amount of lighting all around.


30/06/05 'Silence' giving a guided tour of the Biome. Lilies, part of the cut flowers exhibit,WTB


 30/06/05 The Hog Roast Shack is just about completed and should see action Saturday. Harnessed up and ready to climb the outside of the Biomes 'Make Poverty History' banner needs to go across the Biome again for Saturday.


29/06/05 A hive of activity around the arena, unloading of tons of lighting gear, staging etc.


29/06/05 Final sections of the roof are joined together.


29/06/05 Jill gets her garden back after the roof construction, only two day to get it planted!


28/06/05 The Live8 stage construction continues.


28/06/05 I'm sure this was in a neighbouring farmers field a few days ago! This is Eden recycling team doing what they do best making something usable out of waste materials. This is going to be the Hog Roast Shack.


28/06/05 Link Buildings extension roof almost finished.


28/06/05 Two shots of the dedicated team down at Eden.


27/06/05 The Eden street entrance with a steady flow of visitors on a summers day.


27/06/05 Sunflowers enjoying the warm weather, as are a bed of annuals near the giant bee. 


27/06/05 The transparent roof over the alfresco dining area goes on.


27/06/05 Link Building extension roof on it's way to completion.


27/06/05 Lilies (cut flower production WTB) Pineapple tree, blooming profusely.


 27/06/05 Solar cell arrays on ERC roof.  The Live8 stage platform raised and complete.


21/06/05 These sweet peas in Eden's Flower Garden both look and smell amazing.


21/06/05 The link Building's roof extension in it's final phase of construction.


21/06/05 A pleasant job on one of our hottest days, constructing a water feature!  The roof  fits together just like Meccano and just like Meccano sometime brute force is required to make it fit!


21/06/05 The first piece of guttering being fitted to the roof extension.  Sunflower planting.


21/06/05 The huge stage for Live 8 is gradually taking shape, 2 weeks to go before the event.


21/06/05 Massive cables have been laid to carry power to the stage. Looking down from Myths and Folklaw you can get some idea of the size of the stage.


21/06/05 Walking the maze is something you must do when visiting Myths and Folklaw.

The array photovoltaic solar panels should really generate on the roof of the ERC


17/06/05 The Warm Temperate Biome cut flower display and the peach orchard.


17/06/05 A colourful array of blooms ready for cutting (or harvesting) in the WTB.


17/06/05 All hands on deck to get the canopy finished on the Link Building roof. Amidst the poppies and other wild flowers support frames are assembled by a band of willing helpers.


17/06/05 This canopy will give cover to the alfresco dining area where a giant spit roast BBQ will be open to the public late evenings from July 18th - September 1st, Mondays to Thursdays


17/06/05 Some encouragement is sometimes required to get a job done, here pressure washer supervisor 'Dublin' makes sure the jet of water gets right to the edge of the step.


17/06/05 With just 2 weeks to go before Live Aid Africa Calling (2nd July) the enormous stage undergoes some initial preparation


17/06/05 Work continues in Eden's luscious gardens. This bridge will lead to the lift that carries visitors down to the ERC.


17/06/05 Installation of photovoltaic cells on the ERC's roof.


09/01/05 Summer has arrived at Eden and colourful clematis greet you as you enter.


09/06/05 The entrance to the WTB, where the air is filled with the spicy fragrance of a bed of

 old fashioned stocks, part of the cut flowers production exhibit.


09/06/05 Had to get this one in of Dublin.  Here's a bottle brush that also posed for me.


09/06/05 Dome tent is dismantled and a large scale Chinese puzzle is being put together, hopefully to form a roof for the alfresco area dining next to the Morocco Red Restaurant and Zubb Zubb cafe.


09/06/05 Visitors watch as more copper is fitted to the Education Resource Centre's roof.


09/06/05 The weee man stands 7 meters tall and weighs over 3 tonnes he is made from house hold rubbish and represents the amount of e waste each of us could create in a lifetime. Weee stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


01/06/05 The weee man build begins.        Stage one team taking a well earned rest.


28/05/05 'Make Poverty History' a fun day with a serious message.


28/05/05 Tony Robinson looking like something from Black Adder. Fairtrade chocolate tasting


27/05/05 The bridge is being fitted with a roof with reinforcements either end.  Well worth a walk up the winding pathway to Wild Cornwall you'll pass some great plants on your way.


27/05/05 Making Poverty History at Eden as the Sky monkeys hoist a massive banner.


23/05/05 Eden's green and pleasant land.   The landscaping of Apple One's entrance completed the planting will be commence shortly.


23/05/05 Gladioli, poppies and peaches are all growing well in the WTB


23/05/05 Education Resource Centre build. One of the pillar anchors of the new link building Roof extension that will shortly be erected.


23/05/05 The camel to be found under the Colour Explosion canopy has an enterprising wren nesting in it's mouth. Nesting materials chosen by the wren include brightly coloured paper for the interior of the nest (Laurence would approve) and darker pieces for the entrance.




20/05/05 Trelowarren Visit: Carolyn Trevivian (friends Manager) talking to Sir Ferrers before friends of Eden had a private tour of parts of the estate, house and gardens followed by lunch.


20/05/05 Trelowarren House.  Sir Ferrers explains his future plans for the gardens.


20/05/05 Lunch in the New Yard Restaurant, after which you were free to look round or take a woodland walk, get a map from the estate office and off you go.  The entrance to the Fogou, a series of strange Neolithic underground chambers, thought to have been used as a retreat.


11/05/05 Pictured here is international artist and wildlife ambassador David Shepherd, OBE, FRSA. He spent the evening with Friends of Eden - later signing many of his newly acquired books and paintings.


11/05/05 There was a packed gathering of Eden friends in the Gallery to hear about wild life conservation and to view the incredible paintings,  prints and books.


DSWF is a small wildlife charity with a big impact.  Click the link and buy something from the on line shop and do your bit to conserve the animals on our planet.


11/05/05 Photographs (click to enlarge) of two originals at the exhibition, click the link to buy prints of these and many others, and support David Shepherds Wildlife Foundation.


11/05/05 Landscaping at Apple one.                    The ERC in the evening sun.   


10/05/05 Lots of heavy work lifting the many thousands of bulbs that have finished their display, there are still masses blooming around the site.


10/05/05  Whilst taking driving lessons Dublin attempted to run me down, however I managed to jump clear (this time) Hard work that goes into the daffodil display.


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