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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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22/09/11 The path way to Acoustics takes you through Wild Chile.


22/09/11 Then you get a glimpse of it. The Artist Luke Jerram taking to Eden's Jo, about the Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavilion.


22/09/11 Aeolus is at Eden until the 9th October, don't miss seeing and hearing it!

Listen to the sounds of Aeolus Vid


22/09/11 The strange whining  Doctor who sounds can have strange effects!

Close to this very hill was the site of the alleged landing of a UFO about 26 years ago eerie!


22/09/11 The many views of Aeolus


16/09/11 Eden's gardens enjoying the sun.


16/09/11 Day one, Iain living the the sealed box with just the plant providing his oxygen.

The Bell Jar Experiment.   BBC2 program in 2012, How Plants Changed the World.


16/09/11 Iain, seems right at home, and Bodmin company "Just Water" be pleased to see he's not going thirsty. He should still be in there tomorrow if you want to visit him.


16/09/11 It will soon be time to Press Apples for Juice again at Eden


12/09/11 A scientist is to spend 48 hours sealed inside an airtight chamber, surviving on oxygen produced by plants alone. Iain Stewart, a geoscience professor at the Plymouth University, will carry out the experiment.


The experiment, which he said was a first for a human, is for a new BBC Two series, How Plants Made The World. Oxygen metre & the Eden Vegetable Garden.


12/09/11 Chillies in the Med Biome and lunch in the Bakery


08/09/11 Friends tour of the Energy plant at Eden. The massive biomass burner using wood chips that can supply all the heat required by the Biomes at certain times of the year.


08/09/11 Energy efficiency is the key to saving money and the Planet. Here condenser boilers are used when a lower demand for heat is required and are very efficient.


08/09/11 The demand for heat in the winter is massive. Lighting at Eden is now mostly LED and this has cut the electricity usage.


18/08/11 Nearly 40 of Eden's Friends enjoyed a chance to listen and learn about the work carried out in the orchard, this area is not generally open to the public. Picture above, Magnum Bonum apple. Thank you to Carol for the Pictures, as I was watching the Red Arrows at Fowey!


18/08/11 Dr Andrew Ormerod - Eden's Head of Economic Botany Research and Development - holds an unusual Pendragon apple which has red Flesh. There are currently 13 beehives in the orchard and each one houses approximately 50,000 bees! 


09/08/11 Summer is in full swing at Eden water play, Den building and Circus workshops.


09/08/11 It's all a case of keeping ones balls in the air at the same time.


09/08/11 An afternoon Circus taster thrilled the watching visitors to Eden.


09/08/11 You can just stroll and take in the Eden Gardens.  Pick up a colour spot and find like thinking visitors and make new friends.


09/08/11 Paint spot and save the planet.  Tasty sea food on a bed of ice near the Core.


09/08/11 Sea food just off the boat. The RSPB stand also near the Core.


09/08/11 The RSPB stand is attracting a lot of attention also offering free wild Eden walks this week lasting I hour to part of Eden visitors don't normally see.


09/08/11 Some of the Visitors on the RSPB wild walk seeing lot of wild life.


09/08/11 Views of Eden from the RSPB walk.  I bet you have always wanted to have a go at the trapeze, well now you can in almost perfect safety.


09/08/11 Roll up, roll up, it's much easer then it looks, who's next?


30/07/11 Labyrinth Circus,  Hand signals from the Director and we were off, I had a triangle marker on my wrist band so started with about 300 others in the Med Biomes. You will see the other two stops,  before ending up in the big top for the finale.


30/07/30 Preview night for the Nofit State Circus at Eden it's brilliant.


30/07/11 From fun with kids to bungee jumping under a shower of water!  Short Video Clip


30/07/11 The show that happenings all around you. Get Tickets now going fast


30/07/11 The show that has everything, it's a must see!


30/07/11 The audience were thrilled and gave a massive applause at the end.


29/07/11 Bread tasters being handed out on your arrival to the Eden Street.  Den building in full swing in the Arena


29/07/11 Most days there's a Circus Special at 12.45 and 2.45 not to be missed if your at Eden


29/07/11 The 12.45 Circus specials take place near the Water Play Area.


29/07/11 The Med Biome is a sunny place to have a glass of wine and lunch.


26/07/11 On show in the Eden Street is a 3D scale model of Eden created by Lauren Milton


26/07/11 The First night of Eden's late openings, there's some delicious Beef and beer can chicken on offer. Eden is open until 8pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


26/07/11 The finale of the evening in the Arena with the Indian-style bhangra Drumming Group.


26/07/11 Some evening shot around the Gardens.




23/07/11 Simone Riccio From the NoFit State Circus, who performed a taster of the full show today at 12.45 and at 2.45


23/07/11 It was all happening at Eden. The first day of Festival of Play.


23/07/11 Try your hand and feet on a monopod and other Circus skills. One of the first dens to be completed in the Arena.


23/07/11 In the water Play Area there's a very good chance of getting wet.


23/07/11 Eden's Garden are looking great now.


23/07/11 The band strikes up and there's jugglers, acrobats and trapezes artists everywhere. 


23/07/11 It's got to be seen to be believed.






21/07/11 Bright sunny day at Eden, the beginning of the Summer holidays for schools.


21/07/11 The Gallery is open for breakfast.  NoFits State circus is installing it's self all around Eden.  This is going to be the greatest show on Earth, tickets are going fast.


21/07/11 The Circus will perform all around Eden in the stage area it will happen on multiple platforms at different heights.


21/07/11 There is a full band perched high up, tight wire walking was being practiced when I was there this morning.


21/07/11 Tropez practice in the Eden's own Big Top. More platforms being built outside.


21/07/11 All skilled scary stuff, get your ticket on for 21 days from the end of July


21/07/11 Eden gardens full of colour again this year.


21/07/11 Beer, Barley, Hops, and Hemp - don't think that used in beer.


21/07/11 This is where the Eden Team are hard at work preparing for the Festival of Play that start on Saturday.


21/07/11 In the Med Biome a plantation of Chillies in the scale of hotness, the one on the end is so hot it spontaneously catches fire and hence the extinguisher. lol


21/07/11 In the Med Biome Eden's own label wine is available and new dishes added to the Bakery menu.


21/07/11 All in all summer is a good time to visit The Eden Project, see you there!


16/07/11 NoFit State circus come to town.  More Pictures


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