Temptation, Restaurant at the Centre of the World

Incorporating the Link Building (top floor) 

There will be two restaurants -  Indigo and Morocco Red,  Indigo will be self-service, and Saffron waitress service with a atmosphere of an exotic market.  I can't wait to eat there!

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21/03/01 Morocco Red and Indigo food bar


02/02/01 Temptation's roof edging being fitted.    How's this for a kitchen or it will soon.


02/02/01 The design of the inside of Temptation really pleases the eye, roof edging being fitted


27/01/01 Temptation building, entrance to two restaurants and the biomes 



21/12/00 Pathways being laid.                                         29/12/00                 


             16/11/00 Grass roof completed          13/12/00 Still lots of work around Temptation.


17/10/00 More grass on Temptation's roof as it quickly takes shape.


28/09/00 Temptations ramp entrance looks interesting.  


                           22/09/00                            26/09/00 Building on the front of Temptation 


                  15/09/00 Grass is growing.          22/09/00 Glazed and entrance being constructed.


08/09/00 soil roof being installed.               11/09/00 Glass windows being fitted.


30/08/00                                                         04/09/00


24/08/00 Biome panels completed each side of Temptation



24/07/00                                                        28/07/00


18/07/00                                                       18/07/00


11/07/00                                                       16/07/00



 24/06/00                                                     24/06/00





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