Spring and Early Summer 2012 at Eden

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Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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20/11/03 This was the building of the old bridge. I didn't help, but was one of the first to walk over it.


07/06/12  The titan arum in flower now at Eden.


07/06/12 Large crowds at Eden as the weather was not good.  New bridge open.


01/06/12 Eden Street is ablaze with Early Summer flowers.


01/06/12 Tom Hoblyns', garden from last year's Chelsea Show is now open to look touch and even dip your toes in.  I was told there was even a mermaid there yesterday morning, but no sign now!


01/06/12 This is a super place to site and relax and even eat your VAT free pasty.


01/06/12 In the Med Biome the courgettes grow on as white cloths are put on tables ready for a wedding later today.  The new bridge, I am told should be open later today.


01/06/12 It's long, straight and level with rubber matting, thumbs up from the builders as the last parts are fitted. Steve Hunkin, on the right is leaving Eden very soon, I wish him all the best.


01/06/12 They told me they missed Dublin, they were pleased, as a winning football player with the completed job.


01/06/12 Last views of the old bridge in front of the new, before the old one goes.


27/05/12 It's another blue Biome day at Eden, a test run with massive weights for the zip wire.


27/05/12 There they go zipping past at speed, but a fair bit of tweaking is required to get the longest zip wire in the UK up and running.


27/05/12 Coming to a halt over the top of the Core would not be a good place to jump off.


27/05/12 The new bridge build is nearing completion.


27/05/12 Behind the Core Eden, competing with Chelsea in the Eden garden.


27/05/12 Shortly to be opened Tom Hoblyns, garden from last years Chelsea Show




27/05/12 In the Med Biome.


27/05/12 In the Med Biome and one from my garden the Polonia tree.


19/05/12  The Olympic Flame arrives at Eden carried by Ben Fogle.




17/05/12 Rapid bridge building soon be finished.


14/05/12  Bridge progress.


Bridge building


11/05/12 Sun shines and Eden looks good.


11/05/12 Mid Biome has a display of sunflowers plants and information about them.


11/05/12 Sweet harmonies from 'The Butter Thieves' in the Med Biome.


11/05/12 It's what my friend, Carol would call a blue Biome day. I'm sure she would have loved to have been here and to see it. Two bits of major construction are going on in the back ground. The fitting of the zip wire and the new bridge,  parts arriving.


11/05/12 It's making my knees shake watching them up that high on a shaky platform.


11/05/12 It's a long way down!   Here on the other project you can see the zip wire on it's way across from one side of the pit to the other.


06/05/12 If you have an annual pass, then you are now greeted at the head of the Street to save queuing further down. Planting has taken place around Tom Hoblyns, garden.


06/05/12 A new path in the Med Biome, not open yet but looking good. Bi-otec slow Art on the green behind the Core.


06/05/12 On your visit to Eden don't forget to look at the garden behind the Core.


06/05/12 From way behind the Main Biome to way in the distance the final stopping place (you hope) for the longest Zip wire in the UK to be up and running by the 2nd June.


06/05/12 A temporary pathway to the bridge in use whilst the new path hardens


06/05/12 The Worcester Male Voice Choir performed in the Med Biome at 1pm today.


20/04/12 April showers


20/04/12 Lots of noise and colour from 'Los Samba' as delegates arrive to the "Are the Rainforests for Sale?" debate" in the Gallery. Students remaining from the afternoon events stayed on to attend the debate.


20/04/12 Tim welcomed everyone and introduced George Alagiah OBE and a panel of experts.


20/04/12 George, well known to BBC News viewers, did a brilliant job of keeping the panel under control.


20/04/12 First to speak, Simon Counsell - Chief Executive of The Rainforest Foundation.


20/04/12 Andrew Mitchell - Executive Director of Global Canopy Programme ( who told the story of when he was attacked very slowly by a sloth ! );  On the right, Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS - Trustee of The Eden Project.


20/04/12 Dr Benjamin Beck - Director of Conservation, The Great Ape Trust.

Many ideas were put forward to help to save the Rainforests, everyone attending learnt something and the evening was so interesting it went very quickly.


20/04/12 After the debate there was a chance to mingle and meet and get a photo. A student getting some wise words from Tim.


20/04/12 A chance to get a photo, George and Carol,  George and Jo




20/04/12 On a sunshine and showers day Students from a number of Collages - Strode, South Devon, Biction, Plymouth University, Wessex Academy of Performing Arts, Truro and Penwith. gave various displays around Eden this is in the Med Biome. All coming under the heading

 Earth Quake


20/04/12 Harry Potter would have call this 'Battle Chess', but this is 'Chess Peace' performed by Wessex Academy of Performing Arts.


20/04/12 'Chess Peace' performed by Wessex Academy of Performing Arts.


20/04/12 Almost everywhere there were students singing dancing etc.


20/04/12   Wessex Academy of Performing Arts.


19/04/12 Eden Friends visit Eden's nursery, which is not open to the public. A good start to the tour is a cuppa and cake provided by 'People and Gardens' team' based here.  The nursery produces all the plants for the seasonal displays at Eden and imported plants are quarantined here.


19/04/12 It's also a hive of activity with many volunteers and disabled people, who really enjoy planting up all kinds of salads and veg. The Veg Bag Scheme is run from here by Ken Radford


19/04/12 Robyn,  split the Friends in to 4 groups of about 8 ready to be shown around the nursery.


19/04/12 Words from James Wagstaffe, (manager) and off we go, I was in group 'B' so our first stop was 'People & Gardens' to see what they get up to.


19/04/12 Well they know how to grow salads, some of the crispiest lettuce and tasty too. Much of it to be served in the salad bowls in the Eden Bakery.


19/04/12 Then into the seed volt with Maureen Newton & Tim Grigg, where thousands of seeds are stored in locked fridges and freezers all carefully labelled in sealed bags.


19/04/12 Mystery object Carefully held by Carol, any guesses as to what this is and used for?


19/04/12 Quarantine & Science, white coats and stethoscopes, behind shimmering steaming tightly woven nylon mesh sits plants that have come from far and wide, waiting for the all clear.


19/04/12 In charge of tunnels and outside growing are Steve Philips and James Wagstaffe. 


19/04/12 James in one of the glass houses with sliding tray technology.  Looking slightly worse for wear, with a small faded sign, is the original office where many of the decisions about the nursery and Eden were originally made.


19/04/12 Sally Brigden takes care of the tropical house.


19/04/12 Plants are being grown in here for the soon to be built tree canopy walk ways at the Eden Project.


19/04/12 Vanilla being pollinated by hand.  Sally Brigden in her department.


19/04/12 One of the most exciting plants in quarantine is 'Inga Edulis' It's a tropical tree That could save parts of the Rain Forests after a slash and burn.  It grows very quickly, it puts nitrogen back in the soil, the leaves fall and make a perfect growing mulch. Crops can be grown in-between. This plant is in short supply the seeds were germinating as they were flown over to be propagated in the nursery.   Neville explaining about the Inga video


19/04/12 Neville Evans  &  Sally Brigden are taking care of these. 


19/04/12 Over the Biomes and to the bridge in the distance. It will be the longest zip wire in the UK


18/04/12 Mega long poles, RSJ's concreted  deep in the earth. This will be the longest zip wire in the UK going right over the Biomes and over to the other side of the bridge.


18/04/12 Estimated to be ready to ride (if you dare) in two weeks. A few tones of used tyres have something to do with it?


18/04/12 All happening near Pineapple car Park.


12/04/12 Eden Street lined with flowers, in the Bakery the return of the white plate.


12/04/12 In the Med Biome, building of the Med. orchard, and story telling by, Dave.


12/04/12 Cornish Orchard Cider has Joined Eden Ale and Wine in the Med Biome. A new path way had been created behind the floored area, that takes you to a new veg.garden.


12/04/12 Tom Hoblyns, garden from last years Chelsea Show is well on it's way to completion.


12/04/12 Water criss-crosses a granite walk way until finally pouring into a plunge pool. Plants to come soon, looking forward to hot summer day sitting around here.


12/04/12 Beautiful gardens and work for the new bridge.


06/04/12  Jenny, wearing her coat of many ties, story telling on Good Friday. Picture from Carol.


05/04/12 Tulip Orange Emperor                       Narcissus Apothoes           


05/04/12 Entrance to Freaky Nature, learn about plant sand bugs and have fun too.


05/04/12 Fly Trap fishing and sticky tacky suites.


25/03/12 Sports Relief race today 4.30 start for 1, 3 & 6 mile race.


25/03/12 The competitors gather ready for the start and they are off.


25/03/12 A good spirited happy runners and there's nothing like a winning mile smile.


25/03/12 Winning or just finishing it's all good on a sunny day at Eden.


23/03/12 It's a yellow daffodil and blue Biome day at Eden in the sun.


23/03/12 Hyacinths are fragrant and filling the air with Spring.


23/03/12 Rossmoor Gold Daffodil and the bluest Biomes I have ever seen.


23/03/12 In the Bakery new aluminium plates are filled with the dish of the day for a fiver. In the Med Biome pan fried fish tastes really good too. Sit by the tulips and eat it.


23/03/12  Tulips at their best now, don't miss them.


15/03/12 There's a mystical mist surrounding Eden as friends arrive for a guided tour around the Med Biome.


15/03/12 The old temporary bridge is being replaced with a new one.


15/03/12 The Biome we come to look round was being inspected.  Eden Friends start on the tour led by David Diaper and Catherine Cutler, who is the Supervisor of the Med biome.


15/03/12 Aloes were looking very good today, as David got right in to vegetation to explain the inside story of some of the unusual plants in the Med Biome.


15/03/12 David explains the stories behind the plants. Silver Leaf tree in the South Africa corner of the Med Biome, has a cunning way to conserve water. (Thank you to Carol for some of the images)


15/03/12 After the tour a chance to taste some olives and goats cheese for a photo call from Tom.


06/03/12 Spring is in the air with the smell of cooking pasties coming from the kitchen.


06/03/12 The red brick road under construction.  With the help of Helen in the kitchen.


06/03/12 Friends of Eden are into some serious Cornish pasty making.


The ingredients are Important, but it's all in the crimping according to Helen, who can crimp 7 pasties a minutes it took me a while longer!


06/03/12 There were several trays ready for cooking all shapes and sizes, I'm sure they will all taste good however they are crimped!   Pasty for lunch and pasty for tea them.


03/03/12 It's a world welcome to The First Ever World Pasty Championships.


03/03/12 The sight and smell of so many wonderful ingredients...yum


Pasties for the people were to become very much in demand and the chefs were kept really busy to supply the demand.


03/03/12 The Pasties are all made with butter and not palm oil.  A pint of Oggy Real Ale went down a treat after the pasty.


03/03/12 Pasties and Ale and lots of good music, what could be better. I think this is Tom Elliot I'm sure someone will put me right if I'm wrong.


03/03/12 No mistaken the Oggymen, singing the Cornish version of sloop John b.


03/03/12 The Kernow King (left)  compere for the day. Oggymen


03/03/12  I believe this to be Ollie Jinks and his guitarist, but by this time I had too many pasties.


03/03/12 Time for another glass and a sneak look at the Head Judge, Dave. hidden away under canvas in the corner of the Bakery.


03/03/12 21 Judges took their job very seriously and between them tasted 102 Pasties, supervised By Head Judge Dave Meneer.


03/03/12 Meanwhile back to the entertainment  this is Hedlux and Passman something really different!


03/03/12 OK Masterchefs aprons on, well more brightly coloured red and green ones and into the Pasty Workshop.


03/03/12 Now what do I do with this, make a Pasty of course.


03/03/12 My favourite band of the day was Kola, I could have listened to them for hours. Their music was fresh and...well I just loved them.  www.kolamusic.com


03/03/12 Kola   Mobile upload Video 1    Video 2


03/03/12 The Oggy song, will up load it later?  Phone Video


03/03/12 Last on were Swansong to finish the entertainment of the day with some rock.


03/03/12 Interview with a real Oggy than falling over in the Daffodils on the way up the Zig zag Pathway, I only had one pint all day honestly hic.


03/03/12 The Oggy Oscars made from balsa wood grown in the Rainforest Biome by Cornwall Wood Carvers.  A late entry pasty just arriving.


03/03/12 Now for the winners - Open Savoury Amateur - 3rd Gem Witchall's Fruits of the Forest pasty with with squirrel and rabbit meat, wild mushrooms, native nuts and herbs.


03/03/12 2nd – Laura Jayne Atkinson’s Cornish yarg, cream cheese and black trumpet and king oyster mushrooms pasty.


World Pasty Champion – Suzanne Manson’s gamekeeper’s pasty with wild rabbit poached in cider with leeks, finished with peas and lemon zest.


Open Savoury Professional - 3rd – Jay Sebastian’s vegetarian pasty with spinach, cream sauce, mushroom and onions.  2nd – Luisa Ead’s steak and Cornish Blue cheese pasty with beef, potato and onion. World Pasty Champion – Graham Cornish’s classic Cornish fish using smoked fish from Tregarda smokehouse with parsley and saffron.


Tradition Cornish Pasty Amateur Category 3rd Tamsin Bunt, 2nd Kathy Vian Cornish Pasty Amateur Champion Billy Deakin.


03/03/12 Tradition Cornish Pasty Professional - 3rd Jason Jobling (Warrens Bakery)  2nd Ryan Smedley (chough Bakery, Padstow) Pasty World Champion Graham Cornish (Ginsters)


03/03/12 The winners and the winning pasties, a super day thank you to all the organisers.


02/03/12 Tomorrow is  The World Pasty Competition and St Piran's Day 5th March


02/03/12 Don't forget to come to Eden tomorrow, lots of entertainment and fun.


23/02/12 Crocus avenue as you approach the Biomes.


23/02/12 Spring is showing up everywhere around Eden.


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