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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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13/07/13 The queue to get into the Arena at 3pm on the hottest day of the year.


13/07/13 Sound checks from Jessie's backing group.


13/0713 Visitors enjoy the sound checks.


12/07/13 Sweet peas harvest at Eden.


12/07/12 July sunshine brings Eden to its full splendour.


12/07/13 blooms all around Eden.


12/07/13 Stage being rigged for Jessie's Sessions tomorrow and Sunday.




02/07/13 Chic on stage with lots of the party goers.


30/06/13 Sigur Rós, with his fantastic sound, light and laser show. 


30/06/13  Sigur Rós, what a show.


29/06/13 Getting ready for tonight's Session.


Kaiser Chiefs live on stage at Eden Sessions.


Kaiser Chiefs bring the crowd to life by swinging off the chandeliers.


Deep Vally, two very rocking chicks from California.


Tom Tom Club, taking a bow and some party goers.


27/06/13 An Eden Summer Garden Party for Founder and Lifelong Friends by invitation of Lady Mary Holborow on behalf of the Trustees of the Eden Project.


27/06/13 Gaynor Coley, Lady Mary Holborow DCVO and Peter Stewart MVO. Gaynor Coley welcomes guests to the Med biome.


27/06/13  A group of party guests enjoy their tour of the new walkway.


27/06/13 Lady Mary Holborow DCVO and Sir Tim Smit.


27/06/13 Carol Heathcote (who very kindly took some of the pictures) and Andy Jasper.

Come and see the new canopy walkway preview open now.


25/06/13 Good numbers of visitors coming to Eden to see Eden in its Summer colours.


25/06/13 The day in Cornwall was slightly hazy but warm.


25/06/13 Lots to do in the Eden garden, just time to pose for one may be.


25/06/13 All around the Eden Garden colour floods out.


25/06/13 There's another secret garden in the making between the Med Biome and the hedge.  I'm not sure what it's going to be, but turf has been laid with gaps left for some reason?  The pathway curves its way round the outside of the Biome.


12/06/13 A pathway that branches left between the Biomes and the Core leads to a special secret spot not found by many visitors.


12/06/13 You can just see the the Med Biome on the left, bearing right there's a row of tree rings leading to a kiddies play area often used by visiting schools.


12/06/13 Various fun walking routes, staying left passing the climbing logs to the right.


12/06/13 Follow the small path to the right strewn with wild flowers either side.


12/06/13 You'll be treated to the most natural June flower display.


12/06/13 I just love this natural display of June colour.


12/06/13 The small path weaves its way round trees along fern ally.


12/06/13 The path way joins the road way behind the Core. A little bit of hidden Eden!


06/06/13 First day of the preview of phase one of the new tree top walkway.


06/06/13 You too could be one of the first to go on it, just put your name on the list in the link Building. Michael will make sure you put on a high vis jacket as it's not totally finished yet.


06/06/13 Very soon you'll find yourself right up there in the tree canopy.


06/06/13 Some of the views of the Rainforest from the walkway.


06/06/13 The hand rail timbers are recycled from the old Falmouth docks that burnt down.


06/06/13 Some of the maze of wooden ramps that are wheel chair friendly.


06/06/13 The cool room is now built under the Nest.


06/06/13 Tropical and colourful Eden.


03/06/13 Eddie Izzard's stage equipment arrives for the sell out concert tonight.


03/06/13 Five lorry loads looks to be a good night.


03/06/13 A fine evening as the Arena fill up to a capacity crowd of around 6000

Video from TheNapalm32nd


03/06/13 Feeding the 6000 was quite a challenge for the Eden Chefs


03/06/13 Tensions among staff are soon worked out and all friend again. (Dave and Jenny)


29/05/13 The Eden Street.                                Flags flying again.


29/05/13 Half term and there's a good number of visitors.  The Pizza oven is working hard.


29/05/13 As always story telling by Dave is fully attended.


29/05/13 Cover your ears my little loves, Dave blowing his horn at full blast!


29/05/13 Colour a bug in the Core on the first landing.


25/05/13 Eden is getting ready for the Sessions. Stage is built for Eddie Izzard on the 3rd June.


25/05/13 Additions on the lunch menu at Eden are some tasty bugs really crunchy too.


25/05/13 New table service and menu in the Med Biome, proper Pizza and a glass of red was very nice for lunch.  It was the first day and looks as if it's going to have a good trade.


25/05/13 Hand made pizza base and fresh produce make a tasty pizza, that black bird is watching.


25/05/13 The new tree walk way will soon be open in the Rain forest Biome.




18/05/13 The Eden Street on doggy weekend.


18/05/13 Dogs of all shapes and sizes visit Eden.


18/05/13 All the owners were well behaved and I think it's fine to have dogs in Eden, but they are not allowed in the Biomes or the Core.


18/05/13 There was a Police dog demonstrations.


 18/05/13 Sky wire open for 2013 flights, have a go.


30/04/13 Tim Smit and Barbara Windsor pouring tea for the Big Lunch video. The Big Lunch  takes place on the 2nd June.


30/04/13 Barbara being interviewed, children from Roselyon School in Par tucking into lunch.


20/04/13 Lovely sunny and very quiet at Eden, a good day for a bike ride.


20/04/13 It all looks deserted, but there is life at Eden and the quiet rumble of Electric bike tyres.


20/04/13 It's your chance to try a power assisted bike. A very good choice for the hills in Cornwall.


20/04/20 I never considered the idea of using a bike when I moved to Cornwall 26 years ago because of the hills.  I was sceptical until I had a ride and they sold me one!


20/4/13 There are all types on display from neat small wheeled, that fold to fit in your car boot.

to  larger long range types. Even the smaller ones have a range of 60 miles.


20/04/13 There are two main types of motor drive 'crank driven' where the motor is in the middle of the pedals.  These tend to be the more expensive variety and do give a slightly different ride to the rear hub motor drive types.


20/04/13 The folding Dash took my eye and I could see myself popping down the Co-op for top up shopping and leaving the car in the garage. for more info.


20/04/13 The Power assisted Bike show is on until Wednesday do come and have a ride.


17/04/13 Radio Cornwall was at the Eden Project today, Laurence Reed here interviewing Carol.  The day was all about Carers, about 600 attended and were given a free lunch.


17/04/13 Caring is a serious business, but today was about getting information and having a bit of light relief and even a laugh too. Dave was greeting many of the visitors as they came into Eden.


17/04/13 Wendy in the Link retail was sporting her new hat and Dave after running down from the street was story telling in the Med Biome.


17/04/13 The day was a bit overcast but still lots of colour inside and out at Eden.


30/03/13 A view from the back gate.  What's happening this Easter.


30/03/13 It's a blue Biome day again.  Freaky Nature on the main stage.


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