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See the pictures here first! Cameras used Olympus SP-570UZ and Canon 500D

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23/01/10  Sun shines and the first of the daffodils with some hesitation blooms.


23/01/10 The Ice Rink is well attended this Saturday afternoon.


23/01/10 Samples of local produce in the Eden shop and some colourful cacti on sale.


16/01/10 Lots of things happening at Eden over the half term.


16/01/10 The crocuses stopped growing for a short time whilst the ground was frozen, but it won't be long before they burst into colour.  Skating lessons on the Ice Rink.


16/01/10 One of the lessons seems to be how to lower yourself on to the Ice gently, hum something I never seem to have managed in a controlled way!


01/01/10 New Years Day at Eden, sunny but cold.  Two ways to get warm, put on your skates and off you go or the hot rocket seat at the back of the Rink warms all the special places. You can of course go into the Rainforest Biome and enjoy tropical heat.


01/01/10 Rocket Mass Heaters Super efficient Woodstoves with unique design, come and see for yourselves and warm you bottom too.


01/01/10 Benedict, here with a fine brew of coffee from the Rocket heater.


01/01/10 Fun on the Ice Rink for everyone.


01/01/10 In the frozen frosty Arena something stirs, it's the promise of Spring, that hundreds of Girl Guides and Brownies planted in the Autumn.  The blooming mazes of Crocus are emerging.


22/12/09 Blue skies and no sign of snow at Eden, but there was evidence of ice.


22/12/09 A hint of spring at Christmas.


13/12/09 Father Christmas and one of his elves arrives at Eden.


13/12/09 Just about to meet Father Christmas.


13/12/09 Father Christmas greets all the children and mums and dads.


11/12/09 As Christmas gets nearer it's a great time to come to Eden for the real festive spirit.


11/12/09 Tree lined illumined pathways and a place to post your letters to Father Christmas.


11/12/09 The Ice rink is full with happy skaters as the Cloud Dragon begins the parade.


11/12/09 The ice block is holding fruit offerings.


11/12/09 Watch Video of , Watch video: The keeper  Awakening  the Cloud Dragon 

       Watch video: of the Cloud Dragon parade   Watch Video: Bam Bams Story telling

Watch video: Bam Bams, The two Dave's


10/12/09 The diggers are in near the entrance to the Eden Street and a large area has been cleared to plant a woodland I understand.


10/12/09 Bright sunny days, as the fairy watches over Eden at the top of her tree.


10/12/09 In the Med Biome 'Protea Scolymocephala'  and Bougainvillea bring a bit of winter colour.


10/12/09 Christmas food treats in the Zubb Zubb cafe.


10/12/09 Even at Christmas time, spring is never far away at Eden.


08/12/09 Orangutan Rescue, talk by  Lone Droscher-Nielsen. In the photograph, Teresa (Eden), Lone Droscher-Nielsen, Michelle Desilets, Justine (Eden) Thank you to Carol for the group photo.


08/12/09 One of the reasons for the total destruction of their rainforest habitat is to create enormous oil palm plantations.  Orangutan Land Trust    Adopt an Orangutan


08/12/09 Lone and an Orangutan.  Vote of thanks for the evening by Eden's Carol.


05/12/09 The Eden Christmas decorated Street.


05/12/09 Preparing the ice lanterns for the parade of the Cloud Dragon which takes place at 8.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays leading up to Christmas.


05/12/09 A large and heavy block of ice leads the parade followed by the Cloud Dragon.


05/12/09 The dance of the fire and smoke breathing Cloud Dragon in the Arena followed by fireworks.


02/12/09 Georgina Pearman, from Eden's Foundation Team, gave an overview of Eden's longstanding partnership with Rio Tinto and the activates of the post mining alliance, to Friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.  Carol presenting flowers to thank Georgina.


26/11/09 The Friends desk is on the move again and seems to have finally come to rest by the ticketing exit door. If your not already a friend of Eden, it's a jolly good time to become one or give a years membership for a Christmas present. Thanks to Carol for the second picture.


25/11/09 Final touches to the Christmas wheel trimmings for Fridays late nights special late night opening and the awaking of the Cloud Dragon.      

  25/11/26 Both the Zubb Zubb Cafe and The Med Kitchen are having a Christmas / Time of Gifts, makeover.


17/11/09 Carolyn and Carol Klein and the two Carols, Just before a talk to Eden Friends in the Gallery, on 'Grow your own Plants'.


06/11/09 A public meeting was held in the Gallery to hear the views of local residents and to learn how a geothermal system at Eden could supply all of Eden's electricity and space heating with loads to spare for at least 25 years.


06/11/09 The Meeting was chaired and introduced by, Professor Catherine Mitchell - Professor of Energy Policy, at the University of Exeter. Tim Smit, started the proceedings with encouraging words. The large audience composed of local residents and other interested parties listened intently to some very knowable speakers.


06/11/09 Tim German, Head of the Low Carbon Cornwall Unit and Roy Baria, Technical Director of EGS Energy Ltd.


06/11/09 Dr. Jorg Baumgartner, Special Operations Adviser EGS Energy Ltd

We all learnt a lot about EGS and feasibility of getting the first unit in the UK up and running.

There were a number of sensible questions from local residents. I for one would like to see this project up and running as soon as possible. Web link


Friends of Eden, have a great time at Paradise Park, many thanks to Carolyn for the pictures of two lovely birds!


31/10/09 Meet the Owls, this is, 'Arctica' (Snowy Owl) and 'Hibou' (White faced scops Owl)


31/10/09 Hibou, enjoying being stroked.


30/10/09 James Wong, from the BBC program, 'Grow your Own Drugs' gave an exhilarating and informative talk to Friends of Eden in the Gallery.  Video Clip 1  2  3  4


30/10/09 James Wong, Eden's Carolyn, and James book signing after the talk.  The Book 'Grow Your Own Drugs' is a super, easy to read with lots of good illustrations and of course more pictures of James!  It would make a great Christmas present, it's in the Eden Shop.


30/10/09 It was a busy night at Eden with James Wong, talking in the Gallery and the first night of the Little Monsters Ball happening down below.


30/10/09 Lots of spooky colours in the Ice Rink to go with all the Little Monsters.


30/10/90 A spooky disco with a spooky DJ even more spooky stories in the witchcraft tent.


25/10/09 Halloweden, on a sunny day in October.


25/10/09 Meet the bats at Eden on the 25th and 28th 12 to 4pm also on the 30th and 31st October 3.30 to 8.30pm


25/10/09 Getting really up close to bats is not as scary as you might think.


25/10/09 Bat food, yummy! 


24/10/09 It's that time of year again, with pumpkins galore and a wonderful winter tree scrape wonderland around the Ice Rink which opened today together with the witchcraft tent!


24/10/09 Skates on for the first time this season and it fells good!


24/10/09 The Ice Rink this year is bigger then ever and there's plenty of space to sit and have a bite to eat and drink.  Video 1


24/10/09 There is also a sensible fence for spectators to lean on and watch without obstructing the grab rail and a good shelf at the food end to stand your drinks.


24/10/09 In the witches tent all sorts of scary things happen. The table of spells is a little worrying

my nose isn't exactly small to start with.


24/10/09 The potion making stand attracted a lot of interest.


24/10/09 Learn how to carve a better then average pumpkin.


24/10/09 Pumpkin carving with style.


24/10/09 Quills busy writing and Dave, telling stories in the Witchcraft tent.




25/10/09 Skating can be fun and for some easy to do.  Skating lessons are available at Eden.


21/10/09 The Ice Rink opens tomorrow, final finishing touches are made and training of the the new Ice Stewards is in progress.


18/10/09 If you have 10's of thousands of crocus bulbs to plant, what you need is a lot of helping hands, enter the Brownies and Girl Guides.  Video of the planting and thank you.


18/10/09 Guiding UK, is celebrating it's centenary. 100's of local Guiding members

are planting thousands of bulbs in Eden's Arena, it will be a picture in the spring.


15/10/09 Weee Man has had his wash and brush up and a few more now not-so-high-Tech electronically items added. 


15/10/09 It's chocolate week at Eden and Monroe, here is holding a coco pod, there's lots of samples to try as well.


11/10/09 The Eden Marathon, and Half Marathon started at 10.30am The Half Marathon was first past my drive in Prideaux Road at 10.45 then on to the Luxulyan Valley, in gentle light rain.


11/10/09 It wasn't an easy flat course and some of it was single track that caused some bunching up.  The runners I spoke to at the end said, still getting their breath back, "We enjoyed it immensely and can't wait for the next one".  All the runners from the Half Marathon video


11/10/09 The finishing line for both the Full and Half Marathon was down in Eden and were presented with a medal to prove you did it.


11/10/09 This is the Half Marathon finish, goodie bags, pasty and beer.


11/10/09 Truro School of Samba added a bit of colour to Marathon day.


09/10/09 The Ice Rinks entrance is being built.  The Rink itself looks to be almost ready for another season.


09/10/09 In the Med Biome the oranges are ripening and the bougainvillea is looking really colourful.


09/10/09 Cape Leadwort, in the Med Biome, can be used as an antidote to lead poisoning.

WEEE man is on the move for a wash and brush up with some more old redundant electrical items to be added.


09/10/09 Autumn colours


02/10/09 'Castle Fine Arts', were bronze casting in the Banrock Gardens at Eden.

They can cast almost anything in bronze! An Eden Leaves are a fine way if you want to be remembered, a celebration of a loved one or a special event.  


02/10/09 An Eden Leaf is something special and will be cast directly from a real leaf that you supply, it can have up to 25 characters inscribed on the leaf.  These will be placed in a peaceful and magical area at Eden.  A minimum donation of £350  will help support the Eden Trust to continue their charitable programmes. 


02/10/09 The table contained the history of casting of metals from the very oldest examples of metals found any where in the world to ones cast today.  Video clip of the leaf casting


02/10/09 Apple pressing and tasting of the juice samples is enjoyed by all the visitors.


02/10/09 A hive of activity in the Arena as the Dome tent is constructed. The Ice Rink is already constructed and is now being frozen down.


02/10/09 In the Med Biome the Cotton crop is ready for harvest.


02/10/09 In the gardens the MenoHerb is swaying in the breeze.


19/09/09 The Eden Street in September and it still feels like summer.


19/09/09 Pinks in the garden are giving off their fragrance all around.  Bulb potting in the Med Biome and one to take home too.


19/09/09 Preparing the apples for pressing into juice, then making layers of apples between sheets of a type of cheese cloth.  Video Clip of the action


19/09/09 Four or five layers and we are ready for the big press.


19/09/09 After a lot of hard work, but then half a gallon of golden apple juice and the best bit every one gets a taste.


16/09/09 Geodesic dome inventor Buckminster Fullerís daughter visits Eden, and was shown around By George. Allegra Fuller Snyder, 82, is Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Professor Emerita of Dance and Dance Ethnology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


14/09/09 Eden's Gardens


14/09/09 Each of these pictures has an insect there somewhere, can you spot it?


14/09/09 OK, the first ones easy.


14/09/09 Marks, work ( catches the eye in the Zubb Zubb cafe.

Not finished yet, as there's still more to add.


10/09/09 As the sun sets I head down to the 'Take Two Cooks' evening with friend of Eden being held in the Link Building.


10/09/09 A rose in the evening sunshine or even 2 roses?


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