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   Places to stay near Eden


See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

also on a Samsung Kzoom mobile phone

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01/12/23 The glow of Christmas at Eden 2023 on selected nights in December.


01/12/23 Animated lights line the pathways.  The Ice Rink is in full swing.


01/12/23 Pulsating arrays of light greet you to the Link Building. Med Biome warm and welcoming.


01/12/23 Med Biome globes rise and fall next to the Orchestra playing Christmas jazzy songs.


01/12/23 The lights this year are very different and are a must see.


01/12/23 Med Biome.


01/12/23 Enter the Rainforest Biome and be dazzled by the lights and a amazing sound system.


01/12/23 A lot of thought has gone into the installation in the Rainforest Biome.


 01/12/23 Bring some colour into your Christmas and visit Eden.


26/10/23 A good number of visitors to Eden for half term.  Eden Members have their own check in.


26/10/23 The use of green sand bags to stabilise the gardens.

Halleweden activities in the dome tent.


26/10/23 Inside the dome tent there's a great atmosphere.


26/10/23 Lots of photo opportunities.


26/10/23 By the ice rink there's some tasty food on offer.


26/10/23 Green house garden.  Link Building shop with Nicola in charge.


26/10/23 Towering over the Med Biome is a Tree Giant telling of the importance of trees.


26/10/23 On the footpath round the Med Biome you'll find a seat made from compressed clay Grootbos Foundation, more info below.


26/10/23 Info about the Grootbos Foundation.  Med Biome.


25/07/23 The Who on stage at Eden with a full orchestra.


25/07/23 Ear defenders totally necessary for the little fans of The Who.


25/07/23 Weather was just about perfect, early arrivals into the Arena.


07/07/23 Anne-Marie on stage, a brilliant evening at Eden.


07/07/23 The crowd were in good voice with lots of hat waving.


07/07/23 Flames and effects on stage.  Tim was in attendance up on the higher viewing levels.


18/06/23 The War on Drugs on stage at The Eden Sessions


18/06/23 A view from the steps under the oak trees reserved for people with children who want to be away from the busy Arena area.  View from disabled seating area.


18/06/23 View from the Arena Bar.  View on leaving view from the exit pathway.


18/06/23 A super evening, great musicians, American rock band.


02/06/23  Half term at Eden lots to see and do.


02/06/23 Getting ready for the Sessions. A raised platform for the disabled this year on the left side of the Arena.


02/06/23 Disabled viewing platform.  Band on stage over half term Das Brass


02/06/23 Das Brass on stage.  Almost lunch time in the Med Biome eat among the flowers.


02/06/23 Colourful poppies in the Med Biome.  (Papaveraceae) Tree Poppy


02/06/23 Fauna and Flora garden being relocated from RHS Chelsea Flower Show  to the Rainforest Biome.


02/06/23 Plants in the Med Biome


02/06/23 Frangipani in flower in the Rainforest Biome.


02/06/23  Construction of The Adventure Playground is under way, opening mid July.


07/05/23  Eden gets ready for the drone display as part of lighting up the Nation this evening.

Notice the spots on the Arena marking drone placements. Hidden away on the top pathway communication vans and antennae.


07/05/23 Numbered spots for each drone.  The radio ham in me couldn't help spotting a collection of uhf antennae sprouting out of the wood work.


07/05/23 The vegetable garden looking good.  Talks were taking place in the Med Biome.


07/05/23 Hot food & salads were being served in the link Building. Take a tray for the end and help yourself from the counter.  Hot plates are put onto your tray and pay at the end.


07/05/23 A band was playing outside next to the Ice cream cabin.  Today everyone had a voucher for a free ice cream or cake and under 25's got in free.


07/05/23 Sun came out and it was rather warm,  By shady spot behind the Core Building there's a seat among the flowers.


07/05/23 I was a long way off, on a very dark footpath, in the distance was the eerie sight of a glowing Biome, time 9.15 pm.  


07/05/23 The was a whoosh and four flights of drones took to the air.


07/05/23 My view was from the side of the display area.  I was watching the concert on my mobile.


07/05/23 (picture from twitter Eden's photographer) This was the view transmitted, looks amazing.


07/05/23 Eden lighting up the Nation for the Coronation of King Charles


02/04/23 Easter at Eden lots to see and do.


02/04/23 Entry prices are seasonal.  What's on at Easter 2023.


02/04/23 Fun and learning games in the Arena.


02/04/23 Bread maze for the little ones.  Wind powered pollen sling, with the help of elastic.


02/04/23 Lots happening on the stage area.


02/04/23 Now for lunch on the  Med Terrace. The table service here is very good.


02/04/23  Tapas style small plates of tasty food. Meat balls and Greek potatoes were my choice.


02/04/23 The Biome Kitchen has a variety of hot food and salads on sale. An electronic pager system to let you know when your order is ready. 


02/04/23 In the Med Biome a seat has arrived back in my favourite resting spot.


02/04/23 Vivid yellow flowers of the Proteaceae (Med Biome) In the Rainforest Biome hibiscus is in flower.


02/04/23 I think this is some kind of fig? I just love the jungle feel of the rainforest Biome.


02/04/23 It can get a bit steamy near to the top.


02/04/23 In the Rainforest Biome.


02/04/23 The high viewing platform was open today, on very sunny days it's too hot to climb.


02/04/23 There's a zip wire in the Rainforest Biome, but this one is for a motorised camera.


02/04/23 There's a new bridge and path way leading to a freshly planted cane fruit garden and rhubarb plot.


02/04/23 Improvement being made to plant sales area.


06/03/23 The heavy weigh crane has arrived and now assembled able to lift 750 tons.


06/03/23 The installation is expected to take about 10 days.




04/03/23 Crane installing the start of the piping into the well.


04/03/23 The smaller crane can handle the first few pipes.  It gets heaver as more pipes are added.  Arriving later today a 750 ton crane to complete the Job over 10 Day.


04/03/23 Installing 4000m of vacuum piping into the well.


Nursery and service building completed.  Car park with planted trees opposite.


02/02/23 On a drizzly damp day in February, a touch of Spring was in the air at Eden.


 02/02/23 It was a Big Lunch with a theme of 'Belonging' and the launch of Kim Samuel's book

 'On Belonging'  


02/02/23 There was a conversation menu, as if we need one we soon got to know each other.


02/02/23 I was lucky enough to sit next to Marlene from South Africa whom features in Kim's book.


02/02/23 Peter Stewart, Kim Samuel and Satish Kumar founder of Schumacher College.


02/02/23 Tim told a short story that embraced the point of Belonging.


02/02/23 Kim in full flow,  and the amazing short message from Satish Kumar.


02/02/23  Thank you Eden for a lovely afternoon and everyone for coming.

also for squeezing me in.


01/12/22 Christmas at Eden a magical time.


01/12/22 Colourful twinkling lights illuminate your way down to the Biomes.


01/12/22 The Med Biome lights & music. Elves greeting visitors to the home base of Father Christmas.


01/12/22 Meet Father Christmas at his home base with all his Elves.


01/12/22 Meet father Christmas in his private study for a photo. 


26/10/22 Half term at Eden.    Halloweden in all its glory.


26/10/22 In the Dome tent is a fire pit and barrow loads of pumpkins.


26/10/22 Pumpkins galore and expert carving on show.


26/10/22 Fascinating Stories told in the Dome tent.


26/10/22 The ice rink open for sessions all day.


26/10/22 Super Natural art exhibition in the Core Gallery on from 24th Oct. to 26th Feb.


26/10/22 Don't miss this exhibition on your visit to Eden.


26/10/22 One of the largest exhibits several tones of wood amazing.


26/10/22 From art to the Med Biome and Australia where some amazing plants are flowering. 


26/10/22  Mexican night of the dead in the Med Biome.


13/10/22 Last look at Mount Recyclemore as today it's being dismantled and recycled.


13/10/22 Boris is looking very sad as he is craned away.


13/10/22 Eden's Jo doing a piece to camera for BBC and ITV. Geothermal valve ends for testing and bleeding I guess.  It should all be up and running in the new year.


06/09/22 Antique Road Show Filming at multiple locations around Eden.


22/07/22 Dennis & Gnasher from the Beano are on a mission to save Eden from CO2-Zilla!


22/07/22 A scooter track for the little ones in the Arena. Safety equipment provided.


22/07/22 This looks like fun for the little ones.


22/07/22 On the Stage, a Cow Methane game to see if you can stop the cows from producing methane - from both ends!


22/07/22 There's a scooter track to scoot your way around on stage area. A printing blocks activity table to try your hand at printing.


22/07/22 There's lots to look out for as you follow the plan to get CO2-Zilla out of Eden.


22/07/22 Enjoy your visit this summer, there's also a surprise in a very large box on the stage area you'll have to visit to find out what its about.


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