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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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09/04/11 'Farmyard Fling'    the farmers don't stand a chance.


09/04/11 'Free Range: Lift the chickens and see what you find: if itís a chick, take it back to the safety of the henhouse; if itís an egg, balance it on your wooden spoon and take it to the basket.


09/04/11 The Children clearly enjoy this one and not even one egg was broken!


09/04/11 There's a whole stage full of fun and all included in your entrance ticket.


02/04/11 The amazing 'Living Room' Eden's Entry at  Boconnoc Spring Flower Show, won a well deserved gold medal.  After the show it is planned to rebuild it at Eden for everyone to see.


02/04/11 The Boconnoc Spring Flower Show a two day event is getting bigger every year and a good place to get some plants for the garden and meet up with friends.


02/04/11 Tents, marques, outbuildings, barns, and gardens all crammed with spring blooms, Diana and Sheila from Eden were there too.


31/03/11 An Eden Experience was held for Hoteliers, TIC's and any one who helps to inform visitors Eden is the place to come this summer and it is, there's lots going on. Martin and Claire and members of the Eden Team had a lot to show us all in 3 hours.


31/03/11 After registration and filling up a disclaimer as Sandra and I were going to start the experience at a high spot, on the Rainforest Lookout.


31/03/11 This must be the warmest and highest place to learn about the Rainforest from Don..


31/03/11 We were introduced to some large nuts and cabbages in the dome tent. Then on to the stage area where, Championsheeps will take place. Among the many things to do, this one you have to try and knock the farms head off with a Wellington boot.  Farmyard Fling


31/03/11 Gathering eggs, and chicks from under the chickens is another activity, as is space hopping sheep, and rolling this enormous ballsheep between obstacles.  There's loads more and this all this starts Saturday 9th April Ė Monday 2nd May.


31/03/11 All the Championsheeps activities are included in your entry ticket. The Nofit State Circus

will be puting on a magnificent show For 20 nights 29th July to 29th August.


28/03/11 The Eden Street


28/03/11 Eden Spring colour




28/03/11 Championsheeps coming at Easter. Weee man and school party.


24/03/11 Carol had her camera with her today and took some blooming good pictures.


24/03/11 Dave, in the Grow Zone getting the young ones growing.


17/03/11 Happy birthday Eden, Gaynor live on TV news and even the land train

is in the party mood!


17/03/11 Eden's 10th Birthday Cake, every visitor gets a slice.


17/03/11 What a lovely day to be 10!


17/03/11 It was so nice to meet up with Bex again on this Birthday celebration.


17/03/11 The Eden Birthday Street


17/03/11 Party-Party for the Eden Team, to start the evening find a high spot to get a good view firstly of the Sky Monkeys. Five of the original riggers who built Eden.


17/03/11 Then the surprise, KT Tunstall singing Happy Birthday to Eden from a helium Balloon rising to the top of the Biome. 


17/03/11 When she was finally safely down KT sung three of her songs to the gathered Eden Team


17/03/11 Kt sung her heart out, what a way to get a party started.


17/03/11 Yes, this was going to be a night to remember.


17/03/11 New and old face all here to celebrate 10 year of memories and to look forward to the next ten years, which according to Sir Tim will be even more exciting.


17/03/11 Then over to the Core where Martin was spinning the CD's and shaking the trees.


17/03/11 Special words and a toast from Sir Tim, not forgetting the 10th Birthday cake.


17/03/11 What a Party! Thank you to all the Eden Team for letting me be at this happy accession. Debbie and Tim (picture taken by Carol)


08/03/11 On the way down the Zig-zag path you'll pass cliffs of Daffodils.  The last of the ice rink pipes on the way out.


08/03/11 There's a lot of work behind the scenes to get ready for Eden's 10th Birthday next Thursday week.


08/03/11 The 'Box' has arrived as part of the 'Cornwall Design Season' inside there is a sea sound scope with pulsating blue waves around the walls. It's a bit like when you hold a sea shell to your ear you hear the sea, this time you're inside it!  You can find the container on the zig zag path.

Video - inside the box!


05/03/11 Spring is at Eden right now!  Don't wait to see it, as the Daffodils are at their best.


05/03/11 Some prize blooms are happy to smile on St Piran's day


05/03/11 A Chair with a view, high up in Wild Cornwall.  From the Welsh mountain to Eden Sylvantutch


05/03/11 Eden is not just about Biomes there are miles of winding pathway with items and plants of interest all the way.


05/03/11 There seats every so often where you can rest and take in the views.


05/03/11 There are surprises around every corner you'll never what you may find.


05/03/11 Footsteps lead up to a little door in the cliff, it is rumoured the home of a hobbit.


05/03/11 Fishing rods made out of carrots?  what ever next?


05/03/11 I guess it would be cloths made from stinging nettles.


05/03/11 Don't forget to visit, the lounge there's some hands on exhibits in there! generate some fun.


05/03/11 Jo's Spring Cafe. You may ask why I love Eden so much?  It's not just the plants as lovely as they are, or the brilliant idea as clever as they are, or the Eden Team as happy and helpful as they are.  It is the dose of Positivity that you get each time you visit.

Come and get Positively charged up very soon!


04/03/11 Spring is almost here at Eden


04/03/11 Tulips and Peach blossom in the Med Biome


26/02/11 Crocus in bloom


26/02/11 Peach blossom in the Med Biome and crocus in the gardens.


26/02/11 Daffodils by the Core.  Map reading in the misty Rainforest Biome.


26/02/11 Smiling into the face of a hungry Dinosaur is not recommended and here's the moment when Martin, (the Dinosaur keeper) lost control for a few seconds.


26/02/11 Martin, is very good with animals and has trained it not to attack any one in a wheel chair

and you can even get quite close to take a photograph.  Watch the video here.


26/02/11 It has a very loud roar and I noticed when it bites on something it closes it's eyes.

I think here it was fed a fruit cake, but preferred the arm that was holding it!


25/02/11 Don't miss meeting the fairly tame dinosaur kept under control by its keeper..hopefully!

Thank you to Carol, for the pictures, I wasn't brave enough to go near it.


21/02/11 The Media launch of a spectacular show for Eden's 10th Birthday took place today. The award-winning circus company Nofit State showcased daring stunts of aerial acrobatics.


Tom Rack, Nofit State's Creative producer & Firenza Guidi director of the (Labyrinth) this is the name of the show that has been especially created for Eden's 10th Birthday.


Enrico Astegiano on the aerial rope high up in the med Biome.


Shaena Brandel on the aerial Hoop


21/02/11 Alice Roma & Domiano Fumagalli doing amazing ground acrobatics.


21/02/11 Gaynor and Tim joining the trop for a group photo.


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