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See the pictures here first -  (click to enlarge framed pictures)



01/06/06 The Queen visits Eden to officially open The Core.


01/06/06 Founder friends and anyone with a yellow arm band did their best to get a chance to see the Royal visitors arrive and open the Core.  The best view was on ITV this evening.

Being there was magic enough on this special day for Eden.


01/06/06 The first distant glimpse we had of the Royal party was way across the site (magnified here 30 times)  as they were about to enter the HTB from the land train.


01/06/06 After a short while, to the delight of the cheerful crowds the Queen emerged from the WTB. She then treated the public to a short walkabout during which she was presented with many flowers before making her way to The Core Building for her official duties.


The Queen escorted by her usual entourage enjoys the warm welcome and pleasant sunshine.


01/06/06 The crowds cheer and wave their flags and the Queen smiles back.

A wide lens shot of the entire entourage.


01/06/06 Back to her car and the formalities of leave taking.


01/06/06 The Queen leaves Eden, a wonderful 2 hour visit, lets hope, Her Majesty returns soon to view Eden's ever changing panorama.


01/06/06 Jonathan Ball, Eden's cofounder was among the many Eden celebrities to be seen. Jo Readman was much in demand for interviews, as the Core was her dream learning centre.


01/06/06 Cornish Tartan was evident too.  Jo being hurried of to another interview.


01/06/06 It was just a perfect day and a happy one with sunshine and smiles.


01/06/06 It was nice to meet up with old friends who contributed so much to Eden.


01/06/06 John and the Royal car.




31/05/06 Peak time queue today, a lot of visitors arrived on a bright sunny day in half term week, with a pre-paid ticket you can walk past this. One point to remember is you can't convert a pre-paid ticket, not bought at Eden to a years free entry without paying a little extra.


31/05/06 There was a bit of a wait at times in some the restaurants, but eating early or a bit later avoided the need to queue.


31/05/06 A fully working banana conveyer being built in the HTB


30/05/06 A quiet and tranquil Eden bathing in the evening sun.


30/05/06 In contrast hundreds of friends of Eden were gathering for a retail evening  in the gallery and shop firstly to have a glass of Banrock Station's wine and then listen to a talk by Tony Sharley the manger of Banrock wine and wetland centre.


John Dyer travelled to Banrock Station to paint on location and here are John and Tony with ten of his paintings.  All capturing the work of conservation of the wetlands.


30/05/06 Tim Smit and Tony Sharley enjoying a pre talk drink.  Sue Proudfoot with some award winning cheese the friends wanted to taste and take home.  The new cheese (seen here in the basket) is, as yet unnamed, but I can personally guarantee that it is exceptionally tasty.


29/05/06 The Med Kitchen opened today with table service.


29/05/06 Food quiz on stage at the Eden's Food Week.


28/05/06  A special combination Sunday lunch was prepared to celebrate Eden's Food Week. The beef was provided by Ian Lobb a local farmer, potatoes were grown locally by John Wallace, and Simeon Green from The Windward Islands Banana Development Company brought with him Fair Trade dessert banana's from across The Atlantic Ocean.


28/05/06 Ian from Lobbs farm shop           A piece of banana cake for everyone.


28/05/06 Not everyone appreciated  pure crushed cranberries with the bitter element left in the juice.  I personally found it quite  tasty to drink, come to Eden and try for yourself.

Safe Farming Link


28/05/06 Two chefs behind the Pizza counter as one of the first trial pizzas emerge out of the oven.  The proof of the pizza is in the eating. Made from Italian flour, and a must eat!


28/05/06 Smiles from all around and if the speed of the disappearing slices is anything to go by the chefs will be kept busy once the restaurant is officially opened tomorrow. Apparently the Queen is partial to a slice of pizza so she may sample some during her visit next week.


28/05/06 Food for Thought performances in the WTB.  Shalai Hibiscus tasting in the Eden Shop, this is a delicious and natural soft drink made from tropical flowers.


27/05/06 Warm Temperate Biome.  Sherlock (otherwise known as Dr Andrew Fearne) investigates the contents of the shopping baskets, pictured here with Sheila Dillon (right) from Radio 4's The Food Programme, Dr Fearne is from The Centre for Supply Chain Research team.


27/05/06 Yes it's food week at Eden, what's in your shopping basket?


27/05/06 Why do you shop at supermarkets, and what's the most common food you buy?


27/05/06 Two of the most most favourite free samples with visitors were, 'Sharps Eden Ale' (no surprise there) and 'Tregothnan Teas' grown near Truro.


27/05/06 The Med Kitchen about ready to open. Bent bananas, and odd sized tomatoes, do consumers really care as long as as they are tasty.


26/05/06 Vibrant, aromatic stocks and pincushion plants in the WTB


26/05/06 The Arena safety rails are finished and the grass looks lush.  Ahoy there! a ship has sailed up next to the tea plantation,  The rigging demonstrates one of the many uses for hemp and the whole structure provides a welcome short cut between paths for the weary.




26/05/06 The new pizza oven which will open shortly.  A Union Jack appears to be forming part of a display in the Core Building. Lots of activity around Eden in preparation for Food Week and the Queen's visit, (1st June) as the date draws ever nearer.


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