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20/12/07 A Christmas Lunch in the Zubb Zubb cafe is wholesome and full of flavour.


16/12/07 It was a clear but cool evening when Eden opened its doors for the Free Weekend, this was held to thank all those who supported Eden in their bid to win 50 million, which would have helped to build The Edge, Eden's next exciting project. Video Clip of the evening happenings


16/12/07 Glowing faces all around when the lanterns were placed on the tree of light following the procession.     Video Clip of the eveing


16/12/07 In the Med Biome the stage where the choirs perform is decked with flowers of spring. 


12/12/07 Juliet Hemming gave a fascinating talk to friends of Eden on Poisonous plants.  Most have medical uses at the right dose and can work as a Cure rather then a kill. Video Clip 1

 Video Clip 2 Deadly Nightshade and Datura  Video Clip 3 Hemlock and Yew Foxglove

Video Clip 4 Mistletoe, Arum Maculatum (Lords and Ladies)


10/12/07 Sue Fisher, pictured here displaying a Domestic Food Digester (a Bokashi bucket) following her talk to Friends of Eden. Sue is passionate in her beliefs about environmentally friendly gardening and gave a very interesting talk.   Video Clip


07/12/07 The hammockry surrounded by flowering bulbs.  Pictured here on stage in the Med. Biome is the Eden Choir, other visiting choirs from around Cornwall will appear on the Fridays and Saturdays leading up to Christmas.


07/12/07 Cornish bands and dancers perform next to the link building.  In the Dome Tent the professor from one Science Exhibition makes adjustments to a runaway airship.


07/12/07 By the orange light of the Cornish fire pit, the famous moustache of  Dick Strawbridge is silhouetted against the darkness of the night. Hot fair-trade Chocolate bubbles in the caldron and is for sale.


07/12/07 Candle dipping  and spontaneous Carol Singing by candlelight help to recreate the atmosphere of yesteryear. Video Clip


07/12/07 Dave, the story teller weaves a spicy tale, as crowds gather round.


06/12/07 The Friends retail evening in the visitor centre, Lyn is supervising the booze and there were plenty of samples to try.  Authors also gathered there for their book signing sessions.


06/12/07 Eden ale samples were carefully poured, Stewart Ross was signing his new book, Greed Seeds and Slavery.


06/12/07 The visiting Choir were in heaven tasting the assortment of delicious nibbles. Eden's Personal shopper/guide was encouraging everyone to spend.


06/12/07 'Champagne Cornwall Chorus' were roses among the orchids in the plant section of the Eden shop. Video clip coming soon.


06/12/07 All of Eden's friends were there!


01/12/07 The entrance in to Eden and your way to the winter wonderland. (watch out for that bear)


01/12/07 Along the street you will pass the tree community.  Local schools have decorated each tree to tell to tell their stories about the local community.


01/12/07 It's certainly been snowing at Eden with a good 3" on the roof of the Alpine Hut.


01/12/07 Exotic looking mobiles twist and swirl above the Ice Rink, which can change colour from ocean green to Arctic blue and even sunset pink.


01/12/07 The Ice rink in some more vibrant colourways.


01/12/07 The Zubb Zubb cafe is suitably decorated and the Med restaurant has thousands of high intensity LED's lighting the ceiling. 


01/12/07 It's also been snowing in the Med Biome where a huge angel is looking down. This is one of 3 masterpieces from the Truro City of Lights procession now on display at Eden.


01/12/07 Outside a touch of spring as the first flower bulbs greet the morning sun.


0112/07 In the Link Lounge a Christmas home from home has been created where youngsters can make their own decorations. In the Core An Ammonite had been donated to mark the opening of this building.


01/12/07 Every Friday and Saturday up to Christmas 'The Time of Gifts'  Festival is in full swing do come along and join in the fun!


01/12/07 The Dome tent is decorated out in a style of an old world market lit mostly by candles.  The Spice man,  Dave, sells his wares and tells stories of how spices were one of the rarest and expensive things around. Loads of goodies for Christmas are to be found here too. 


01/12/07 The winter wonderland at Eden.


01/12/07 A view from one of the three entrances to the Ice Rink.


01/12/07 The lanterns in the hammockry waiting to be lit, ready for the procession, they look like little toadstools waiting to join the party.


01/12/07 The illuminated seat near the hammockry.


01/12/07 Illuminations around Eden.


The Cornish Pipe band strike up as the time for the lantern procession gets nearer. The Ice Stewards position lanterns on the ice ready for their display of high speed skating and jumping over the lanterns.  The first part of the lantern procession is around the outside of the ice rink.

Video clip of the band, Ice Stewards skating and start of the lantern procession.


01/12/07 The lanterns and everyone taking part in the parade are led by The Pipe Band, they make their way to The Green where there is a metal tree, the lanterns are then positioned on each of its branches.


01/12/07 The Eden choir appears on the balcony of the Core and sing their hearts out as a firework representing  a bright star lights up at the top of the tree.


01/12/07 To my amazement the bridge bust into flames, as a waterfall cascaded down and fireworks burst out in all   Not to be missed this year, come along on a Friday or Saturday evening and enjoy.  Children have free entry and reduced entry after 4.30 for mums and dads.


16/11/07 Cyril Aydon gave a talk to friends of Eden on his new book 'The Story of Man' There was a chance to buy his book and get it signed.


16/11/07 There is still some colour to be found in the outside gardens at Eden, these blooms will soon be joined by the first of the flowering bulbs.


16/11/07 One of the jobs in the Med Biome is cleaning the bronzes.  Even in mid November there are early signs of bulbs coming into flower in the Banrock Station Garden.


11/11/07 Mucuna bennetii, 'the flame of the forest' and the Titanum Amorphophallus both to be found in the Rain forest Biome. 


11/11/07 Solandra, a yellow trumpeted climber near the Tropic Trader and some Autumn colours around Eden.


09/11/07 Harvesting and tidying up in the Eden Vegetable garden.  In the mists of the Rainforest Biome a Titanum Amorphophallus is about to flower. Eden's web cam.


29/10/07 Our local half term week here in Cornwall and good numbers of visitors are coming to Eden and many to skate on the Ice Rink too.



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