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See the pictures here first.


04/12/03 Lemons are ready for picking in the Warm Temperate Biome.


04/12/03 The Boscastle Busker singing his heart out in the WTB for the visitors.


04/12/03 Date pudding with toffee sauce and local crushed honey comb, one of the sweets to go with the festive lunch Yum yum! Cyclamen heaven in the Warm Temperate Biome.


04/12/03 Moroccan Restaurant Christmas Festive Lunch, This is one of the choices, Fillet of salmon, stuffed with prawns and shallots encased in a light puff pastry lattice, with dauphinoise potatoes, roasted leeks and a carrot puree. Got to say it tasted really good.


04/12/03 Blue sky's and not many visitors about, time to get some gardening done.


04/12/03 The Beeb at Eden 'Question Time' live this evening at 10.35pm


02/12/03 Eden's Christmas street and gardens illuminated for the night shopping, next public shopping evening is on the 16th December - don't miss it!


02/12/03 'Champagne Cornwall' Ladies barbershop chorus entertained and thrilled shoppers at Eden's Christmas shopping evening. 


27/11/03 The  Street at Eden on the friends of Eden Christmas shopping evening, all the friends are in the visitor centre enjoying themselves.  Indigo Dyeing books on sale with a smile.


27/11/03 Tasty food was on offer in the Gallery Restaurant. Checkout tills were busy.


27/11/03 Wines and Sharps Eden Ale was up for tasting as well as many other products.


27/11/03 Friends Christmas Shopping evening Wine, minced pies, free samples and entertainments.  This event was well supported by the friends of Eden.


25/11/03 The Plans Shed (shelter from the weather and view the site plans), Site office 2 (is a video presentation room) good place to view a new video of Eden.  Site office 1 will house models and displays.  You can cross the bridge and visit the Big Build Site now!

It's Free to visit even if you don't pay to go down to the Biomes, so come along now!!


25/11/03 Those blue hard hats never seem to fit, anyway just to prove I was there on the opening day! Get a bacon sandwich and a mug of coffee at the Hard Hat Cafe.


25/11/03 The Education Building model and artist impression of the inside downstairs.


25/11/03 Viewing platform for the Big Build 2. Last minute finishing work 9.45am on a wet Tuesday morning.


25/11/03 Some of the strange hard hat plants, across the bridge. Do stay inside the fence.


25/11/03 The bridge wobble test being carried out. There is a slight wobble if you stand in the middle and jump up and down, but it's quite safe I am assured.


25/11/03 Christmas is coming, the Eden entrance.  Just love blue hard hats, here's the first member of the general public to cross the bridge to the site office display sheds.??


22/11/03 Entrance to Big Build2 now complete. Walkway and handrails in place on the bridge.


21/11/03 Bridge News today - It's nearly there!!


21/11/03 You can get some idea of the arched bridge span, hope to be one of the first across on Tuesday.


21/11/03 Bridge is nearly built opens on Tuesday, your'll need hard hats and yellow jackets.


20/11/03 Eden's own 'Sue Hill' giving a vote of thanks to Yves De Chiris and helpers for what was a superbly informative and an eye & nose opening experience. Choosing a perfume will never be the same again.


20/11/03 Yves De Chiris from a family of perfumeries going back generations gave friends of Eden a chance to sample 35 pivotal fragrances. (right) a mug of used sampling testing dippers, and a very pretty young lady sitting opposite me!


20/11/03 Eden sample dippers and runners for the history of perfume evening.


18/11/03 An amusing and informative talk by Peter Thoday on 'Cultivation' The story of plants and man, took place in the Foundation Building for Friends of Eden.


15/11/03 Biome view    The Flexi forest (piping trees) have gone from the entrance to Eden


15/11/03 Entrance to the bridge just in front of the Visitor Centre. Part of the bridge construction.  Planned to open on the 15th November, but delayed until later in the month.


12/11/03 Name the mystery plant?                 An Eden sunny November view.  


12/11/03  'Hemanthus albifols' (below left)           The Dancing Vines in the WTB


12/11/03 Warm Temperate Biome Views


12/11/03 Bridge that gap, scheduled to open on Saturday is the viewing walk way bridge, there seems a lot to be done as yet. I understand that they are working around the clock.


11/11/03 Andrew Whalley (left) is the lead architect on the Grimshaw team that was responsible for Eden's extraordinary architecture. Dominic Cole is the Landscape designer for Eden and has worked with the Design Team since 1997. both have described the creative process - Andrew seen here signing the Book 'The Architecture of Eden', find the book in the Eden shop.


07/11/03 Cyril Aydon signing his book for one of the Eden friends after an intriguing talk on the life of Charles Darwin. Most of the Eden friends talks now take place in the Foundation building (pictured right)  The book is available from the Eden Shop.


04/11/03 This is me getting my 'An Ear to the Ground' gardening book signed by Ken Thompson - your'll love this little book and probably throw away your fertilizer after reading it!

ho the camel is nothing to do with Ken just found it in the Foundation Building.


05/11/03 Flower arranging workshops are happening daily in the Galley restaurant.


05/11/03 Many plants bloom in the winter months in the HTB from the most exotic to the humble Madagascar Periwinkle the alkaloid compounds that it contains are used in the treatment of leukaemia.


05/11/03 Colourful Autumn produce stall WTB.  Tropical harvest in the HTB


05/11/03 The Eden entertainment team, telling a tale of a very smelly murder!


05/11/03 Dried flowers look alive when displayed in this way. This is a seasonal plot in the WTB this temporary display brings a splash of colour in the winter months.


05/11/03 The dried flower display is amazing something you must see!


05/11/03 Art in the Warm Temperate Biome - you never know what you may find.


05/11/03 Bulbs and spring flowers being planted - Autumn Colours


05/11/03 Tree ferns and Halloween flags - Autumn colours, mists and bulb planting goes on.


05/11/03 The Big Build II about to start here.


05/11/03 The start of the bridge build - there's a lot to do to be ready for the bridge opening on the 15th November.  It will span across the ravine from the Visitor centre to the mound shown in the picture on the left.  To walk the bridge only will cost you 3 but included if you have paid a full entry to Eden.  The views from the bridge should be exciting.


18/10/03 Morocco Red Brasserie showing the Strangler Fig exhibit in the foreground.


18/10/03 The Big Build 2 has started - The East end is now striped bare ready for action.


18/10/03 There's still a good level of attendance, it's worth getting tickets before you come.


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