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See the pictures here first!

Canon EOS 550D is my current camera with 18 x 200 lens

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02/09/10 Blooms in the Med Biome


02/09/10 Echinacea in the Eden garden, Eden's dancing orange caped red tea shirts?


02/09/10 Captions for the above invited, it's the last late evening of the season.

One suggestion already from a member of Staff.

 "You don't have to be mad to work at Eden, but it helps !"


02/09/10 Dave at the Big Green Bus, (this one need a caption too)  The Band at the late night openings was 'Backbeat Systems' and provided just the kind of music for the evening.


01/09/10 Summer day and summer splash is in full swing.  Dick & James are signing their new book 'Self Sufficiency' It really is well written and illustrated.


01/09/10 The book signing really was team work with James, writing the comments and Dick, signing.


01/09/10 Dick here seen testing a blowout whistle, it's got to be green!


25/08/10 Gaynor gives a wave from the top of the Rainforest Lookout  in the mist and humidity Bear Grylls, abseils from the centre of the Lookout.


25/08/10 Bear Grylls waves to the crowd and finally reaching the tree tops.


25/08/10 Touchdown on the Biome floor and then signed autographs for the waiting children.

The Rainforest Lookout is now official open to the public.


23/08/10 Sunny day at Eden and survival skills in the spiral garden.


23/08/10 My destination today is up there to the very top of the Biome and to get the view from the newly opened Rainforest Lookout. If you get a ticket to go up (available in the link building) make your way past the waterfall and to the highest point in the biome then you really start to climb.


23/0810 At first base the Eden Guide will take the temperature at the top to check that it is at a safe level to go up, as it can get more then 40C  If all is well you can go on up.


23/08/10 And there it is, just a few steps, knees slightly trembling you step on to the suspended stairway, which sways very slightly...don't look down .........yet!!


23/08/10 The air gets thinner and hotter and your there, and hopefully with a big smile.


23/08/10 Now, look down if you dare, what a view from the top of the world and you did it!  If I can make it up here any one can, what are you waiting for?  Remember do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.   Now get me down quick.


23/08/10 You can have up to 1/2 an hour at the top then it's time to come down.


23/08/10 It's a strange feeling as you do feel as through you are standing on not a lot.


18/08/10 Lots of happenings all over Eden.  Fire making demonstrations.


18/08/10 Getting down to lavender.  Fruit flavour mixing demonstrations.


18/08/10 It's finished and built the stairway to heaven, ready for the opening day 'The Rainforest Lookout', 95 Feet up in the worlds largest green house, Can't wait to get up there!


03/08/10 It's a Tuesday and Eden is open until 8pm reduced entry prices from 3.30 It's a good idea to come down after a day at the beach, there's a lot going on.


03/08/10 There's a super Barbecue eat and listen to the band.


03/08/10 Learn how to make spontaneous fire! Meet the bus conductor and try and get on the Big Green Bus without a ticket. 


03/08/10 Upstairs on the Big Green Bus, listen to a story  from Dave.


03/08/10 Then shrink the kids to the size of a lizard or smaller!


03/08/10 Survival skills in the bush, behind the Core.  Join the Bowmen of  Wadebridge and shoot for the bull.


03/08/10 The Bowmen passing on their skills.  Come along then, late opening at Eden, Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Thursdays don't miss it.


03/08/10 Don't for get The Summer Splash, it's all fun at Eden.


25/07/10 Eden's street and veranda view.


25/07/10 Base Camp on the stage area with all the equipment you need to build a den.


25/07/10 High Summer at Eden and talking of high 30 meters up in the Rainforest Biome a platform is nearly completed.  Hand up who want to be the first to test out your vertigo?


25/07/10 It's ok, you won't have to get up there by balloon, there will be steps I'm told.


25/07/10   Calla Lily 'Zantedeschin'  &  Sweet William 'Dianthus Barbatus' in the Med Biome.


25/07/10 Lots of summer colour in the Eden Gardens.


25/07/10 Now playing with water on a sunny day is real fun!  we've all done it, now it's your turn.


25/07/10 Gutters, tanks, pipes, funnels, and Pumps it's all there come and have fun. Video Clip


23/07/10 Alistair, Carolyn, Sir Iain and Rob.   A gardeners report from high up in the tree canopy.

A summer evening walk around and supper for Friend of Eden.


It's something very special to have Eden just to yourselves, even better with the skilled horticultural Team to answer those question that you have always wanted to ask. A splendid buffet supper near the Med Cafe. I was unable to attend this evening and how disappointed was I!! Carol was there and thank you to Carol for these wonder pictures.


19/07/10 Martin Crawford gave a talk and showed a video on 'Creating a Forest Garden' and afterwards signing his new book which was on sale to friend of Eden.


18/07/10  The 18th of July was the day of the Big Lunch at Eden and around the Country.  Story telling here at Eden from Dave while the Jazz Band has a glass of lemon aid and a jam sandwich.

Benedict seen here giving samples of Orzata (Almond milk)


18/07/10 Orzata (Almond milk)  and the Big Lunch view.


18/07/10 Elecampane (bronchitis relife) and Morphine poppies growing in the Plants for medicine plot.


17/07/10 Marigolds




13/07/10 Paolo Nutini thrilled the crowds on both the 13th and 14th July


12/07/10 A splash of colour in the Med Biome - Lilium Electric - and  Lilium Triumphaton


12/07/10 Story telling on the green.  Eden's Vegetable Garden.


09/07/10 MC, Tom Deacon and Craig Campbell at Eden Comedy night.


09/07/10 Rob Deering and the very tall Greg Davies, start the comedy evening.


09/07/10 Al Murray with is bar, the evening was enjoyed by around 2000 punters.


08/07/10 The Eden Street in flower filled.  Lighting rig takes shape for tomorrow's comedy night.


08/07/10 Story telling outside on the green.


08/07/10 Now here's one happy bird that's found the Millet in the Med Biome.


08/07/10 This was a good day to take the camera into the Rainforest Biome as it was as hot if not as humid outside as in. The camera didn't steam up at all.


08/07/10 Deep inside the Rainforest Biome and almost hidden a Rainforest Lookout is being built and Is hoped to be finished late summer.


08/07/10 As the Rainforest Biome is so big even something as large as this lookout can be missed in the jungle.


08/07/10 The Eden garden is showing some very good sweet peas at the moment.


08/07/10 The Eden garden is growing a wide range of different plant and don't forget to look behind the Core Building.


03/07/10 Summers evening and such a lay back crowd, but ready to bounce at a moments notice.


03/07/10 Annie Mac did the warm up before Calvin Harris came on at 9.30


03/07/10 A Calvin look-a-like and this is Eden's Martin in his coat of many posters (recycled Eden ones he say and stitched together by Sue) Martins been doing a brilliant job of introducing the many acts on stage.


Calvin Harris live at the Eden Project


02/07/10All the fun of an Eden Session in the sun.


02/07/10 Doves Live at The Eden Project Sessions The Show was recorded live and you can get a double Live CD  at


02/07/10 Mumford and Son having a great time.  Finale Video Clip


Mika -Vid Blame it on the Girls    3 Mika - Days Like These   Billy Brown


27/06/10 Diana Vickers Live at The Eden Sessions.  Vid 1  2


26/06/10 Ryan Ashley Jones,  Mojave 3


26/06/10 Jack Johnson at Eden


25/06/10 The stage in the Arena takes shape for tomorrows events some of which are on the main stage in the late afternoon.


25/06/10 This is the view from the Grand Steps where the families can be together and watch the performance.  Speakers arriving by the lorry load.


23/06/10 Lighting rigs arrive and are being assembled ready for Saturday evening.


23/06/10 Even the heathers are getting a hair cut, Eden is looking very colour full at the moment.




13/06/10 Summer dance fun at Eden.  I know this the second shot of the rose arch, but it's so stunning.


21/06/10 The main stage is being built together with the mixing booth ready for this weekends Sessions, Jack Johnson and Mika, Diana Vickers.


21/06/10 In fact there are a number of stages around Eden, as it's going to be almost a mini Glastonbury with out the mud. A day music festival with lots going on during the Day as well as in the evening, if all goes to plan.


21/06/10 Extra tickets are being sold for the top pathway, which has a good view of the stage and smaller flags allowing a view over. Lighting is being installed along the path way. I hope there's room for me up there, as this if my favourite spot for photographs.


21/06/10 Dead heading in the Med biome.


21/06/10 Among the giant sunflowers in the Med Biome stands a little piano and it's in tune too, I played a few cords on it today.


13/06/10 The Race for Life at the Eden Project 7pm on a Sunday 100's took part.


13/06/10 The warm up before the race and then they were off.   Video 1


13/06/10 Young and old and all sorts of costumes, rising money for Cancer Research.


11/06/10 The Summer Survival Challenge will soon be at Eden.  The Arena is cut and the Stage will soon be built for the first of the Sessions on the 24th June.


11/06/10 Eden is still quite dry even after the recent showers.


11/06/10 Sunflowers in the Med Biome.


11/06/10 Stocks in the Med Biome and a lavender display just outside the Biome.


02/06/10 Lights camera action, down in the Arena where the making of a commercial for TV was in progress.


02/06/10 More sunflowers bloom in the Med Biome.


02/06/10 Story telling in the Med Biome.


Visitors to Eden enjoying the summers day and watching the filming in the Arena.


27/05/10 Very bright sun beamed down on Eden and it's visitors today.


27/05/10 Sunflowers in the Med Biome.  Tea dance at the Citrus Grove.


27/05/10 'Bubbles'  and the Mobile Tea Dance.


27/05/10 Good lunch time moves in the Med Biome, all gearing up for the Big Lunch on the 18th July.


27/05/10 The Prairie (up the windy paths of Eden) is coming into bloom and well worth the walk.


27/05/10 Up near Wild Cornwall, music could be heard drifting over the flower covered rocks as a wondering accordion player strolled by.


27/05/10 Strong blocks of simmering white flowers and contrasting stalks of blue .


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