Humid Tropics Biome

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08/05/01                                                       08/05/01


21/03/01                                                         03/04/01


02/02/01 Shack building in the heat and humidity of the tropics, you can see the mist in the air.


02/02/01 Mist rises in the air as the plants in the Humid Tropics Biome feel at home.


19/01/01                                                          27/01/01


07/01/01 Last day visitors look on as the humid glows in the January sun.


30/12/00 No snow on the humid biome heat levels too high inside approx. 24C, some heat still gets to the outside skin of the biome.  Snow on warm biome melting more slowly. 


21/12/00 Pathways being laid.                                        29/12/00                 


13/12/00  Humid weathered the storms of Oct., Nov. and Dec. and is looking good.


16/11/00 Humid in the November sunshine.  Entrance for special visitors from Tim's talks


06/11/00 Humid biome looking good, dark clouds, blue biomes, and green plants


30/10/00 Looking fine after 90 mph winds last night    01/11/00 Biome view


17/10/00 Humid on a fine day.                Now that's what I call a roof


11/10/00 A sunny period not easy to find, but for planting inside it's lovely and warm! 


      06/10/00 Even more plants arrive.              Good sunny day for work on the roof


04/10/00 More plants arrive.  Door/vent  to the left being fitted.


03/10/00 TV cameras roll as the giant trees are planted.  Yellow media coats inside 10.30am


29/09/00 Lorry loads of plants arriving.        29/09/00 Sky monkeys at work on humid.


26/09/00 Heating is on 80+ in humid and plants are being planted.  Big Big plants arrive soon.


22/09/00 Doors covered to test the heating may be? Big plants and trees to arrive soon.


19/09/00                                                               22/09/00


15/09/00 Soil going in, more ducting.               19/09/00 Work on South East side


 13/09/00  Sky Monkeys on humid, the sea in the distance to the right of the picture.


11/09/00 West side of humid biome.       13/09/00   Emergency doorway being fitted.


11/09/00 Heating ducting to humid.               11/09/00  Humid biome on a sunny day 


08/09/00 Close up of the heat exchangers.  Long view of the Eden (dull day)


04/09/00 more soil going in. More heating ducting being built.

30/08/00  Heating ducting being built (left) Soil going into the humid biome.


Toping off day 22/08/00 Last roof panels go in.

11/08/00                                                        14/08/00







31/07/00                                                           31/07/00



24/07/00                                                         28/07/00


18/07/00                                                        18/07/00 Soil in yellow bags


16/07/00                                                       18/07/00


07/07/00                                                        11/07/00


04/07/00                                                        04/07/00


                 29/06/00                                             First inside shots 29/06/00


28/06/00                                                      28/06/00


26/06/00                                                   26/06/00


I know it's slow to load but this one needs to be larger 25/06/00



26/06/00                                                         26/06/00


15/05/00                                                         05/06/00


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