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15/04/10 Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom'  and 'Ludwig Dazzler' in the Med Biome.




15/04/10 Who lives in a log like this?  Find it near the Core.




08/04/10 Freaky Nature is in full swing over the Easter Break and during the School holidays.


08/04/10  Turning a few heads was the Thumper Bike, with the loudest sound system around.


08/04/10 Tulips and hyacinths in full bloom in the Eden gardens. Dave in fine voice, story telling in the Med Biome.


08/04/10 On Safari in the Med Biome, a not so camera shy black bird poses.  Dave, in his very fruity shirt has a word to say about compost.


08/04/10 Eden's Spring! 2010


02/04/10 Good Friday at Eden, it's Freaky Nature and some dark clouds hover above, but it's generally a sunny dry day. Rock climbing is happening on the North Face.


02/04/10 Freaky Nature exhibits, loading the exploding seed pod!


02/04/10 Get ready and fire and preferable not at the lady cleaning up the used pods.  Now put on a Velcro suite and throw yourself at a Velcro wall, all seems like fun!


02/04/10 If you're feeling brave you can do it upside down as well.


02/04/10 Lovely bug dress up customs for your little ones to try on.


02/04/10 Marvellous microscopic microbes projected to supper size.


02/04/10 Watch as a Mandrake is ripped out by it's roots, but cover your ears.


02/04/10 Freaky Plants.


02/04/10 Don't forget to visit Freaky Nature when at Eden 2nd to 18th April


02/04/10 The Tulip display in the Med Biome is still looking good.


30/03/10 Bryan Sentance, being introduced by Carol, at a talk to Eden's Friends in the foundation Building.   Surrounded by craft traditions from around the world and a chance to buy his new book that features many of them.


27/03/10 Visitors to Eden are in for a glorious Bloom day.


27/03/10 Tulip 'Moon shine' in Me Biome,  outside it's Bloom time too.


27/03/10 Can you imagine the fragrance coming from these hyacinths.  Don't imagine it, come and smell Spring as well as see it at Eden.


 27/03/10 Outside bloom is now looking good, it's time to come to Eden.


26/03/10 Med Biome, a blaze of Spring colour.


26/03/10 Tulip 'Kees Nelis'   and   'World's favourite'


26/03/10 Tulip 'Golden Appeldoorm'   and   'Orange Emperor'


18/03/10 Alan Payne, a Herbalist & Naturopathic Iridologist, gave a talk to Friends of Eden in the Foundation Building.  Seen here offering a spoon full of a  tincture of dandelion to a volunteer.


18/03/10 Eden's Teresa, was another volunteer for a taste of a different tincture.  I was hiding behind my camera.  A day workshop is being held about herbs on Friday 16th April with Alan. Contact friends if you would like to attend and learn a lot more about herbs from out herbs.


14/03/10 Spring is here at Eden on mothers day.


14/03/10 In the Med Biome it's vibrant colour. Tulip 'Madame Lefeber'


14/03/10 Bloom at it's best, don't miss it! come to Eden now.






14/03/10 The massed crocus of Eden. A bunch of daffodils to give to mum as you  leave.


11/03/10 The Brilliant Beer Company laid on a splendid evening for Friend of Eden in the Foundation Building six different beers were tasted with food that went with the beers.


11/03/10 The profiteroles went amazingly well with Bacchus Kriek -Cherry Beer.


05/03/10 Vivid blue skies that is reflected in the Biomes, a super back drop to Bloom.


05/03/10 A good day to dismantle a porch way and what a view from the roof.


05/03/10 What a good day to get your camera out and give the pixels some exercise.


05/03/10 The first of the tulips are out in the Med Biome.


05/03/10 A good display of spring blooms in the Med Biome.  All things for the garden in Eden's shop.


01/03/10 1st March and a Spring like day at Eden. 


01/03/10 The main entrance path way is lined with blooming Crocus.


01/03/10 The Girl Guide planted maze of crocus in the Arena are looking fabulous. 

01/03/10 Two extra large picture of the start of Bloom at Eden.


01/03/10 Meet the Eden Gardeners, all part of The Bloom Season.






25/02/10 The crocus are budding up fine for their big Bloom display shortly in the Arena.


25/02/10 The lots of early bloom at Eden already. Ice Rink has swiftly melted and the stage area is made ready for the next exhibit.


25/02/10 Vicious black bird attacks photographer, apparently objects to having it's photo taken.  The first of the Cornish Daffodils Blooms on display in the Med Biome.


25/02/10 Opportunist bee can't believe it's luck on finding a daffodil full of nectar.  Peach blossom in bloom Med Biome, don't you just love this time of year at Eden.


25/02/10 Bloom gets going in the Med Biome.


25/02/10 A small amount of building work is going on (path widening) and if there's building work 'Dublin's' got to be there in charge somewhere.


14/02/10 The sun lit Shaun the sheep set in the Med Biome and a chance to make some on the characters, for children and grown ups alike!


14/02/10 Here's some of the models from the workshop sessions held in the Core.




12/02/10 Spring is on the way. Med Kitchen has a make over and opens tomorrow.


12/02/10 Who lives in a house like this? well Shaun the Sheep, come and meet him at Eden


06/02/10 Definitely a Spring day at Eden and a H2O Challenge in the Arena.


06/02/10 All hands to the pumps, as a variation on den building takes place in the Arena.


06/02/10 This looks like real fun, creative, and a challenge, an H2O Challenge no less!  

06/02/10 All the building materials are there, pipes, guttering, tanks, buckets and pumps. The first of the crocus that the Girl Guides planted back in the Autumn are just starting to flower.


06/02/10 Drifts of snow drops are in flower.


06/02/10 Bright sun and blue skies greet the visitors today.


 06/02/10 Some unusual and large early flowing daffodils can be found up in Wild Cornwall.




06/02/10 The Aloe's are looking fabulous in the Med Biome.


 06/02/10 Phyhca Pubescens and Ericas in the Med Biome.


06/02/10 Ericas and Proteas in the Med Biome.


06/02/10 Wood products in the Med Biome.  A more substantial station shelter for the land train is being built.


30/01/10 Bright Young Things, a new generation who want to use their talents to build a brighter future.  In the Med Kitchen dance groups started a full day of event at Eden.








23/01/10  Sun shines and the first of the daffodils with some hesitation blooms.


23/01/10 The Ice Rink is well attended this Saturday afternoon.


23/01/10 Samples of local produce in the Eden shop and some colourful cacti on sale.


16/01/10 Lots of things happening at Eden over the half term.


16/01/10 The crocuses stopped growing for a short time whilst the ground was frozen, but it won't be long before they burst into colour.  Skating lessons on the Ice Rink.


16/01/10 One of the lessons seems to be how to lower yourself on to the Ice gently, hum something I never seem to have managed in a controlled way!


01/01/10 New Years Day at Eden, sunny but cold.  Two ways to get warm, put on your skates and off you go or the hot rocket seat at the back of the Rink warms all the special places. You can of course go into the Rainforest Biome and enjoy tropical heat.


01/01/10 Rocket Mass Heaters Super efficient Woodstoves with unique design, come and see for yourselves and warm you bottom too.


01/01/10 Benedict, here with a fine brew of coffee from the Rocket heater.


01/01/10 Fun on the Ice Rink for everyone.


01/01/10 In the frozen frosty Arena something stirs, it's the promise of Spring, that hundreds of Girl Guides and Brownies planted in the Autumn.  The blooming mazes of Crocus are emerging.


22/12/09 Blue skies and no sign of snow at Eden, but there was evidence of ice.


22/12/09 A hint of spring at Christmas.


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