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12/07/11 Brandon Flowers Live at Eden  Vid1  2  3


12/07/11 Charles & Camilla visited Eden in the morning and were treated to a display by the No Fit State Circus.


01/07/11 Fleet Foxes at Eden   Mykonos - Jimitybob Lorelei             No Fitstate Circus     


30/06/11 Flaming Lips Live at Eden  Vid1   2 


25/06/11 Pendulum live at Eden


23/06/11 Primal Scream live at Eden  Vid Come together - from Mrandmrslake


23/0611 It was a good show by 'Primal Scream' straight off to Glastonbury for Friday evening.


23/06/11 The stage is set for the first of the 2011 Sessions tonight.


23/06/11 Already underway on Stage Right and Bio-tik stage.


23/06/11 This year the Bio-tik stage is being powered by a solar generator.


23/06/11 The new Med Kitchen is open and there's some supper local food on sale.


23/06/11 Med Kitchen in the Med Biome.  Trapeze apparatus near the bridge.


21/06/11 A gathering of Eden friends on the new staging, in the Med Biome for Eden's 10th Birthday Celebration. Cutting of the cake by one of the oldest friends in the gathering.


21/06/11 Tim had many revelations that were for our ears only, but I can say you haven't seen nothing yet!


21/06/11 Happy Birthday Eden form all Founder and life long  Friends.


18/06/11 Eden Street on a fine, but blustery day. Stage being built for the first Session on the 23rd


18/06/11 The main stage behind that and be seen the dressing rooms, behind that is where 'No Fit State Circus' have one of their performance areas.


18/06/11 The outside part of No Fit State's Circus performance area next to the stage.


18/06/11 Roses and sweet peas in the Eden Gardens.


18/06/11 The shiny new floor in the Med Biome is ready for the New Med kitchen.


18/06/11 There is now more room in the Citrus Grove performance area with a reduction of the central bed. Eden Plant sales took place today and there were some bargains to be had.


11/06/11The Mixing booths are being assembled for 23rd June and the first Session of the season.


11/06/11 The start of the stage build, to the right of the stage what looks like 'No Fit State Circus' have already built their Trapeze, I have a feeling we may well see some action before July.


11/06/11 It's high and I'm glad I'm not going up there.  Building the mixing / lighting booths


11/06/11 Part of the Med Biome is a building site, but it won't last long as it will soon be the new Med Kitchen with waitress service open from the 22nd June.


11/06/11 This only covers a small part of the Med Biome it will be marvellous when it's finished.


05/06/11 The day of the Big Lunch, a bit cloudy but fine.


05/05/11 The Big lunch featured colour decorations a band and story Telling, Radio Cornwall was there to report on the big occasion. Ben always with a smile, from Eden's media team assisting.


05/06/11 All the bred, jam and lemon aid you could eat and drink. Dave told the story of the magical dish that could conjure up any food you an could desire.


05/06/11 Dave is a fantastic story teller, here in one of his scarier moments


04/06/11 'Eden Unplugged' without electric amplification, Eden's natural acoustics to create a magical, site-wide experience for visitors.  


04/06/11 On hottest day of the year so far 27C music echoed around Eden.


04/06/11 Visitors sort out the shade to watch.  Watch Video


02/06/11 Yes it's a big one, it may be a record breaker Titan arum almost 3 metres high, now in flower in the Rainforest Biome.


02/06/11 In  Eden's gardens lots of colour as the sun shines again.


28/05/11 Art work finished and looking good.


28/05/11 One is encouraged to walk onto the platform.  Cornwall Woodcarvers have an exhibition in the Core for the next few days.


28/05/11 Now up the drain pipe and get to the bottom of things.  Now that got to have come from an Elephant, and it did, I'm sure it was steaming.


28/05/11 Yes it's the story of 'Poo' only Eden could come with this, it's different.


28/05/11 Visitors are not encouraged to test the toilets.


28/05/11 Exploding seeds, now that's a bit of fun.


28/05/11 Sticky seeds is fun too, there's a lot going on, Freaky Nature with Poo  until the 5th June.


28/05/11 The Bakery is fully open on both sides of the Link, no need to go hungry.


25/05/11 The day or two before the Spring Bank holiday final preparations are bing made.


25/05/11 New art work being finished off and the second part of the Bakery will be ready for full opening by Friday.


19/05/11 Bodelva Giant leads the way with more then 600 local primary school children following.


19/05/11 All 600 children sung and played all kinds of musical instruments.  The sound was amazing 'Cornwall Learning Music and Resonate from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra'.


17/05/11 A fairly overcast day brought in good numbers of visitors to Eden.  The Eden Bakery was producing some delicious food, how could you resist these cakes?


17/05/11 The Bakery idea is being extended to the other half of the Link Building.  This will make lots more room for cooking and eating.


17/05/11 A new area has been opened to the public 'The Chilean Conservation Garden' which is to be found behind Pineapple car park. It contains 800 plants of 60 different types in over an hectare.


Chilean Firebush,  & I think this is Winter's Bark


Willowleaf Podocarp


Cloud Podocarp   &  200 million year old Monkey puzzle trees form the days of Jurassic Park.


17/05/11 The Chilean Conservation Garden, where you can get views out the sea at the top end.


17/05/11 When you visit Eden have a look at this new area open to the public. The new edition of Eden's guide book has directions and info.

The new set for 'Freaky Nature with Poo!' is under construction.


11/05/11 The entrance look empty of visitors, but they are all inside enjoying Eden.


11/05/11 Limnanthe douglasii  'Spanish Omelette'  Bright yellow and white flowers are pleasing to the eye, but their main job is to attract insects, especially bees and hoverflies.


11/05/11 In the Med Biomes today you could be serenaded next to the citrus grove or learn about various cooking  stoves from, Benedict.


11/05/11 More stands for the Big Lunch on the 5th June have arrived and what I thought was being built on the 4th of May was actually being demolished!  Watch that space! and see what rises from the rubble, isn't it exciting.


04/05/11 The Eden Street and down in the gardens the gazebo.


04/05/11 Positioned at the end of the bridge a construction is taking place, I guess something to do with the Big Lunch on Sunday  5th June.


04/05/11 The building is being built with meaty lumps of wood, we'll wait and see what it's for?


04/05/11 There is plenty of colour in the gardens and the Biomes.


04/05/11 Story teller, Dave sending a rather larger bee on it's way, what a relief.


27/04/11 The Eden Street                                The Grand Steps          


27/04/11 A Spring around Eden, Championsheeps still going strong on stage until 2nd of May


27/04/11 Just some of the hundreds of models made bu the children during Championsheeps


27/04/11 Spring as been amazing down here in Cornwall and the plants are enjoying it as well as the visitors.




27/04/11 Tulips in the Med Biome.




27/04/11 Lunch at the Bakery in the sunshine or inside if you prefer.


27/04/11 Lots of tasty food on offer, really good value is a huge freshly made sandwich with lots of salad for 3  do remember what you have eaten as you pay on leaving.


21/04/11 The Eden Easter Street is decked out with 'The Big Lunch' flags also a good day to do a spot of spring cleaning on top of the Biome.


21/04/11 There's plenty of colour inside and out in the gardens.


21/04/11 A totally new idea about catering in the 'Eden Bakery' you just help yourself to whatever you like to eat and drink remembering what you had eaten and drunk.


21/04/11 Its all made fresh in front of you, the fun part comes when it's time to pay on leaving you have to do a Bruce Forsyth style conveyer belt thing, to remember what you had eaten and drunk.


21/04/11 It's totally Eden, very community, one day all cafe's may be like this, it does rather rely on peoples honesty and for that matter their memory!


 21/04/11 I loved the feel of the place when I was there today, so go and try it when you visit Eden.


11/04/11 Martin Kiszko reciting a poem from the his new book 'Green Poems for a Blue Planet' illustrated by Nick Park.


11/04/11 My little Grand daughter will be thrilled to have a personally draw Gromit!


11/04/11 The books signing was well supported, and I would be surprised if there were any left at the end of the day.  Meanwhile on stage Championsheeps was going at full speed.


11/04/11 Championsheeps, a whole lot of fun.


09/04/11 Gromit and Shaun greet visitors as they enter Eden, on the first day of Championsheeps


09/04/11 Also happening was a two day event 'Green Build Cornwall' a number of enlightening idea were there as well as a good number of photovoltaic panels.


09/04/11 Photovoltaic panels from a number of firms were on display.


09/04/11 Hotpods and heat pumps


09/04/11 In the Med Biome a Tulip blaze of colour.


09/04/11 Any colour of Tulip that you fancy they are all here in the Med Biome.


09/04/11 The 'Living Room' has now arrived from the Boconnoc show and is on display for every one to enjoy. At The Cornwall Garden Society, Eden won,  The Gold Award, Winner of the

Banham Cup, and  The Banham Trophy - Best in Show.


09/04/11 All across Eden Championsheeps are taking place.    Flock 'n' Roll


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