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See the pictures here first.



21/12/04 The Great Gift Grotto exhibit 'a walk around store' of interesting wallet control.


21/12/04 Just relax back on the huge cushions in the Bedouin Tent (WTB) and have a story read to you, don't get too comfortable though as the cymbals are clashed to illustrate the story line.


02/12/04 Eden by night takes on a completely new magical feeling.


02/12/04 There's the Ice rink of course but that's not all, the cliff is glowing getting ready for the climax of each Thursdays, Friday and Saturday evening, the Ships of wishes and fire finale.


02/12/04 .The enchanting purple hued glow.


02/12/04 The Warn Temperate Biome evening


02/12/04 Lanterns lit and ready.  The fire finale starts.


02/12/04 Fire beacons are lit until half the cliff appears to be on fire, then finally......


 Colossal Fire sculptures are lit up and perform a hand and leg waving dance.

Now come on down to Eden one of the late opening evenings and see it for real!


02/12/04 A good time to visit Eden if you want to avoid the crowds of the summer months.


02/12/04 Sunny days and quite cold nights for the first week in December.


02/12/04 The ERC stands tall like a huge wooden Roman Coliseum, this is some building.


02/12/04 Almost all of the roof parts are now in position on the ERC


26/11/04 ERC roof continues  to grow larger.


26/11/04 This amazing construction is simply called The Education Resource Centre, suggestions for a more suitable/descriptive name?


26/11/04 Tables set in the Gallery Restaurant ready for another Fondue evening after ice skating

Roast beef carvery in the Zubb Zubb cafe in the link building.


17/11/04 Pompom trees looking pruned and neat with the ERC build in the background.

Two ways to get free entry into Eden for a year? Join as a friend, Your gift to Eden or get a free instant passport Eden's gift to you.  Either way do it now!


17/11/04  When walking in the WTB there are always colourful exhibits to heighten your experience of Eden.


17/11/04 The South view of the Ice rink reminds me of the Sydney Opera House.  A view in the Warm Temperate Biome.


17/11/04 A coffee by the sparking Ice, all is quiet until the arrival of the school groups.


17/11/04 The ERC is progressing at speed, helped again by the fine weather.


12/11/04 Rocio Alarcon with a practical body cleansing demonstration for the friends of Eden

She also gave an insight in to Shamanism in Ecuador and herbal medicine traditions.


10/11/04 A delicious carvery awaits visitors to the Zubb Zubb cafe, with a wide variety of cooked meats to tempt everyone's taste buds. It's a busy place during peak times due to the temporary closure of the Morocco Restaurant during this 'Time of Gifts' The Morocco Restaurant is at present being used for school groups.


10/11/04 An empty Ice rink in between school groups of skaters. Heather and an Ice Steward are keeping a watchful eye on the skaters.  The Ice rink is reserved exclusively for school groups during week days in term time. The first public use is tomorrow from late afternoon until 10pm

Skating rink opening times click here


10/11/04 Skating in the autumn sunshine against a back drop of the biome and gardens.


10/11/04 Bulb planting continues in the autumn sunshine alongside the grand steps.


10/11/04 The work on the ERC continues at a good speed, helped along by the fine, dry weather conditions.


06/11/04 The 10th Anniversary Lottery Party at Eden, guests began to arrive around 5:00pm having passed through the security zones. They were treated to a stunning view as they approached the Inner Eden.


06/11/04 A skating session started the evening off and some happy party goers gave me cheerful waves as the evening got underway.


 06/11/04 This amazing Ice Carving welcomes guests to The Link Building where drinks and hot party food was available for all.


06/11/04 Toffee apples made an interesting sweet, after a look round the magical biomes, it was already time for the illuminated parade.


06/11/04 The Parade of hundreds of lanterns and large illuminated ships that take 4 men to carry them, wound their way up the cliff edge roadways and past the biomes.


06/11/04 The Visitor Centre standing proudly behind a haze of blue tree lights.  Dublin off duty and sitting back to enjoy the firework finale.

06/11/04 Tree fountains, followed by star bursts illuminate the cliffside and  night sky.


06/11/04 A fitting finale to a fantastic party celebration.


06/11/04 An over view of the party seen and projections.


06/11/04 The after party in the VIP lounge, where staff can let their hair down and debrief the evening, even here they are not free of the cameras.


06/11/04 Tim gives a brief speech thanking everyone who has helped make the evening such a success.


06/11/04 Final preparations being made for tonight's big party. 


05/11/04 Dublin is coming up in the world, he's got a digger now. The young lady in the forefront of the picture is Bec's, she has been in charge during the building of the Ice Rink and must be proud of the fantastic finished result.


04/11/04 The Ice Rink and the Tree Avenue are beautifully illuminated for The Friends of Eden preview.


04/11/04 Cornwall's very own magical land. For 'The Time of Gifts' celebrations everyone has contributed to make this an event that no one should miss.


04/11/04 Naked flames and the millions of fairy lights combine to create a spectacular presentation.


04/11/04 The tree lit pathway by the Ice rink.  Inside the Ice rink.


04/11/04 Shoes to Skates changing hall. What previously appeared to be a giant Christmas pudding has resulted in a real fire for the comfort of those at the Rink side.


04/11/04 Ice blue wonder rink.  The illuminations in the WTB are absolutely stunning.


04/11/04 Joining the lantern parade to finish Eden's friends preview of 'A time of gifts'


04/11/04  Even the covered walkways have been adorned with illuminations.
        Eden view on a sunny afternoon.


04/11/04 The final back supports are fitted to the Ice Rink. One of the entrances to the Rink, to find out more about the log cabin contact: 


04/11/04 The ice sparkles enticingly, once the lights are on it will be an even more spectacular sight.


04/11/04 Just knew I'd find 'Dublin' somewhere around Eden. 


04/11/04 The Ice rink blending in with the biomes.   Eden's new forest increases by the hour.


04/11/04 A rose bud among the many bulbs.  The ERC roof expands daily.


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