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15/02/16 The sun's out and time to find the Stick Man at half term.


15/02/16 River log race in the Dome tent.  Last week for the Ice Rink don't miss it.


15/02/16 Stick tunnel going into the Dome tent and there's a chance to give Stick man a hug.


15/02/16 What a good weather day for a Biome climb.


15/02/16 Even a better day to see some blooms and fly over the blue Biomes.


15/02/16 Crocodile Joe returns to Eden for a second year.


15/02/16 This year Joe has brought along some friendly spiders and insects. The children today didn't get a chance to hold a tarantula as it's a bit unpredictable.


15/02/16 Hands up who wants to see something a bit dangerous.


15/02/16 This little fellow is quite harmless but don't get him too near your face.


15/02/16 Who wants to hold a 30cm millipede.  Some evidence of Stick Man!

Come along this half term lots to see and do.


03/02/16 Spring is well on its way at Eden.


03/02/16 Diana in the grape vines.      Someone is eating one of the exhibits in the Med Biome.


03/02/16 Horses look happy in the Spring sunshine.  Lots of tree clearing and other work going on around Eden.


03/02/16 Not sure what the digger is pulling on that rope, may be something to do with what looks like another zip wire running from the far cliff to near Apple 1 Bus pick up.


03/02/16 The wire is certainly built to take a lot of weight, wait and see what it's for.


10/01/16 It's winter but Spring is on its way.


10/01/16 Laughter in the pouring rain with an ice cream.  It takes more then winter to stop the fun at Eden, it's a good chance to put on the ice skates.


10/01/16 Colourful messages in the Core, don't kill the Bugs!


10/01/16 Seeds and hot stuff exhibits in the Med Biome.


27/11/15 Meet father Christmas and his elves in the Dome tent.


26/11/15 Arriving at Eden a stunning work of art which sends a powerful message about climate change for the Festival of Hope on Sunday November 29th


26/11/15 Carefully does it as these art works weigh a ton.


26/11/15 Looking very much at home, Eden Co-founder Sir Tim Smit said: ďThe Rising Tide by Jason deCaires Taylor is a fabulous work of art and we are very proud to host it here at Eden.


26/11/15 One careful lady crane driver dropped them into place. All that remains to do is to put some small stones around them.


26/11/15 Do come to Eden to see them for yourself they are at Eden till the end of February.


26/11/15 Also arrived at Eden Rudolf and friends ready for Christmas.


22/11/15 Finally got back to Eden after my house move.  Christmas is creeping up on us already, with the Christmas preview next Friday for members.


22/11/15 The Reindeer have yet to arrive and have moved down this year opposite the Med Biome.  A good number of visitor are here today in the sunshine.


22/11/15 Eden Weekend Roast Lunch is incredibly tasty with masses of roast vegetables.  Click on the menu and the left.


22/11/15 I had the Rustic Apple Crumble (left) The Roast topside of Cornish beef was tender and tasty.  All main courses are accompanied with Goose fat Roasted Maris piper potatoes, Panache of maple-roasted roots and Steamed green vegetables.  See you there next weekend!


22/11/15 Best to skate before lunch I think!  In the Med Biome has a colourful array of natural dyes are displayed, you would be surprised what produced some of the colours.


22/11/15 Looking across to the lake from the bridge, a raised platform can be seen. I haven't found out what its for? May be for viewing nature or even something to do with Christmas?


17/10/15 Nixiwaka Yawanawa poses in front of one of the pictures that he painted in the Rainforest Biome, alongside John Dyer.


17/10/15 Nixiwaka used traditional face paints and wore his unique headdress. Before the prizes were presented, he entranced the audience with an Amazonian song of love. Three brothers were among the 24 children who were prize winners and proudly posed alongside Nixiwaka, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and John Dyer.


17/10/15 Nixiwaka Yawanawa poses with John Dyer and some of the prize winners.


17/10/15 1,061 children from all over the world took part in the painting competition. 300 of the paintings are were on view at Eden over the weekend in the Rainforest biome.


03/10/15 It's the Beer and Cider festival at Eden, Susy Atkins is back again.


03/10/15 Susy brought along a smashing ale and two delicious Ciders for us to try.


03/10/15 A summers day in October at Eden


27/09/15 Ken Hom arriving in style, front seat of a buggy. A full house for the cookery demo.


27/09/15 Delightful Ken gave hints on how to make a wok rock in the kitchen.


27/09/15 A very enjoyable hours cooking and chatting.


27/09/15 Ken always wanted to visit Eden and with the sun out it's at its best.


25/09/15  I actually learnt something today from Phil Vickery, not to drink the juice of a snake or eat the throbbing heart of one either as Phil once did!


25/09/15 An incredibly entertaining hour with Phil and straight guy Richard.


25/09/15 Some serious cooking and really tasty food.  Phil demonstrating here how to work on a breast of a bird  whether itís partridge or chicken.


25/09/15 Phil talking during a book signing.


23/09/15 Jean-Christophe Novelli award-winning chef talking and cooking to a packed Dome tent.


23/09/15 One of Edenís chefs assisted Jean-Christophe in the kitchen.


 23/09/15 Monsieur Novelli chatted and entertained the audience as he cooked.


23/09/15 He is a charming French man and everyone enjoyed his stories from the kitchen.


20/09/15 Katy Ashworth Show in the Dome tent hundreds of kids enjoying them selves.


20/09/15 Dads had to join in too with the banana dance. Rob won a spoon with katy's name on it.


19/09/15 Oli Blanc son of Raymond Blanc demonstrating the Henri Le Worm app and here cooking a most delicious vegetable stew with help from some young cooks.


19/09/15 Oli Blanc also cooked Ricotta & Spinach Croquettes, tasted a sample really nice.


18/09/15 Aldo Zilli at the Eden Food Festival informative and entertaining.


18/09/15 Great pasta, mushrooms & truffle oil


18/09/15 The dome tent with standing room only and who could resist his book!


17/09/15 Susy Atkins returns for the third year to Eden for the food festival.


17/09/15 Tasting four different wines in two sittings 1.00pm and 2.00pm


17/09/15 Blue skies and showers reminds me it's Autumn already, as Ice rink is reconstructed.


17/09/15 Now that pipe fits in there somewhere!


15/09/15 Standing room only for Jack Steins demo in the Dome Tent, full of stories about the old man of Padstow, his dad.


15/09/15 Shangurro (Basque-style stuffed crab) It smelt lovely, and a good number had a taste.


15/09/15 Jack meeting a chef  an old friend from the Steins kitchen.


15/09/15 Richard (the barman from Doc Martin) encouraged Jack to give some good cookery tips. 


13/09/15 Chetna Makan, runner up last year in the Great British Bake Off interviewed by Richard and helped by Steve a volunteer from the audience.


12/09/15 All these cook books in Eden's shop has got to mean the food festival has arrived. 

Nancy Birtwhistle last years winner of the the Great British Bake Off, with some cake making tips.



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