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Eden's Friends Visit to Trelowarren 20th May 2005



Trelowarren Visit: Carolyn Trevivian (friends Manager) talking to Sir Ferrers before  a private tour of parts of the estate, house and gardens followed by lunch.


  Sir Ferrers explained how the estate worked and we were shown the self catering timeshare apartments in the building Known as the Great Office. Everything about the conversion was carried out using local materials and organic paints and products.


We were then shown the way across the lawns to the chapel, it had now stopped raining.


Sir Ferrers explained some of his family history then we went in the chapel.


Sir Ferrers related some tales of wreckings that had occurred along the estates coastline, because of long held salvage rights all wreckage can be claimed by the estate. Pictured are some impressive book shelves made from some of the well seasoned salvaged wood.


We also saw the drawing room, the music room and the grand staircase. The house I understand is not open to the public and is currently being used by a Church group as a retreat.


Trelowarren House.  Sir Ferrers explains his future plans for the gardens, and how he intends to  restore them to their Elizabethan grandeur.


It was sunny now and a good time to be in the gardens.  (Click to enlarge outlined pictures)


Carolyn in the greenery of Trelowarren and the Turret and gardens.


Lunch in the New Yard Restaurant   (Click to enlarge outlined pictures)


 After lunch you were free to look round on your own or take a woodland walk, get a map from the estate office and off you go, we went off to find the Fogou! (Click to enlarge outlined pictures)


 After passing a lot of wild life and a half a mile across fields we found the entrance to the Fogou, a series of strange Neolithic underground chambers, thought to have been used as a retreat.


What looks like a fire place at the end is really the entrance hole where you would drop in to the retreat if any one followed you could easily deal with them. The entrance that give us access now was opened up to fairly recently. As sometimes happens with digital photography the second picture shows haze and a orb floating in the Fogou, I'm sure it's nothing spooky.



It was a nice day out, thank you to Carolyn and all the organisers



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