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Eden Project History Files 1998 to 2005


     Panorama 15/07/03 Panorama 06/01/04

       Panorama 01/09/04    Inside ERC 02/07/05

       Panorama 03/03/05 these are big all files and large pictures!  

          Titan full bloom 9th April  'Thank you to Marion Lindsey for  the pic.

       Aerial picture of Eden taken on a friends trip to Guernsey 09/05/04 

      Peruvian artists cliff paintings in the Humid Tropics Biome 

    The magic of Christmas at Eden   2003  2002  2001 

    Prince Charles makes a private visit to Eden 15/05/01  (history file)

    Eden's New Visitor Centre 2002  22/03/02 (history file)

     Opening Pictures day pictures phase II 17/03/01  (history file)

    Inside Temperate Biome pictures -  07/02/01   (history file)

    Inside Humid Tropics Biome pictures  07/02/01  (history file)

    Eden's Watering Lane Nursery - Pictures 02/12/00  (history file)

    Last day, Phase One open to the public  07/01/01  (history file)

    Tim's Talk & Biome Night Visit for Friends 29/11/00  (history file)

    Children in need live TV from Eden - Picture report  (history file)

     Where ETFE-Fluoropolymer film was invented  (history file)

    Photo guide to your Eden visit  *phase one history file*

    Funny stories from Eden - on the lighter side of Eden life

     Humid Tropics Biome Planting Starts (report) 06/10/00 (history file)

    BBC Spotlight TV Southwest (pictures) 03/10/00 (history file)

    Final roofing panel report (Cornish Guardian) 23/08/00 (history file)

    First Photos inside the Humid Tropics Biome 29/06/00 (history file)

      The Gaia Energy Centre  At Delabole North Cornwall sadly

      now closed for good from 4th October 2004


Open day  03/10/1999


1st Day  Phase One


Tony Blair visits Eden (Photos) 04/02/00

Panorama pictures

from early to now


  Ships of wishes set sail for the last time at the finale of the melt down party. 2004



Eden Pictures Galleries

many not published before

Before the start of the build to completion and beyond.




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