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   02/12.00 Glass houses at Watering Lane        Tim Smit just after a founder friends meeting.


        02/12/00 Tim in a very full room of mostly  founder friends. Curator of the Eden Nursery 


02/12/00  Masses of plants colleted from around the world or grown from seed in the U.K.


02/12/00  Plants some in rows, some on benches, some are so rare that only a few exist.


02/11/00 Brightly coloured and all shapes and sizes


02/12/00 Very fragrant to extremely prickly 


02/12/00  Water colour artist drawing unusual plants, rows of banners seem to go on for ever. 


02/12/00 Exotic plants of all sizes and types. Strange fruits dangle like green eggs in the leaves


02/12/00 Huge leaved plants reach high in the air. Orange and lemon groves hang with ripe fruit


02/12/00 Grapefruits,   among the citrus trees is this budda's hand fruit.


02/12/00 Yellow flowers and dense green foliage cover all parts of this 12 acre glass house.




01/12/00  Tall plants almost touch the roof on long spindly legs


       02/12/00 Real healthy bananas.              Coco de mer palm  from the Seychelles


The Coco de mer palm has the worlds largest seed.   Eden has the worlds largest conservatory


Thank you to all at Eden for this glimpse inside the nursery glass houses

Most of these pictures plus others are available in 640x480 format

Places to stay near Eden

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