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**Phase One History file**  Sorry this old page has got muddled some how !!

An open day was held on 03/10/1999
To allow local people to view the progress of the Eden Project.

Thank you Tim for letting us in and thank you to all the 4x4 drivers that gave their time to raise money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.


Tim Smit over views the scene, as more excited visitors arrive for their first views of the project


Here is  visitor centre,  the roof will be        covered with plants.  Fast growing grass has been  sprayed on to the slopes.


It's a scene  to take your breath away.  Looking over the edge at the sheer vastness of the area

The lake is in the distance and to the lower left is the scaffolding of the Humid Tropics Biome.

Here, the edge of the foundation to Biome 1 can be seen with the masses of scaffolding believed to be the most scaffolding used on any construction.


Piles of biome roof struts and some of the scaffolding  construction. (Biome 1)


Visitor centre showing the compressed earth wall to the back of the building.

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Views through the visitor centre which should be open  next Easter, with a            restaurant.

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