Inside The Humid Biome 

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07/02/01 Bamboo hut in the jungle. The green team continue work.

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02/02/01  Views of the steamy jungle, can just see some of the green team

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02/02/01 Views with the mist makers working,  moisturising at it's best

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02/02/01 Mist, heat and lots of growth in the biome - Fantastic sight

plant1-b-2020081.jpg (89978 bytes)   plants2-b-2020083.jpg (84426 bytes)   bam-1-b-2020084.jpg (104354 bytes)   Path-2020080.jpg (79455 bytes)

17/11/00 Trees, flowering plants and a tropical atmosphere, wow

plants-7-b170025.jpg (93866 bytes)   plants8-b170024.jpg (83834 bytes)   plants-10-b170022.jpg (95983 bytes)   plants-11-b170010.jpg (79497 bytes)

17/11/00 Rocks at the top of the water fall.  Coco trees with coco pods.

plants5-b170013.jpg (75068 bytes)   rocks-b170020.jpg (77592 bytes)   plants6-b170021.jpg (80112 bytes)   coco-b170027.jpg (97934 bytes)

17/11/00  Really looking like a jungle now, has the feel of a rain forest.

plants1-hum-b170001.jpg (82343 bytes)   plants2-b170002.jpg (72597 bytes)   p[lants3-b170003.jpg (80137 bytes)   plants4-b170012.jpg (86992 bytes)

13/10/00 Plants beginning to look good and the air feels moist

box-pl-ba130040.jpg (81486 bytes)   plants-ba130041.jpg (78481 bytes)   plants-humid1-b.jpg (78635 bytes)   plants-p-ba130043.jpg (69859 bytes)

13/10/00  Masses of foliage plants coming into the biome

steps-hum-ba130042.jpg (88794 bytes)   wall-pl-ba130044.jpg (76847 bytes)   sky-ba130045.jpg (84847 bytes)   plants-ba130047.jpg (93940 bytes)

06/10/00 First pictures of the planting in the humid tropics biome.

trees-1ba040017.jpg (87941 bytes)   plants-b2a040023.jpg (75836 bytes)   061000bbiome-1.jpg (61754 bytes)   humid2a060046.jpg (72044 bytes)

06/10/00  Large tree went in first together with masses amounts of soil.

Ptall-tree-ba040021.jpg (69044 bytes)   waterfall-ba040014.jpg (68874 bytes)   p-tree-ba040037.jpg (70681 bytes)   trees7-ba040040.jpg (60257 bytes)

06/10/00 Some of the largest trees looking a little lost in the vast biome.

trees-ba040044-9.jpg (59232 bytes)   trees-b-pa040033.jpg (84856 bytes)   rocka040039-b.jpg (37488 bytes)   trees-bna040036.jpg (68970 bytes)



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